From: Adrian Tymes <> Subject: [PW!][REPOST] To protect the world from Doppler-station... Date: Saturday, September 25, 1999 8:38 PM [<melodramatic sigh> My former baka news server has eaten its last post...of mine, anyway. This might not be word-for-word exact, but since I can't find a copy of my earlier post anywhere, I can at least promise that this has the same important events and gist. Dread, I'm pretty sure this won't mess with what you posted...] Maria Rocket wrote: > SPLASH! Aerie gave Seth her best hopeless look, then attached the Dopplerball > paddle onto her newly convient belt. "Seth, we're never going to make it > through Vermilion if you decide to take a swim." She reached out to pull him > out. > > Seth took her hand. When her eyes locked onto the sly smile in his green eyes, > it was too late. "Seth, don-!" SPLASH! He pulled her into the water and she > gave a shrill shriek of surprise. "I'm all wet! Seth, you...!" She yelled, > giggling uncontrollably as she grabbed and dunked him. > > Meanwhile, Slasher, who had been following a distance behind, caught up. > "Purrr?" He looked down at the splashing in the water. "Sian." He shook his > head and flicked his ear. But that didn't pursuade baby Doppler to stop > chewing on it. > > The Persian strolled past them with his head low and ears laid back. "Sian, > sian, sian." > > "Sian, sian, sian!" Doppler squeaked happily, changing colors like a hippie > Ditto gone insane. After much splashing around, Seth and Aerie eventually got out of the water. Once back on dry land, Aerie reached for her Dopplerpaddle...and searched...and looked...and panicked... ...until Seth pulled it out from behind his back. Smirking, he began a slightly less vigorous session with it, playing keep-away from Aerie all the while... ...until a random fireball vaporized the paddle, sending Doppler in a high arc. Dreadite wrote: > The ball flew through the air, turning thrice on teh ground before the > glow disapeared. The ball then teleported in a red flash, and Dreadite > recalled his pokemon. He looked up towards the cave roof, and then with > a flash of light, blew a fireball into it. Moonlight poured in, sending > soft rays of luminesance throughout the cave. Dreadite flew out, and > stepped towards his final destination. The Pokemon Tower. Aerie watch Doppler's ball curve away. Time seemed to slow down as her mind settled into a pattern of thought she had known since babyhood. #Situation analysis: FUBAR Probability of fixing situation to prevent damage: Zero Probability of escaping situation to prevent damage: Non-zero Reccomendation: Escape Possible means of escape in sufficient time: Teleport only Engaging teleport... Destination: Safety (homehomeHOME!) Warning: Allies in danger; remove allies from danger first Teleport designate Slasher Teleport designate Seth Warning cleared Teleport self Emergency resolved ... Why do I think I'm forgetting something?# As the three shifted to a certain room in Mt. Moon, Doppler erupted from his confinement. Dreadite surfaced just in time to see Doppler bellow, "Who DARES?!?!?" However, the target of Doppler's concern was nowhere to be seen, and he did not seem to be paying Dreadite much attention - which was probably because Dreadite was still in the hole he had carved, which was in turn difficult to see from Doppler's landing spot. Dreadite paused to watch Doppler toy with his victims; however, whoever had ticked him off this time seemed to have managed a successful escape. Dreadite resumed course for the Pokemon Tower after Doppler stormed off. On Dreadite's back, a new feather giggled silently to itself. TBC?