From: Frosterpie <> Subject: [PW!] To Be A Master (A New Plan; Dreams Do Come True; The Ultimate Sacrifice) Date: Monday, September 20, 1999 11:17 PM --==( To Be A Master )==-- --==( PART 1 of 3 )==-- --==( A New Plan )==-- Last time, a man Icy had met at the Celadon City Pokémon Auction ran into Icy and gave him his Bulbasaur and Dugtrio back. Icy and his pokémon now train to fight what may be their toughest battle yet. And now. |--------------------==============| || EPISODE 103 ------------------------| |------------- To Be A Master ---------| |==============--------------------| Icy's pokémon were pretty worn out by now. The day's battles were coming to a close. The final match was about to begin. Icy took his pokémon to be healed then, he and Sara went to the Grand Stadium to watch the match. "Welcome back pokémon fans. Well, it's been quite an eventful day and we are down to what should be the last battle for the night. So far, Nicky, from the Seafoam Islands, has defeated the first two elite trainers. Now he faces the third, Agatha. Ahh, it looks like the battle is about to begin." Nicky looked at his pokéballs. "Hmm. Gotta beat her ghosts now." Nicky selected one of the balls. Agatha took her place. "Let's get this over with fast little boy. I'm already late for a date." Agatha threw in her pokéball containing Gengar. Nicky choose a Sandslash. "Sandslash, go underground now!" His Sandslash quickly disappeared into the earth. Agatha didn't look too worried. Meanwhile, Icy jotted down some notes. Just as Sandslash came through the ground under Gengar, Gengar faded and Sandslash went through him. Confused, Sandslash looked all around for its opponent. "Gengar, lick attack now!" Icy remembered well how this part went. Gengar appeared right in front of Sandslash and licked him. Sandslash looked sick but still stayed on its feet. Agatha just grunted, upset that the attack wasn't enough to paralyze Sandslash. "Sandslash, slack attack!" Sandslash swiped Gengar a few times but it did little more than separate Gengar temporarily. Gengar pulled itself back together again. "What?!?" Nicky was shocked at the punitive results of the attack. "Let's finish this off the right way Gengar. Hypnosis followed by dream eater." Gengar's hypnosis waves put the already worn down Sandslash to sleep, then Gengar followed up with its dream eater attack. Sandslash was beaten and Nicky held its pokéball out to return it. "Humph, this is all too easy." Nicky decided it was time use a new strategy. { If I can't use regular attacks against that ghost, I'll try going with a more defensive approach. } Nicky pulled out his second pokéball. "Vileplume, it's your turn now! GO!" The large plant pokémon jumped out from the pokéball and planted itself on the field in front of Gengar. "Vileplume, stun spore." "Gengar, night shade, don't let it find you." Gengar's nightshade kept Vileplume from knowing where to target its spores. "Now you will watch your Vileplume go down as well. Gengar, lick it now." Gengar licked Vileplume but it had no effect. Icy checked his pokédex, which he had begun to use now more often. "Vileplumes are grass and poison. This particular situation favors Vileplume because it doesn't need to move in order to attack. Vileplume uses long-range projectile or spore attacks. In this battle, Vileplume's attacks can damage Gengar." "Vileplume, poison power. wait, no, sleep powder!" Nicky commanded. Vileplume emitted sleep spores. This time, Gengar was the one sleeping. "Mega drain now." Vileplume sucked all of Gengars energy away. Agatha had to recall her beaten Gengar. Icy continued to watch the battle. "According to 'Dee', Vileplume is impervious to Gengar's poison attacks. I think Leafy would be able to do the same." "But isn't Vileplume the evolved form of a Gloom? Are you sure that Leafy is as powerful as that Vileplume?" "Leafy can be just as good as that Vileplume! She trusts me. She won't let Gengar beat us again. Tomorrow, we'll be training for these situations." Agatha sent out her second pokémon, a Haunter. Nicky decided to keep Vileplume in the match. "Haunter, hypnosis attack." Nicky couldn't afford to let Vileplume be defeat now. "Petal dance Vileplume. Confuse Haunter with it." Vileplume began her petal dance. Haunter tried to remain focused, but the petals swirling around Vileplume were distracting him from his target. "FIRE!" Vileplume sent the petals flying at Haunter who was able to dodge most of them. "Quick, sleep powder!" While the last of the petals were being fired off, Vileplume added sleep powder to the remaining. Some of the sleep powdered petals his Haunter. It slowly fell asleep and Agatha recalled it. "That's amazing! That Vileplume beat two of her pokémon! If Leafy can do that too, I'm set!" "I don't know Icy. Don't you think Agatha will be ready for that type of attack next time?" "Even if she is, Leafy won't be beaten by her lick attacks. Leafy can work on perfecting the attacks that