From: Ncnc123 <> Subject: Re: [PW!] ATR Moon Rockets Date: Monday, October 18, 1999 12:48 PM > Derrick looked around at everyone. "Well, were is everyone going now?" > > Luke: "I'm going to go to Pewter, gotta take a break....." > > Splash: "I think I gotta go to Lavender, I've had dreams about it." > "I'm going to head off to Lavender now," Splash said. "Bye Splash," Dernam said, "Good luck." The other people also said goodbye, then watched as Splash headed down a dirt path. > Samuraichu: <"The pack must go to Cerulean, to find White Blade and >Draconi, of course!"> > > Dernam: "Well, Derrick....I really want to help out in ATR. If you >can't get me in, would there be a recruiting office in Pewter?" -------- Splash didn't know where the path would lead, but he hoped it would lead towards Lavender Town. He had originally planned to head through Rock Tunnel, but Dernam had insisted that he follow him and Luke through Mt. Moon. Splash continued headed down the dirt path. 'I hope this path leads to Lavender,' he thought. TBC......? ---------- AIM: ncnc123 ICQ: 47668217 e-mail: ----------- It took me 3 months to figure out how to set my signature, and only now do I realize that I have nothing to say in it.