From: <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Wanderings' End? Date: Tuesday, September 28, 1999 2:39 PM > Andrew got out his guitar and played something, absentmindedly. Snicker, > hearing this, got out his harmonica and they started jamming. It cheered him > up; it was a cute sight, a boy and his Pikachu having fun, and it was one of > the few times he really had fun. Ygi and Blaze took a break from the soccer > game (the one a few yards away) and listened. David, the Abra, just slept. > > After they were done, Snicker put his harmonica away (in hammerspace, I guess) > and Andrew put his guitar back in his case, after getting the $2.53 in change > out. Then he just sat there, maybe to sleep, maybe to find something to do, > something... > "Now what? We're back in Cerulean, and we have no other ideas." Gads shook his head, with Monk-chan still atop of it. "MANKEY!" "OW!" Monk-chan, in an effort to stay on his pearch, grabbed onto Gads's hair, which resulted in a nasty hair-pulling. "Heh... sorry 'bout that, Monk-chan." "Mankey..." "Well, that didn't help any..." Mara was still feeling guilty about the events at Bill's. "Yeah. As far as we know, we're walking blind here." Gads's tail twitched around a little, hitting him in the back of the knee. That thing was going to take some getting used to. "Any ideas?" "We should probably try and keep in tip-top shape. You know, battle a little, just make sure that we're ready if we're needed." "Cerulean City has a gym, right?" "Yeah... I think it's run by a... Misty... or something like that. Gads looked up at Monk-chan. "Well, it wasn't the first Gym Leader we planned to go up against, but are you up to it?" "MANKEY!" Monk-chan lept up, and landed in next to Gads in his battle-pose. "Ha! Thought you'd want a good fight. It's been a while..." Gads, not paying attention to what was in front of him, tripped over the outstreached legs of a snoozing trainer. "WOAH!" Gads tripped, falling face-first on the ground. "Huh... wha?" Andrew woke up, Gads's tail tickling his nose. He looked over at the sprawled-out trainer. 'A tail? Hmmm...' Gads quickly got up, and gave a sheepish grin (which didn't look all that sheepish with Gads's new fangs.) "Heh... sorry 'bout that. My mind was elsewhere." Mara couldn't help but butt in. "Yeah. He always has his head in the clouds." Gads stuck his tongue out at Mara, who simply looked down at him, smirking. "Man... man..." Monk-chan was rolling with laughter. Andrew took a moment to evaluate the pair. 'Something's odd about the boy. Tail and fangs? Not your average trainer. The girl looks normal enough... rather tall, though.' Meenwhile, Monk-chan spotted Snicker. It walked over to the Pikachu. "Mankey?" "Pi Pika!" "Mankey!" The Pikachu began to chase after the Mankey, apparently playing Tag or some similar game. Gads smiled as he saw his Mankey finally not react violently towards other Pokemon, then continued. "Anyways, you know where the Cerulean gym is?" Andrew pointed towards the Gym. "Right over there." Andrew was busy looking over the pair, catching a glimpse of the logo on Gads's vest. 'Dojo Members? Well, that explains why they seem so odd. They're infamous for being trouble magnets. This day just got a little more interesting...' "Just curious, what's with the tail?" Mara responded. "Well... let's just say that meeting with Bill will make you a changed man... literally." Gads didn't look too happy at the mention of the Pokemaniac. Andrew shook his head. Many, many trainers who have run-ins with Bill tend to come out of it for the worse. "Bill? Ouch. It's common trainer knowledge that you try to avoid getting involved in Bill's experiments." Gads frowned, and his tail twitched violently. "Yeah. I know that, and you know that, but Mara didn't know that. And as a result, I'M the one sporting fangs and a tail." Mara chuckled. "Life isn't fair, is it?" Gads glared up at Mara. "How'd you like to be half-girl, half-Polywhirl. We could probably go back and have it arranged." Mara visualized herself with skin the same color of her hair, eyes on top of her head, and a nice, swirly pattern on her tummy. She turned green. Gads smirked in satisfaction. "Though as much." Monk-chan and Snicker sat down next to their respective trainer, their game of tag finished. Noticing that the Pikachu didn't have any bruses, he smiled at Monk-chan. "About time you finally learned violence isn't the answer. Glad to see that experiance at Bill's was good for something." Gads turned back to Andrew. "Name's Gads, and that's Mara." The Mankey Low-Kicked Gads in the shin. "OW! And that's Monk-chan." The Mankey extended his hand to Andrew. "I'm Andrew, an' that Pikachu next to me is Snicker. Polite Mankey you have there." Andrew took Monk-chan's hand. However, instead of a gentle handshake, Monk-chan began to crush two of Andrew's fingers as he pumped his arm up and down. "OW! Leggo!" Andrew shook his hand free, and began to nurse his two injured fingers, which were now bent in weird shapes. "Shoulda' warned you. Monk-chan's a bit TOO overzealous sometimes..." "Mankey... man... man..." Monk-chan was once again laughing like crazy. "Should have know better then to shake hands with a Mankey." Mara looked up at the sky. The sun was starting to reach the end of it's daily path. "Well, we should probably get to the gym " "Yeah. Better hit the Gym before it closes." Andrew put his hand to his chin. 'Well, I DID ask for something to relieve my bordom...' TBC? From your friendly, neighborhood LORDLOCKE Sent via Before you buy.