worked in this battle. I'm having Dee keep an analysis." Agatha was getting slightly ticked off now. "You may be good now kid, but we'll see just how good you really are. Go Gengar!" Nicky decided now was the best time to use Vileplume's ultimate attack. "Vileplume, charge it up now!" "Gengar, confusion ray attack!" Agatha smiled with her plan but then frowned seeing Vileplume was still charging up. An expired Full Heal canister was lying in Nicky's hand. "S***!" Even with the small amount of sunlight left, Vileplume was able to fully charge its solar beams. "Crap, Gengar night shade." "Solar beam now!!!" The field became completely dark. It was like time had just stopped itself and stood still now. Icy and Sara looked around but, like the rest of the spectators, couldn't find the two pokémon. Suddenly, the intense beam of light from Vileplume's solar beam ripped through the darkness over the field. The audience was stunned for a moment. It all happened so quickly. The darkness cleared away, revealing a bright white Gengar and a panting Vileplume. Agatha was shocked, but not a white as her Gengar. "This can't be. Gengar return. Arbok go!" Agatha's Arbok slithered onto the field. Nicky determined it was time to let Vileplume sit it out. He returned it to the pokéball then selected another. "Ok Butterfree, your turn now!" Nicky selected a Butterfree to fight the venomous Arbok. Icy's eyes lit up. Sara opened a silver pokéball and let Aura watch. (Aura is the golden Butterfree that Sara now owns, remember?) "Wow, a Butterfree. Let's see what he does with it." Aura seemed very happy to see another of her kind battling. "Butterfree, psybeam now!" Agatha knew Arbok would go down in an instant if the psybeam hit it. Arbok dodged the beam just by a hair then lunged for Butterfree with jaws wide open. "Confusion now!" Arbok was only a foot away from sinking its venomous fangs into Butterfree when it suddenly found itself confused and bit its own tail. Arbok figured out what had happened a little too late though. "Psybeam Butterfree!" Butterfree finished Arbok off with just one hit from the psybeam leaving Agatha with only one pokémon left. "Darn. I'm not going to win this one. Oh well, I can still weaken your pokémon so you can't beat Lance. Hmm, what am I saying? I hate that jacka** of a trainer. Nevermind. Go Golbat!" The enormous bat appeared hovering over the field. "Bite now!" Golbat swooped past Butterfree then snuck up from behind. It sank its fangs deep into Butterfree's back. Butterfree screamed in pain. "NO! Butterfree! Return now!" Nicky was about the cry but help the tears back. Icy was reminded of how he felt when Buttercup was almost killed by Blaine's Magmar. Nicky gathered himself and took out another pokéball. "Raichu, go! Thunder attack, NOW!" The Raichu began to light up. The sky roared with thunder. Suddenly, enormous lightning bolts came striking down to Raichu. Raichu channeled all the electricity towards Golbat. Golbat puffed out some smoke before hitting the ground and fainting. Nicky had won. "Wow. What a battle! Nicky looks like he might be able to take out Lance as well. Due to the time, that battle will be postponed until tomorrow morning. Remember, the snack bar opens 30 minutes before the match so get your refreshments." he continued to babble on and on as the crowd filed out of the stadium. "So Icy, are you going to battle the Elite 4 tomorrow?" "Yes. But not in the morning. I'm going to use that time to strategize. My pokémon and me have a great deal of training to do. I WILL become a pokémon master!" Sara and Aura followed Icy back home. --==( Part 2 of 3 )==-- --==( Dreams Do Come True )==-- Once again, Icy was awoken by the pestering Dodrio. eh-hem, I said, once again, Icy was awoken by the pestering Dodrio. Hmmm. Icy continued sleeping peacefully through Dodrio's horrible morning crowing. Two fluffy, yellow earmuffs covered his ears. Sara and Aura were in the den playing games when Icy finally woke up several hours later. He joined them and everyone went to Brock's Diner for breakfast. "That trainer Nicky was really great last night." "Yes he was. Are you going to see him face Lance today?" "I guess I should. I want to be completely prepared for anything Lance can throw at me." They finished their breakfast and headed towards the Grand Stadium. The battle had already begun! "Shoot! Quick, let's find some open seats!" They got two seats close to the mid-level section of the stadium and watched the match currently in progress. Lance's Gyarados fell to Nicky's Raichu. It was now 3-2 in favor of Nicky. Raichu got back into its fighting pose and awaited its next opponent. Lance drew his cape, attempting to look all big and tough, and sent out his fourth pokéball. Nicky looked at his next opponent with fear in his eyes. The pokémon Lance sent out was like no pokémon he'd ever seen. "Wha, what is that?" He clicked open his pokédex. "Aerodactyl, an once to be believed extinct