From: Tree Spirit <dryad48@aol.commoner> Subject: [PW!] ATR Moon Rockets Date: Wednesday, October 13, 1999 11:54 PM To summarize for those who are confused (like me). White Blade climbed on top of the giant pokeball with Samuraichu and they stomped on the button at the same time. The ball opened and out came Draconi. The Dragonite was in a rage. Literally. His tail slammed around, knocking holes in the caverns walls, destroying anything it touched. He was pissed. Royally. And he wanted vengence. Badly. Any Team Rocket member left was his first focus. They were slammed into the wall, violently. "RUN!!!" This wasn't from any Rockets though. It was from White Blade. He ran, and everyone knew it would be a good idea to follow him if he was running. Draconi, having dispensed with the TR members and their pokemon, focused on the next nearest target, which happened to be White Blade. Rage engulfed him as he unleashed a Fire Blast, nearly scorching everyone. White Blade knew there was only one chance, and that was a pressure point. The base of a Dragonite's tail can induce sleep, but it's difficult to get to in a rage. "Samuraichu, keep him distracted! You should be fast enough to avoid him!" "RAI?!? Raichu rai rai CHU!" <WHAT?! You got to be JOKING!> "I'm not, you gotta or this will get worse! Trust me I know!" Samuraichu jumped in front of the enraged Dragonite, lifted his tailed, and... shook his backside at him. Needless to say, that got Draconi's attention. White Blade jumped on the tail and climbed on it. He was almost there when Draconi turned around and noticed him. He slapped his tail on the ground, throwing White Blade against the wall, knocking him out. Draconi finally was able to grab Blizzard and had the intention of choking her. Suddenly, a sweet voice echoed across the cavern... "cle FAAAAAAY bul cle fay CLE fay bul..." Draconi swooned for a bit and fell down, asleep. Blizzard passed out form the song too. As did everyone else. Everyone except Keri. White Blade walked over to Draconi and checked him. His now large wings seemed to flutter happily as he pronounced, "Everything will be OK now." Keri almost didn't recognize the Clefable if it weren't for the blade on his back. [PW!] ATR Moon Rockets by Mostly everyone in this group Starring: Everyone in this story ^_^ -----When the Group Awakens--- "Wait," Dernam frowned, "We still don't *know* the way out." "Raichu..." Samuraichu sighed. <It's easy to find way out of cave!> 6 cried, not quite understanding their situation, <We just look to shiny thing! Shiny shiny sunlight guide us out of cave!> Blizzard was about to step on 6's head, when something else caught her eye. There was a figure lurking in the cavern to her left, and it appeared to be laughing... Realizing that it might take a while for them to get away from the rapidly awakening Rockets, Derrick had his Butterfree shower them with Sleep Powder. "This should at least buy us some time..." he muttered. "Hmm, that's odd..." Luke started. "What?" Splash asked, walking over to where Derrick stood. "These are the same Rockets who attacked us before..." "Yeah..?" "Well, the last time they attacked us, there was a rather...*noticeable* girl in their party. I wonder where she went?" Splash shrugged his shoulders. "Hey, the way I see it, the less Rockets, the better." "And the way I see it," White Blade grumbled, "The *more* rockets, the better. It's gonna take an explosion to wake Draconi." "Rai, rai..." Samuraichu chuckled. <Y'know, all in all, this little adventure wasn't so bad. Only trouble is, I never got to capture Articuno!> <*Ahem*> Samuraichu and White Blade whipped around, to find themselves face to face with Blizzard. The white cat smirked, and pointed over her shoulder, to a creature lurking in one of the nearby caverns. It had blazing red eyes, and head to toe, appeared to be twice as large as either of them. When the light hit it in just the right manner, one could almost feel the softness of its light blue feathers... <Allow me to introduce Articuno...> Blizzard purred. <He is going to lead us out of here.> An icy blast of wind blew through the cave, and the bird's eyes sparkled mischievously... "Wow, an Articuno!" Splash exclaimed. "I never actually thought that they existed!" He slowly inched towards the ice-type bird pokemon. 6 jumped onto Dernam's head, than onto Blizzard. Then, he jumped into Dernam's arms. <Shiny Shiny Shiny!!!!!!!!!!!> 6 cried, <That bird's feathers are shiny!!!!!> 6 ran up to the Articuno and jumped at it. <Are you going to admire me or have me carry you out>, spoke Articuno, irritated with the Eevee jumping around on its back and the Raichu prodding it in the side. The rest of the group were somewhat taken aback by Samuraichu's casual attitude. Here they were, faced with one of the rarest Pokemon in existence, a Pokemon that trainers had searched their whole lives for just to catch a glimpse if its magnificient plumage, sparkling feathers or mighty powers, and the Raichu was thinking about how good it would taste rare, medium rare or well done. "There'll be more Rockets coming," said Derrick, gun at the ready. "We'd better get moving." "Speaking of Team Rocket, what happened to that one guy that had an Anti-Team Rocket uniform?" Luke pondered. "Well....ATRs know how to take care of themselves," Derrick replied. "ATR. . . " Dernam turned to Derrick. "I've heard of them." ". . . .Right." It was always a marvel at slowly the bird could go and still stay in the air. The group slowly made their way through the cave. They saw an opening ahead that lead out of the cave. White Blade looked over to Samuraichu, saying, "Listen, I know you're not gonna attack Articuno the first second you get, right? You don't stand a chance." It was until the daylight struck him that Derrick realized he was no longer haunted by those mysterious voices of Mount Moon, whatever they were. Perhaps they belonged to the spirit of a young girl, lost in the caves forever. -=Within A Cavern Somewhere=- The Anti-Team Rocket member regained consciousness to find everything in the cavern abandoned. Where Team Rocket members once held a case of stolen TM's to trade off to a crime lord, there was nothing but shattered glass and the bodies of a rocket, Dodrio, Magneton, and Vileplume. "Urgg." He was slightly hurt, but otherwise, nothing was wrong with him. As he crept to a dark corridor of the cavern, he looked around, no one was there. The man started digging with his bare hands until the black soil revealed several cases containing the other half of the stolen TMs. The man grabbed hold of these, and the cases on the table, and started towards the exit. He paused, then looked to the side, there was no other ATR members around, but before. . . . . ---Flashback--- ^ ..Steak. . .^ A voice called in his head. He was standing among one of the many TR members who were just about to strike a deal with a Kingpin. ^What?^ he asked in his mind. ^We have an ATR... look to your left.^ He paused, held his head in confusion, then looked to his left. He saw the facade of someone watching the trade off. ^Who is it?^ ^Someone who can help.^ He shook his head again wondering why he was talking to himself in his mind when he was supposed to act Team Rockety. Was it his mind speaking to him? There was no time to play games, so he ignored whattever was going on up there. ---Reality--- Steak shuddered, then began to walk again. ^. .S . .t . .e. . a. .k. . ^ "....................What?" To Be Continued (In know this was a complete waste of time for most of you.) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ~Dryad48: Weekly Quote: "Laughter is the shortest distance between two people." -Victor Borg "Hide people from bad things, and you've made them weaker." -Me