From: Roberto Perez-Vila <> Subject: [PW!] What a Cramped Waiting Room! Date: Saturday, September 11, 1999 9:12 PM Deep within the ruins of a Mansion on Cinnabar Island, there is a hidden laboratory, where deranged scientists that work for Team Rocket conduct horrific experiments on various different Pokemon. The Mansion has been very unfortunate - Mewtwo destroyed it once, and it was later re-destroyed by a rabid Ditto named Mimic. Yet, the experiments continue, unnoticed by the police officers on the island, who are quite sure that no one can possibly live in the rubble... On a long metal table in a small room sits a very strong titanium cage. Within this cage sits a Slowpoke. The Slowpoke's name is Luthor. He has been waiting there for a long time. He still waits, staring at a grandfather clock across the room. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. The incessant noise is driving the Slowpoke even more insane than he already is, but the clock is too far away for him to use his Psychic powers to silence it. The door creaks open, and the Rocket scientist, who kidnapped him right from under Officer Jenny's nose, storms into the room wearing his lab coat. He approaches the cage, "The test results are in, Luthor. We've noticed that you didn't have a previous trainer. You have no OT tag or serial number. Tell me, how did you learn how to talk?" "You have kept me in this cramped waiting room for 5 days, 2 hours, 41 minutes, and 24 seconds. I will not answer any further questions until I know more about Team Rocket." Luthor declares, one of his wide eyes twitching uncontrollably, "While I am not an alien being, I demand that you 'take me to your leader,' post haste." The insane scientist chuckles, "You're trapped in a cage and *you're* the one making the demands? That's not how it works, my enigmatic little Pokemon. Answer me now or you will meet the same fate as Dreadite's Kadabra. Perhaps you'll even meet the fate of the scientist who sealed the fate of Dreadite's Kadabra - arguably much worse than death!" Luthor makes a dramatic pause, struggles to do something, but eventually gives up and shouts, "I'd spit on you if I knew Water Gun. Curse my disgustingly low level of experience!" The scientist narrows his eyes at the disobedient Pokemon, "So be it. I'll go ready the de-evolution machine." He storms out of the room the same way he stormed in, slamming the door behind him. Luthor doesn't see any way of escaping the cage he is in. If the key was nearby, he could telekinetically move it towards the cage and open the door, but the scientist was too smart to leave it there. "How dare this super hero not allow a flaw in his plan for my inevitable escape? There *must* be one." Luthor scans the room, and stops at a nearby Pokeball. It is the one that they took off of his belt when they captured him. "Of course. Dr. Octopus can assist in my escape!" The Slowpoke places all his concentration on the nearby Pokeball, trying to use his telekinetic powers to shake the Pokeball so that it falls off the side of the table. Nothing happens. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock... The Pokeball wiggles a little. It then rumbles slightly, swaying from side to side. Luthor closes his eyes while maintaining the thought of his Tentacool's Pokemon engraved in his mind. He wills it to move. Soon it rolls off the table, crashes to the floor, and the Pokemon is released! The Tentacool looks around, "<Where the> Cool <am I?>" "You are in a waiting room to see the boss of Team Rocket." Luthor addresses his Tentacool, "Unfortunately, the one whom I thought to be a villain has revealed himself to be a super hero. So now I must escape to ensure that he has continuing adventures trying to thwart me. Come and pick the lock with your tentacles, Dr. Octopus!" Dr. Octopus' facial features tense when he hears the Slowpoke's voice. The Tentacool says, "<*You.* You> Tentacool <me in> Tenta Tenta Cool <then you give me a> Tenta <name like that?! What am I? A> Cool <porn star?>" "I captured you." Luthor says in a calm voice, "Thus you are now my slave. You will do my bidding. Pick the lock." Dr. Octopus crosses two tentacles in front of his body defiantly and shows his back, "Tent <off, you> Tentacool!" The noise of heavy machinery whirring to life is heard in the distance. Luthor blinks, wondering how the Tentacool can still be against him after the creature was put in a Pokeball. Luthor says, "You are willing to die in order for me to die?" "<Sounds> Cool <to me> Tent <hole!>" Dr. Octopus shouts out with his back turned. The scientist storms into the room again, not noticing the Tentacool on the floor, "The machine is ready, Luthor! Prepare for trouble! Have you ever heard tales of mean kids putting Jigglypuff in microwaves? This will be ten times more painful." The scientist lets out a loud, maniacal nasal laugh and runs forward to remove Luthor from his cage... ...but the Rocket scientist proves to be no 'Rocket Scientist' when he steps on the slimy Tentacool! The scientist slips and falls backward onto the floor, hits his head against the hard floor, and passes out. Dr. Octopus touches his flattened head with one of his tentacles and lets out strong profanity in a loud shriek, "COOOOOOOOOOOL!!!" Luthor focuses on the unconscious scientist's pocket. He uses his telekinetic powers and a key ring floats next to the Slowpoke's cage. After trying out a few keys, simply with his mind, one key opens the cage. Luthor escapes slowly. He walks around on the metal table he's on, and notices a lab report next to a Pokeball wrapped in chains. Dr. Octopus cries out in pain, "<Let's get the> Cool <outta here.> Tent <this> Tentacool!" Luthor ignores his annoying Tentacool and silently reads the lab report: "Name: Specimen G Species: Grimer Type: Poison Level: 32 Original Attacks Before Experiment: Pound, Disable, and Poison Gas Experiment: Ditto are currently being used as specimen in this laboratory. We believe that we have isolated the gene that make Ditto and Mew transform. Surprisingly, it was well hidden in the genetic makeup of both creatures. In an attempt to teach other Pokemon how to Transform, and possibly even make a new Technical Machine, we will transplant this gene into another Pokemon. The most commonly found Pokemon here in this Laboratory is the Grimer. We have caught a Grimer and we will place this gene within it, add enzymes so that the one cell containing the gene replicates more than the cells without the genes and observe the effects. This experiment has actually been sanctioned by Dreadite, so no rules are being broken - unlike with the Mewtwo project, which involved grave issues of omnipotence. Observation: The experiment was a failure. Since the gene was added too late in the development of the Grimer (Specimen G), the enhanced cells did not fully develop. Instead of learning the move known as Transform, Specimen G learned a completely brand new move we have named Mimic, after a famous Ditto. This attack allows the Grimer to copy only ONE attack from his opponent, instead of all of the opponent's attacks. An odd side effect of the experiment is that when Specimen G uses Mimic, it briefly transforms into the opponent, like Ditto, but retains his original element type, unlike Ditto. (i. e. Specimen G Mimics a Charmander, learns one move from the Charmander's line up, becomes an exact copy of the Charmander for approximately two minutes, but retains his original Poison type.) Later Note: It seems that Silph Corporation has been making 'Mimic TMs' for a long time before we discovered the attack in Specimen G. They call the technical machine 'TM31.' Team Rocket lost the copyright dispute." Luthor looks up from the lab report and smiles wickedly, "This Grimer would be a most beneficial addition to my legion of minions. From now on, Specimen G will be known as Clayface." Luthor telekinetically moves Clayface's Pokeball, chains and all, onto his belt. Luthor jumps off of the side of the table, telekinetically recalls Dr. Octopus into the Pokeball on the floor, and moves that Pokeball onto his belt. While gradually escaping from the lab, Luthor laments, "It's times like these that I wish I knew how to Teleport. Perhaps this 'Silph Co.' mentioned in the document can help me. No. I am being too lenient. They *will* help me, whether they want to or not." -Luthor