pokémon. This fearsome flying creature has many sharp teeth showing that it was a carnivore." Nicky put the pokédex away quickly not wanting to hear anything more that would scare him or his pokémon. "That thing likes like it's made of rock so Raichu is useless. Raichu, return!" Nicky didn't want to lose now, not after making it this far. "All right Blastoise, it's your turn to battle now!" The giant shellfish pokémon took the field. "Hydro pump now!" "Huh! Crap. Aerodactyl, fly to avoid getting hit." The stone bird flew up high as Blastoise fired its water cannons. Because Aerodactyl was made on rock, it couldn't move quickly enough to avoid all the blasts but did manage to survive. "Ok, now use sky attack!" Aerodactyl swooped down towards Blastoise. "Withdrawal now!" Blastoise complied quickly and Aerodactyl smacked flat into its shell. "Now, finish it off Blastoise." His Blastoise took Aerodactyl by the tail and held it in front of his water cannons. After a thorough soaking, Lance gave up and recalled the beaten bird. "YYYYEEEEEESSSSSS!!! One more to go!" "GGGRRRRRR. I can't lose this match. Damn. Ok Dragonite, it's all up to you now." Lance sent out his final pokémon, Dragonite. Nicky looked at the huge dragon pokémon. "Ooohhh. That thing's huge!" Blastoise waited for Nicky's commands. "Ok, Hydro pump again Blastoise." It fired the jet stream of water from its water cannons directly at Dragonite. "Agility now Dragonite. Follow it up with your Hyper Beam!" Dragonite completely dodged the water blast and charged up its hyper beam. "Oh no." "Fire!" Dragonite made a perfect shot on Blastoise knocking it out with one hyper beam. "Oh, Blastoise return." "It's 4-3 now folks! Lance looks like he may make an incredible comeback here. Don't forget to fill up on." Suddenly, fighting sounds are broadcasted over the PA. The crowd cheers as a new announcer takes over. "Ok, Nicky is getting ready to select his next pokémon." Nicky looked at his remaining pokéballs. He still had Sandslash, Vileplume, and a Dewgong. "That's it, ice can beat dragons. All right Lance, prepare to lose. I'm gonna be a Pokémon Master! Your turn now Dewgong! GOOOO!!!" The seal pokémon entered the field. Dragonite was still recovering from the hyper beam energy drain. "Shoot, an ice pokémon. Dragonite, slam now." Dragonite's speed was greatly diminished due to its low energy state. "Dewgong, now's your chance. Ice beam now!" Dewgong fired its ice beam directly at the slowly charging Dragonite. In the blink of an eye, Dragonite was encased in a block of ice. "Finish it, aurora beam!" Dewgong fired the colorful beam at the Dragonite-popsicle, finishing it off for good. "YES!!! WE DID IT!! I WON!!!!!" Nicky jumped up and down while Dewgong clapped cheerfully. Lance just sank his head as he recalled Dragonite. He walked over to Nicky. "You are a very talented pokémon trainer. You have proven this by defeating the world's four strongest trainers. Now, by the power vested in me by the Pokémon League, I hereby name you, Pokémon Master Nicky. Congratulations master trainer Nicky, you have done what others can only dream of doing." Lance presented Nicky with a multi-colored badge. In it were multiple gemstones that sparkled brightly in the sunlight. Nicky held the badge up high into the air. The crowd applauded the young boy for his valiant effort and skill. After the festivities were finally over, they crowds left and waited for the next set of battles to start. Icy and Sara left for the training arena. "That was cool. Nicky sure knows how to handle pokémon. I wish I could do that well too." "You will Icy. But I think you should change the lineup a bit." "Right. Ok, my lineup. Cyber, Hocus, Wiggler, Leafy, Vapor, and Buttercup. You guys are going to make me a pokémon master!" After training his new team in the arena for a few hours, Icy signed up to battle the Elite 4. "You just in luck, the last trainer just cancelled a few minutes ago." "Hmm, why?" "I'm not really allowed to say. Sorry. You are scheduled to battle them in about one hour. Can you be ready by then?" "Yeah. I'll be more than ready!" "Well, good luck little boy." Icy took his pass and went back with Sara. They ate lunch and then picked up Icy's pokémon from the pokécenter where they were healing from the training. "Let's go guys. Our dreams await!" They headed back to the Grand Stadium. Icy was in the greatest of moods when the stadium seemed to vanish. "What, what's happening?" Suddenly, everything was gone, replaced by a dark world. "Why am I here? I don't have time to play games with you now Mewtwo!" "Come now Icy. Is that any way to treat the one who cured you? Personally, I'd be much more grateful." "Somehow, I can't picture someone like you being very grateful for anything." "Whatever. There's no riddle or conflict this time Icy. I merely wanted to wish you the best of luck." "Huh? Am I getting this right? You are wishing me, luck?" "Oh. Yes Icy, I am. Please, I may be