From: Darth Neo <> Subject: [PW!] Waiting....[ATTN: Derrick] Date: Tuesday, September 14, 1999 7:15 PM Neo, Derrick, and Rigel waited outside the gym. Neo stood off to the side trying to light a small oven while Rigel and Derrick comforted the 3 poisoned Pokemon. Rigel looked up at Derrick, "Why are they dying? Beedrill poison shouldn't do this!" Derrick looked up, "A trainer's Beedrill poison is weaker. But in the wild their poison is stronger. A lot stronger." Neo tried not to pay attention to Eevee and Scyther's painful screams. He waited for SOMEONE to come to this damned gym. Rigel's Caterpie had covered up the wounds with his silk. It was late out, and a storm was brewing. Jolteon and Vaporeon comforted their little sister. Arcanine just lay on the ground whining. Seiya sat in deep meditation, trying to figure out a way to stop the poison. It started to rain and winds began to pick up. A large storm was blowing overhead. Neo unpacked a tent out of his duffel bag (It's subspace....) and put it up. Everyone got in as the storm began to really pick up. Neo decided to screw the oven and just eat the ravioli. He held the can to Arcanine , who warmed it up. --meanwhile-- Back in the part of the forest where the hive was. A group of Cloyster-shell clad Beedrills flew to the demolished hive. One stepped forward, "Bzzzzzzz (What? The main hive!)" All the other Beedrills began to buzz. A small one flew out of the hive, "Bzzzz! (Sir, they killed our queen! We must choose a new queen for the colony!)" The lead Beedrill sniffed the air, "Bzzzzzz(I smell the scent of a Miki colony Beedrill....they destroyed the hive!)" He roared and a giant fleet of Cloyster shell Beedrills flew out from the trees. --meanwhile-- Neo looked out of the tent, the winds were so strong they could have been the hands of God themselves. Thunder crackled around them, lightning bolted down to the ground. Neo looked back inside, Rigel was already asleep. She had put on a Tee shirt and went to sleep. Derrick had also fallen asleep. Seiya had mentally put Beedrill, Eevee, and Scyther to sleep. All the other free Pokemon were asleep. Neo looked up in the sky, and saw a sight that would haunt him. A majestic yellow bird flew over head, with every flap of it's wings bringing down lightning and crackling like thunder. It screeched in the sky, and disappeared in a huge flash. A second later, an enormous crack of thunder. Neo gazed, mystified. He stuttered, "I..I...I...I...I...I..." The storm continued, Rigel woke up. Neo saw the young girl wake up. She rubbed her eyes and looked at him, "Uh..Neo? It's my turn to stand guard." Neo snapped out of his stupor, "wha? Oh...okay" He took off his armor and went to sleep. TBC. The Neo-Stunticons, Neo J. Menasor, Mike Browne Transfan code:G+++ FR+ FW M #78 D+ AD+ N+++ W+ B+++ OP++ BC CN++ OM- P54 The Covenent of's a COOKBOOK!!!---------------