From: Chuck Einhorn <> Subject: Re: [PW!] ATR Moon Rockets Date: Sunday, October 17, 1999 8:32 AM "M.W.F." wrote: > ----- > White Blade dusted himself off. "Draconi, you OK?" > "Dra... dragonite..." <Yeah, just a bit sore.> > "Thanks bud. You probably saved my life." > <You'd have done the same if you could.> > "I would. Now, let's get out of here. I recognize this cavern we're in. > I remember Hot Head toying with a Paras we found when he was still a > Charmander." > <So you can find your way out?> > "Yeah. It's a longer path than normal, but back then, they didn't cut > the short path in here yet. It's a bit of a walk though." > <How do you recognize it?> > "Look over there." White Blade pointed to a crescent shaped rock dimly > illuminated in the latern's light the he had with him. "Moon Rock. > Thought to be the original habitat of the Clefairies where they > worshipped and whatnot. Now if only I had a compass... Hmm.. Which way > is Northeast?" Draconi pointed in a direction. "You sure?" > <No, but what do we have to lose?> > "Got a point there. Let's go." "Steak? Who's Steak? I dunno anyone named Steak?" Derrick mused. "No, I'm even worse!" The shadowed figure spoke. "To save the world from righteous folk!" "Oh, I get it." Luke spoke. "Smoke you!" "Butterfree!" "Scyther!" Derrick and Dernam let their Bug/Flying Pokémon go. Both rushed foward at the unlucky Rocket. <Oh boy, FUN! Fight! Fight! Fight!> 6 ran forward along side Scyther and Butterfree. <Hey, wait up!> Keri followed 6, who was still toying with his new Articuno feather. Scyther and Butterfree dissapeared into the darkness.......and were thrown back by a timely Thunderbolt. The bugs flew backwards, and 6 and Keri came to a sudden halt as 6 realized the fight might not be fun. Butterfree picked himself up and retreated. Scyther wasn't so lucky. She slowly picked herself up and shivered. Paralyzed. "Not much I can do in this situation....." Dernam returned Scyther. "Eblblblblblblblblblblblbl!" The faint outline of an the Rocket's Electabuzz could be faintly seen in the darkness. Dernam gave another toss as Electabuzz charged up another attack. Nidorino came to being in a red flash. Seeing 6 and another Eevee about to get walloped, he bravely charged the Electabuzz. He only got as far as between 6 and Keri, as a second Thnderbolt slammed him. His head snapped back and alll his muscles contracted as then Electabuzz continues to send out more electricity. Only one thing left to do.......... Dernam reached back and pulled out the Moon Stone he had gotten earlier. It's grey and blue swirls that looked so odd gleamed maliciously. 6 and Keri had sticking up fur due to the electricity. He let the stone loose, and it bashed Nidorino's head into a mormal position. The blue marble-like pattern the Stone had evaporated into nothing as it hit the electric field, leaving the stone looking like a worm-eaten apple. Nidorino glowed. He stood up on his hind feet, and they grew. His paws slowly became arms, his tail lengthened, and his horns and spikes grew to a large size. He stopped glowing. In the darkness, the only thing visible from the afterglow were the triple-row of spikes on his back, 1 in the middle with 4 spikes, one on each side of that with 3, and their whiteness showed through the darkness. Nidorino, no, Nidoking, was pissed. Royally. "Electa?" "Nido!" "Buzz ele buzz cta?" "Grggrrrrrrrggggggg........Nido do Nid!" Enough small talk, he took the offensive. A pained Electabuzz cry, followed by sound of the ensueing fire, erm, electricity, fight. Stabbing, ripping, slashing, tearing sounds. "Ebl! *Glitch!* Nido! *Smack!* buzuzuzuzuzz! *Crish.* King! *Rip!*, etc. "Electabuzz, return!" Electabuzz's outline dissapears, but Nidoking is still mad. He spies the Rocket. " yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" Nidoking takes off after the Rocket, and not suprisingly catches up to the near-blind man in the dark. More tearing, stabbing, choking sounds. Then silence. Nidoking reappears in the darkness, his horn, claws, and feet smeared with blood. Not pretty. He did seem proud of himself, and his mouth hung open as he panted. Dernam struggled for a Pokéball and recalled him. "Well...that....was....disturbing." Splash rattled out. Blizzard, Keri, Samuraichu, Splash, Dernam, Luke, and Derrick proceeded forward, but 6 continued to play with his feather and follow behind. <Oh so> <Don't...say it!> Blizzard growled. <Meep!> The group finally gets to the exit. "I....need...air!" Luke pushes himself through the opneing. "Ah, that's better........" Derrick looked around at everyone. "Well, were is everyone going now?" Luke: "I'm going to go to Pewter, gotta take a break....." Splash: "I think I gotta go to Lavender, I've had dreams about it." Samuraichu: <"The pack must go to Cerulean, to find White Blade and Draconi, of course!"> Dernam: "Well, Derrick....I really want to help out in ATR. If you can't get me in, would there be a recruiting office in Pewter?" TBC. Well, Dryad, we're out. No continuity feck-ups I believe. Ethan Einhorn