heartless at times, but you can understand that I do possess a heart like you all the same. I can't help it if I carry a deep hatred towards trainers though. But still, you interest me most of all. So, once again, I wish you luck. Please don't go and embarrass yourself again like you did battling Agatha. That can really damage your reputation as a trainer." Mewtwo snickered audibly so Icy could hear. "Why you little." his stopped after noticing he was back in normal time and space again. The phasing had worn off. Sara was staring at him funny. "Ummm, who are you talking to Icy?" "Oh, no one. C'mon, let's get to the stadium!" They continued on their way. In the back of Icy's mind, he thanked Mewtwo for his kindness. "Wwwwellllcome back, pokémon fans! We have yet another great match lined up for all today. The psychic trainer from Saffron City, Icy, is going to try again to defeat the Elite 4. Icy was beaten by Agatha a few days ago, but he looks like he's ready to beat them all this time. Let's see if he's got what it takes to become a true pokémon master!" The crowd cheered wildly. Icy took his place in the challenger's box. Sara and Aura watched from the sidelines. Lorelei came out of the tunnel first. "Well, well, well. We meet again Icy. You may have won the first time, but I won't let that happen this time. You'll never make it Lance!" "Don't be so sure of yourself Lorelei." "Whatever. I choose, Dewgong!" "In that case. Ready to fight, come in sight! Icy calls, Vapor!" Icy' s Gastly floated over the field. Lorelei was stunned. "I didn't know he had a Gastly." she thought to herself. "Ok Dewgong, ice beam now!" Dewgong fired the beam of ice at Vapor. The beam passed right through him. "Good work Vapor. Now it's time to fight back! Use your lick attack!" Vapor hovered over to Dewgong and gave it a big lick. Dewgong turned bright green and wobbled as the paralyzing effects of Vapor's lick attack took effect. "Uwwww. Return Dewgong. So, you've got some new pokémon for this match, it doesn't matter what you use, I'll never let you win! Go Cloyster!" The giant clamshell pokémon came onto the field. "Aurora beam now!" "Vapor, become invisible so it can't target you." Vapor nodded and disappeared. The aurora beam missed him completely. Vapor reappeared behind Cloyster and tapped him on the back. Cloyster turned around only to be met by Vapor's tongue. Lorelei was becoming quite upset as she angrily recalled Cloyster. "Why you! Go Slowbro!" Icy remembered how dopey her Slowbro was and recalled Vapor so he could rest. "Ha, this is too easy. Ready to fight, come in sight! Icy calls, Buttercup!" Icy's Butterfree flew over the field. "Buttercup, use your sleep powder to knock him out cold." Buttercup sprinkled the blue dust over Slowbro but it didn't look like it had any effect. "Ha, you were saying?" "Go ahead, have Slowbro attack if you're so confident." Icy was starting to act just like the Elite 4. "Slowbro, use your amnesia attack." Slowbro just stood there, eyes wide open. "Slowbro, listen to me! Attack, now!" Finally, Slowbro moved. His eyes shut, and he fell asleep. "Awwww!!!!! You pathetic pokémon, return now!" Icy couldn't help but laugh seeing how frustrated Lorelei was getting. "Oh, you think it's funny huh. You won't be laughing for much longer you little twirp. Go Jynx!" Icy didn't want that horrifying pokémon to get anywhere near Buttercup, so he had her return. "Ready to fight, come in sight! Icy calls, Cyber!" The Porygon came out from the pokéball. "A Porygon, I'll show you. Jynx, lovely kiss!" "Cyber, sharpen!" As soon as Jynx was about to give Cyber a smack on wherever his lips are, Cyber jabbed his sharpened beak into Jynx. The viking pokémon shuddered for a sec, then backed as far away from Cyber as she could. "That's right, you can't kiss my Porygon. Cyber, finish her off with psybeam attack." Cyber was happy to vanquish the evil pokémon and sent a psybeam right for her lips. Jynx went down with just one blow. "AGHHH!!! This is impossible. How can I lose like this? Return Jynx. Go Lapras!" Lorelei sent out her final pokéball containing Lapras. Icy returned Cyber and brought out Hocus. "Oh shit, a psychic. Blizzard attack Lapras!" Lapras prepared its attack. "Hocus, use you confusion attack. Give Lapras a new weather report." "Good idea master, can do! Here's today's forecast Lapras. Snow, with a chance of psy-storms." Hocus used his confusion attack to make Lapras create to blizzard over itself. Although it did little good for Hocus, Lapras was still confused why it was now snowing of it. Hocus fired a few psybeams at it and Lorelei was defeated. "All right! You did it Hocus. One down, three to go!" "This just wasn't my day. You won't make it much further Icy. You're going to lose again, just like you did against Agatha." Lorelei sneered after her last remark. The Elite 4 weren't exactly known for their kindness, however, which pokémon leader is? Icy recalled Hocus and healed his