From: ~^JoE^~ <> Subject: [PW!] Title of post Date: Wednesday, September 01, 1999 12:03 AM We join the two.....people....walking along the shores of Vermilion Ciity, where they have a brih early after noon walk..... "Where are we going?" Morgan asked. "Why?" Emadam asked back. "Cuz we've been walkng for a while." "We're just walking, t'snot like theres anything we wanna do or anyplace we wanna go, so just enjoy this." Emadam responded. "Hmph, what ever you say." He replied. "Maybe you should catch more pokémon, become a trainer..." Emadam sugested. "Why? what would be the point?" Morgan said. He stopped walking and looked down at the water. He reached his hand and and pulled something out then grabbed a pokéball for Ema and caught it. "Happy?" he asked, "I caught a magikarp, via your request." "You caught it wth MY pokéball, technicly, it's mine." She said. "Well as YOU know, I dont have any pokéballs, and YOU told ME to catch pokémon, so SCREW YOU." He said saying screw you slowler than the rest of his sentance. "Good point....damn" She said. Just the a blast of water hit Morgan and knocked him a few yards away. A few seadras and a horsea popped out of the water looking mad as if some one stole their dinner. Little did Morgan know, he did. The seadras charged Morgan. "ELECTRABUZZ!!!!!" cried Emadam throwing a pokéball releasing the electric pokémon, "THUNDER!!!" she yelled. The electrabuzz used thunder knocking out all of the pokémon but seriously weakening the horsea. She tossed Morgan a pokéball. "Catch it she said." Morgan looked at the pokéball and thought for a few moments then lobbed it on the horsea catching it. She threw another pokéballat Morgan. "Damn, it didn't work on you. You ok?" She said. "Yeah I'm fine. Trying to catch me now? Maybe some day Ema, maybe someday." He said. "So let's see," he said, "I now have 4, cubone, horsea, magikarp, and" "You seem surprised." Ema said seemingly caringly. "I guess I kinda am." He responded. "C'mon, let's go before the seadras regain consciouness and to get your horsea healed." They walked off twords the Pokécenter , while leaving Mrgan thoght "Maybe I will become a Pokémon Trainer..." TBC ~JoE