From: Marco262 <> Subject: Re: [PW] A New Computer and the Mystery File Date: Thursday, September 30, 1999 10:59 PM Thatguyty wrote: > In article <7t0pci$43k$>, > "Pipian" <> wrote: > > Meanwhile, back at PODA HQ > > Score was sitting on his bed pondering the days events. He drew > a blank. His music was cranked. Outside, a passerby heard the music. He > ran a hand through his peacock blue hair. "Gotta find that sound." That > passerby was Slake. > Slake ran towards the direction of the music. He stopped at > what seemed to be the source of the music. "P... O... D... A...," Slake > said to himself as saw the help wanted sign, "Detectives wanted." > Slake cracked open the door to the building. No one was at the > front desk at the time. He heard punk music blaring from a staircase. > He walked silently up the stairs and down the hall. He peeked into > Score's room. Score noticed him immediately and ran to stop the > intruder. Slake realized he was in trouble and turned and bolted. > Score, being the taller and more fit of the two, easily outran Slake > and scissor kicked him at the top of the stairs. Slake tumbled down the > 10 or so stairs and lay in a heap at the bottom. Score called for the > rest of the PODA and soon everyone was assembled in a circle around the > stranger. Score gave him a nudge with his foot, "Hey buddy, what's the > big deal?" > "I... I..." said Slake, stumbling, "Can I have a job?" > "What's this?" asked Score, hunching over Slakes backpack. He > reached in and grabbed a CD player. Popping open the case he noticed > the Rammstein CD. "The new guy's with me." > A few minutes later, Score was showing Slake around his room. > "Where do you want to sleep tonight?" asked Score. > "I'm liking that balcony," said Slake, "I love the outdoors." > Jamie, John, Tiki, Pipian, and Lewis peaked into the room. "We > wanna talk to Slake." > Slake explained his pathetic past to the group and his desire > to get his Pokémon back from Team Rocket. Jamie twirled her hair > nervously. Slake showed them his dozens of computers and explained his > hacker connections. > Later that evening, Score and Slake took a walk to the police > station to get their detective licenses. Both enrolled in various > training courses as well. Both hated their license pictures. > It was some time before Slake and Score thought about sleeping, > as they bounced around madly to their neo punk thrash rock metal music. > > TBC > > -- > ~Thatguyty > Webmaster of "Tracking Mew" > =) > > Sent via > Before you buy. Darian finally decided to abandon Lasser, knowing in his gut they would meet again. He traveled to the place he had read about at the pokémon center. There was music blaring from a room inside the building. The tremendous din allowed him to ascend to the room with no trouble at all. Standing in the open doorway, he smiled at two boys jumping on a double bed, frantically playing air guitar. He fished a chestnut out of his herb sack and tossed it neatly at the power button of the CD player, switching it off. Slake and Score stop doing their air guitar and stared at the intruder. "What do you think your doing punk?" Score dashed at Darian. "Perrrrrrsian!" Pardus leapt onto Scores head, jumping off a second later and landing in front of Darian. Pardus didn't hurt him, just stopped his charge at Darian. "That's hwo you want it huh? All right! Pokéball g..." "Hold it right there!" Jamie peered over Darian's shoulder at the two men prepared to release their pokémon. She glared at Darian. "Who are you?" "I saw your poster at the Pokémon center and I decided to come over. I have a little mystery myself it seems." "So you want us to solve a mystery for you?" "Well, yes and no. I was wondering if I could join. I haven't been in a detective agency for a while. And I'm always willing to learn. What do you say?" TBC... (Whadda ya say? Sorry if I messed up anyone's characters.) -- -Marco262, Aspiring Regular ***************** Be nice to your enemies, it drives them nuts. ***************** "It's not the pace of life I mind, it's the abrupt stop at the end." -Hobbes "If we didn't laugh, we couldn't react to a lot of life." -Hobbes "He's a legend in his own mind. Anywhere else he'd be arrested." -Me "The only reason that people use profanity or insults is that they can't come up with even a half-decent arguement otherwise." -Me again ***************** AIM: Marco262 _________________ | | | PLEASE DO NOT | | FEED THE | | TROLLS | |_________________| | | | | /\/\/\/\|/\/\/\| |/\/\|/\ ()/)