pokémon to be ready for Bruno. "Wow. What a short match. Lorelei is blanked completely by Icy. He might just make it folks!" Nicky was now in the stands. He decided he'd watch some other trainers try to do what he did. After seeing Icy easily beat Lorelei, he decided to see it to the end. "Hmm, he pretty good. Maybe I could challenge him to a match later." "Are you talking about that there Icy fella," an old man asked Nicky. "Uh, yeah, why?" "He owns a pokémon gym in the Viridian Forest. I think it's called the Bug Gym." "I never heard of a gym in the Viridian Forest." "It's not official. But if you want to challenge him, that's where to go." "Gee, thanks mist." The old man was gone. "Hmm, that's odd." "Bruno is now entering the stadium. Icy's second elite match begins now!" The crowd cheered again for the young trainer. Sara and Aura were especially proud of Icy. "See, you are doing great. You beat her more easily this time than the last time you fought her. Nice work." "Yeah. I think Vapor is turning out to be a great addition to the team. Now I'll just concentrate on using my psychic types to beat Bruno." Sara gave Icy a kiss for good luck and he took his position. "So, you beat Lorelei flawlessly. I'm not too impressed. She may be a pushover, but I'm not so let's get started. Onix GO!" The rock serpent materialized on the field. Icy thought about with pokémon to start with. "Ready to fight, come in sight! Icy calls, Cyber!" The Porygon appeared in front of the giant snake. "Cyber, conversion!" Cyber reconfigured its body to be that of rock. "The pile of computer code can't beat us, Onix, slam that Porygon into the earth now!" Onix wrapped its stone tail around Cyber and hurled him into the ground. Cyber's rock form protected him somewhat but he was still dizzy from the pounding. "Cyber, are you alright. Don't give up Cyber. Let's see how Onix likes a psybeam to the head." Cyber regained its pose and fired two psybeams directly at Onix's head. The first one connected making Onix reel back in pain. Then the second one made the rock serpent fall to the ground. "Hmmm, good show Icy. Return Onix. Now you can take on the punchy pokémon." Bruno threw his second pokéball into the field. It was Hitmonchan. Icy kept Cyber in for the match. "Cyber, tri attack. Split up, then all fire psybeams at once." Cyber divided itself into three porygons. Hitmonchan is slightly confused and decided it be best to try taking one of them out before they could all fire. Bruno nodded and Hitmonchan aimed for the center Porygon. "Fire now!" Hitmonchan swung at the middle Porygon which vanished as his glove made contact. It was a fake. The psybeams however, were very real indeed and Hitmonchan learned the error of standing perfectly in the crossfire. It went down before it could realize its mistake. "What is wrong with me today? Must be the sun. Return Hitmonchan. Go Hitmonlee!" "Bruno sends out his third pokémon, the kicking fiend, Hitmonlee! Let's see if Icy can continue his streak." "Cyber return. You need to rest now. Ready to fight, come in sight! Icy calls, Buttercup!" "High kick now!" Buttercup was ready for it when Hitmonlee connected with her entire body. She fell to the ground, hitting the earth hard. She struggled to get up. "Ha, now I'm doing better again. Finish her off Hitmonlee, mega kick!" "Buttercup!!! No, get up!" Somehow, she mustered enough strength to avoid getting kicked into orbit, but she could go on. Buttercup fell once again to the ground and fainted. "Oh. Buttercup, return. You'll be ok." Icy took a full heal out of his pocket and placed it next to Buttercup's pokéball. "You'll pay for that Bruno. Ready to fight, come in sight! Icy calls, Hocus!" "Time for you to see stars mister kick boxer." Hitmonlee wasn't amused and took a swing for Hocus. His foot was stopped in mid air and he found himself unable to move. "What's wrong with you? Hit him." Bruno couldn't stand to lose another pokémon to Icy. Hocus was controlling Hitmonlee via psychic. "Ok Hocus, finish him off!" "With pleasure master." Hocus fired a psybeam straight into Hitmonlee's chest throwing it across the field. "Damn! Hitmonlee return. You are being a real pain, you know that?" "Good, now hurry up, I don't wanna wait til next millennium to become a Pokémon Master." "Oh, you'll never get that far Icy. Go Onix!" "Hocus, telekinesis. You know what to do." Hocus nodded and got to work. He summoned all of his psychic energy and the two pokémon both began to glow. Moments later, Onix found itself most tied up as it now took on the form of a rock hard pretzel. Meanwhile, Icy and the rest of the audience and even the announcer were laughing their heads off. "Hahahahaha. Would you look at that. Icy's Kadabra has turned Onix into the world's largest and hardest pretzel. Looks like Bruno is going to lose to Icy as well. He has just one more pokémon left." "Onix, return. You asked for it Icy. I'm shutting that Kadabra down. Go Machamp." "Return Hocus. I need you to rest and be ready for the next battle. Ready to fight, come in sight! Icy calls, Vapor!" The Gastly floated over the field. "Now what?" "This is too easy. Just lick him Vapor." Vapor laughed and licked Machamp who succumbed easily to the paralysis effects of Vapor's lick attack. Bruno recalled Machamp and admitted defeat. Icy was back to where he had lost originally, Agatha. "Well folks, this surely has been an exciting day. First, Nicky defeats Lance to be a true pokémon master. And now, Icy may just do the same. But he needs to beat Agatha next. Don't go anywhere, this could be the battle of the century here. or not." Icy tended to his pokémon, especially Buttercup how looked like she had seen better days. She was badly bruised and Icy applied the full heal potion to her injuries. She began to recover, but she was still not fully healed. Icy came up with his battle plan for Agatha. Sara and Aura watched as Icy rearranged his pokéballs. Nicky watched Icy carefully from his seat. "He is good. But maybe they were just giving him a break. That looked WAY too easy. But he's got a real advantage with that ghost pokémon. I wonder how he'll deal with Agatha." "He'll lose again," an old lady said in a crackling voice. "Huh?" "You heard me. Icy got creamed by Agatha last time they met. Her ghost pokémon are much stronger than Icy's weak little baby pokémon. You know he' s got what, only 4 evolved pokémon out of the 20 or so he's captured." "Well, perhaps he doesn't like to evolve them. He is winning you know." "He doesn't have the skill to win. You on the other hand used a vast array of evolved pokémon and won. You are a better trainer." "Well, thanks. I guess I'll." She too had vanished. "Oh man, I gotta just keep my thoughts to myself. Maybe then these strange old people will stop bothering me." Agatha entered the stadium. "So Icy, we meet again. Are you ready to be beaten all over again? Lemme ask you something. Did it hurt to be the laughing stock of Indigo Plateau?" Agatha laughed evilly. Icy just ignored her. "Let's get started shall we?" "I concur. Gengar, go!" "Ready to fight, come in sight! Icy calls, Leafy!" The Gloom stood in front of the ghostly opponent. "Hmm, a gloom ehh. That doesn't scare me, but I wonder if Gengar scares her. Gengar, lick it now!" "Hmm, she doesn't learn." Icy thought to himself. Leafy just stood there while Gengar attempted to lick it. "Leafy, stun spore now." Gengar was in for a big surprise. He had gotten too close to Leafy and now would learn the error he had made. Leafy wasn't affected by Gengar's lick attack, but Gengar seemed to be having a hard time getting his tongue back in his mouth after Leafy sprayed him with stun spores. "Mega drain Leafy!" Leafy drained Gengar life points and Agatha recalled it. "Oh, I see you've been training. Well, that is what's called dumb luck. You don't get it each time. I choose Golbat now." The large bat fly onto the field. "Return Leafy. Ready to fight, come in sight! Icy calls, Hocus!" Icy Kadabra made yet another appearance. "Hocus, you should be strong against poison types, so just use your psybeam on it." "Will do master!" Hocus fired his psybeam at Golbat, but missed. Golbat dodged the beam narrowly and dove for Hocus. "Bite attack now. Poison that no good psychic pokémon." "Look out Hocus!" Hocus was already aware of the approaching Golbat. He sent a psyshock right for Golbat and it fell to the ground, unable to move. "Ok, finish the job." Hocus gave Golbat another psyshock and it fainted. Agatha was now very upset. "How is this possible? You weren't this good last time. Golbat return. I'll teach you a lesson Icy. I choose Haunter now." "Great. Hocus, disable attack now!" Hocus focused on Haunter's lick attack. He hoped he was successful. "Now I'm going to take out that meddlesome Kadabra of yours. Haunter, lick attack now." Haunter prepared to attack, but stopped. "What? What's wrong? I said attack." "Ok," Hocus replied. He fired multiple psybeams at the purple ghost pokémon. "No not you! Awwwww!!!! Haunter, return!" "Well folks, Icy seems to be quite unbeatable this afternoon. I wonder what is giving such good luck today?" "His luck is about to run out. Arbok, GO!" "Hocus, return. I choose you now, Buttercup!" Icy slightly injured Butterfree fluttered over the field. "Go eat your dinner Arbok!" "Buttercup, psybeam, maximum strength!" Buttercup summoned all of her power and began glowing. She turned a bright blue as a sphere of pure energy formed around her body. "What's this, Icy's Butterfree is really generating a lot of energy. I hope Arbok is ready for this." Arbok leapt for Buttercup. Just before he could make contact, Buttercup discharged all the energy directly at the approaching cobra. Arbok held onto the ball for a second before being thrown deep into the ground. Buttercup didn't fare too well either was she was throw high into the air by the explosion of energy. "BUTTERCUP!!!!!" Icy watched in horror as she ascended further. Finally, she began heading back towards the surface. Icy homed in on her and used his telekinesis to guide her down slowly. "Buttercup, are you ok?" She couldn't even move. Icy called for a quick timeout as he rushed his severely injured Butterfree over to Sara. "Sara, I need you to take Buttercup to Nurse Joy quick. I'll get there as soon as I can. Please, go now." "We all hope Buttercup will be ok. But now, let's get back to the match. Agatha is down to her last pokémon. This is really turning out to be Icy's lucky day!" "You may win against me Icy, but Lance will crush you. There I go again, praising that basturd. Do you know how much I hate that filthy piece of trash? I. hmmm, ok, another time then. Gengar, GO!" "Ok, here we go. Ready to fight, come in sight! Icy calls, Wiggler!" One of Icy's ten Caterpies wiggled onto the field. "A Caterpie??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!" "Shutup! Wiggler, remember what we trained for. Now's the time to do it. Ok, Wiggler, tackle attack alpha!" "Owww, the little buggy's gonna tackle my Gengar, whatever. Gengar disappear, confuse the stupid little bug." "My Caterpie is not stupid. However, your Gengar is. Wiggler, finish the move." Wiggler muffled some cute Caterpie sounds and sprayed its silk string all over Gengar. "What's this? Gengar lick, or just eat the bug." Gengar couldn't move. Wiggly continued to tie him up with its string. "Just break out of it. It' s only string." Gengar tried, but Wiggler's string was too strong, plus he already had almost 5 layers covering him. "This is pointless, return Gengar. I'm going to laugh when Lance crushes you and your stupid little worms." "For the last time, they aren't stupid!" Icy calmed down and had Wiggler return. Everything had gone just as they planned. Agatha stormed out and tried to get Wiggler's silk off of her Gengar. --==( Part 3 of 3 )==-- --==( The Ultimate Sacrifice )==-- "Well folks, Icy has proven himself worthy of battling the head of the Elite 4. Lance, the dragon pokémon trainer will battle with Icy to see if he's got the skills to become a pokémon master. Can he do it?" The crowd expressed their support for Icy and his pokémon. Icy meanwhile busily healed the five remaining. Back at the pokécenter, Sara waited in the waiting room for an update on Buttercup's condition. Nurse Joy came through the doors. "I think she'll make it. What exactly happened to her?" "She was involved in a high energy explosion." "Oh. I see," she replied as if this type of thing happened every day. Back in the Grand Stadium, Lance was coming onto the field. "You've done well Icy. I have been waiting for the chance to beat, I mean meet you." "Save it. I know you'll just insult me like the others do. Let's go at this shall we." "If that is what you wish, then that we shall do. Gyarados, go!" "Ready to fight, come in sight! Icy calls, Leafy." "Tisk tisk. Big mistake. Dragon rage!" "No, Leafy mega drain. Sap his energy." Leafy started draining Gyarados's energy but it still fired the dragon rage. Leafy received a direct hit from the fiery rage from Gyarados. She screamed in pain as the fire spread over her head. "Oh, Leafy, return. Go Vapor." "A ghost huh. Gyarados, hyper beam." "Night shade Vapor." The field became pitch black. Gyarados could find its target. "Lick it now Vapor," Icy called into the darkness. When the night shade finally wore off, Gyarados was paralyzed while Vapor was doing a victory dance on top of it. "Good work." "Lucky shot. Return Gyarados. Go Dragonair." "Lick now!" "Agility now!" Dragonair dodged all of Vapor's attacks. "Play time is over for you Icy. Dragonair, hyper beam that ghost." Dragonair was faster at charging the hyper beam. "Now Vapor. While it's still charging, lick it." Icy's plan worked. Dragonair wasn't quick enough to avoid Vapor and charge the hyper beam at the same time. "What in the??? Well, you are clever my friend. Take this." Lance recalled the paralyzed Dragonair and sent out another one. "Dragonair, dragon rage now!" "Vapor, look out!" A good portion of the raging fires hit Vapor. Something else happened to Vapor though. "Vapor, what's wrong?" "Hmm, I think he's going to evolve." "Evolve? Oh cool! I'm gonna have a Haunter!" Sure enough, Vapor had gotten so much experience from battle the elite trainers' pokémon that it finally got enough to evolve into Haunter. "Vapor, hypnosis attack!" "What, oh no." Lance's second Dragonair had already fallen asleep. Vapor just laughed the way most Hunters do. "Return. Go Aerodactyl." "An Aerodactyl. But I thought they were extinct." "They are. I found its fossil while on a mining expedition and took it to the Cinnabar Labs to be recreated. And now, you shall feel its wrath." "I don't think so. Vapor, hypnosis." Vapor just stood there. "Vapor, why aren't you attacking? Did you here me? Hypnosis attack now." "Ha. Weather you aren't a very good trainer, or your pokémon's tired out, which also makes you a bad trainer. Aerodactyl, hyper beam now." Aerodactyl fired its hyper directly at Haunter. Haunter was completely beat. "Shoot. Return Vapor. Ready to fight, come in sight! Icy calls, Cyber! Cyber, tri-attack, multi psybeam attack now!" Cyber split into three and each fired a psybeam at Aerodactyl. It fainted easily and smashed into the ground crushing Cyber with it. "Oh!" "Hmm, that's a first. See, you are a bad trainer." "Cyber return. I'll show you, who's winning, huh?" "That's not important, but now you shall lose. Dragonite, GO!" Lance's ultimate pokémon, Dragonite, appeared on the field. "Wow. I've never seen that type of pokémon before." Icy was definitely impressed by the Dragonite. Meanwhile, Nurse Joy was finishing up on Buttercup. "She's felling better, but I don't think she should do any battling for a while. Sara scooped up Buttercup and ran back to the stadium. "Go Wiggler!" "A Caterpie???" "Stop right there, don't say another word. Wiggler, string shot now." "You're joking right. Dragonite, slam it." Dragonite picked Wiggler up and prepared to knock it into the ground. "WAIT!!! I recall Wiggler." Icy returned Wiggler to its pokéball. "No battle is worth losing a pokémon over. Besides, I still have Hocus." Hocus appeared in front of\f the Dragonite. "My what a large pokémon." "Dragonite, hyper beam now." "Huh?!?" Hocus didn't know what hit him. The hyper beam completely fired him, as well as Icy's dreams. Suddenly, he felt as if the world around him had collapsed. He fell to his knees, tears in his eyes. In the distance, he heard something, but he could focus on it. He extended Hocus' pokéball and recalled him. "This can't happen." he heard a faint voice coming from behind him. It was Sara and Buttercup. "ICY!!! Buttercup's ok." "Great! Buttercup, I know you are weak, but I need you to be strong right now. Can you defeat the Dragonite? All you need to do is hit him with that ultra psybeam and we will win. Can you do that?" "Icy, Nurse Joy said she shouldn't battle. Huh." Sara saw Buttercup nodding. "You want to battle?" Buttercup nodded again. "Don't do this Icy. She's too weak." "She has to try. She believes in me and in herself. She's proven that time after time." Icy turned to Buttercup. "I want you to know that I will love you and care for you no matter what happens Buttercup. But I know that you can pull this off. Please, just do this one last thing. Please help me Buttercup." Buttercup had tears in her eyes. She nodded and attempted to hug Icy. "Th. thank you Buttercup." "C'mon Icy, do you admit defeat?" "No Lance. I choose Buttercup now. Buttercup, psybeam, full power!" Buttercup began to glow, her body emitting a bright blue. She struggled to stay airborne and generate more power. "FFFFFFRRRRRRREREREREREREREREEEEEE," she cried out. She was now engulfed in a bright white sphere. It blinded Icy and Lance, Dragonite, and the rest of the audience. "Buttercup! FIRE!!!" "FFFFFFFFFFFFRRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!" Everything was quiet. For an instant, time stood perfectly still. Nothing moved. The light blinded everyone. The intense beam made direct contact with Dragonite causing him to faint instantly. But Buttercup was in worse shape. Because of the enormous amount of energy she used on the attack, she could not stay in the air. When the light had died down, Icy saw his best friend lying not even half alive on the field. Lance admitted defeat but waited for Icy to have a moment alone with Buttercup. A tear formed in his eye. "Buttercup. this can't happen. Oh please wake up." He began crying. "Please wake up Buttercup." "Befreeee, free...," were the last words Buttercup emitted before she lost consciousness. Icy couldn't hold back the tears and pain inside. He held Buttercup up close to his chest and pressed hard. "This. {sniff}. is all my. {sniff}. fault. What have I done.?" Icy cried over his stiff Butterfree's body. She didn't move and no longer had a pulse. "I wanted to win so badly I sacrificed my own friend to do it." Icy couldn't take the reality of the situation. Buttercup was no longer alive. She pasted away. Icy could not accept the fact that his dearest friend was gone for good. "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" he put her back down and placed her body in his backpack inside a box to take with him on his journey back to Viridian Forest. Lance walked over to Icy. "Icy. I know you don't believe you earned this, but, all the same, you have. Many trainers would have given up, maybe due to how much was at stake, maybe because they just didn't have confidence. But you stood up to the challenge, even when it was the life of your friend at stake. I. I wish there was some way to bring her back. Here." Lance handed Icy the master trainer's badge. Sara took it for him and they both walked silently home. Lance's words echoed in Icy's head, '.some way to bring her back.' 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