From: Yosh <yosh1121@aol.combustible> Subject: Re: [PW!] And a Rocket Hunting We Shall Go! Date: Friday, October 22, 1999 5:40 PM Roberto Perez-Vila wrote: >Minax pauses, then replies, "It's never come up before..." She leads Oz >and his two >Pokemon into a large room filled with costumes and make-up that help Rockets >disguise themselves like whoever they wish - more or less. "This is the >costume >room. Think up some sort of celebrity a little kid might like, then try >your best >to look like her..." > >"Her?" Oz makes a weird face, "What'chu tawkin' 'bout, Minax?" > >"Team Rocket members are well known for their gender ambiguousness when >choosing >costumes." Minax thinks back to her days as a young ambitious Rocket, "I >don't know >why, exactly, but I'm very good at pretending to be male." Oz blinked a couple of times, the weird look still plastered on his face. "But...but I can't- "Listen!" Minax interrupted, raising her voice, acting exasperated. "Do you think I care? Do you want to be a Rocket or not? Now either go diva, or go home!" "Buh..but…" Oz stuttered, intelligently, as Minax brushed by him, slamming the door on her way out. Once outside of the costume room, Minax grinned. Oz would do it, if he really wanted it he would. Meanwhile, back in the costume room, Oz was seated in front of one of the many mirrors in the room, used mainly for makeup and such. Naturally, since this was Team Rocket, it was a vanity mirror, surrounded by showy lights. He wracked through his brain frantically, but he couldn't come up with any ideas on any girl to dress up as. "Ghaaa, this entire city is populated with girls and their perfume, and stores, and girlie grass Pokemon, so why can't I think of anything?!" "Sandshrew, sand sandshrew?" "No," Oz answered, sighing and then letting his head fall down against the table as hard as he could. It made a loud, satisfying THUD, and the lights on the vanity mirror flickered briefly, returning to normal and shining bright as ever. Oz glared at them, as they seemed to mock him. "Sand... sandshrew shrew sand sand.." Sandshrew suggested, as he found himself a comfortable position in what looked to be a quickly discarded magician's outfit on the floor, sitting in it much as if it were a bean bag. "Good idea! Think logically!" Oz rested his elbows on the table, and then rested his head in his hands, staring into the mirror thoughtfully. "Hmmm...." "Shrew, sandshrew shrew sand… sandshrew shrew sandshrew." "You're right ... the girl probably has Pokémon then. But do you know any female role models for girls?" "Sandshrew." "Gym trainers? That's brilliant! Why didn't I think of that? If I can't do singer, then that should probably be a good second. I'm tone-deaf anyway" Oz exclaimed, suddenly realizing Kitty-chan was on the table, and grabbed her gently before she got too curious with the vanity mirror's lights. "But which one?" "Shrew sand?" "Erika? Ugh..." Oz asked, making a face. "Sand sandshrew?" "Sabrina? She'd pop my brain open as popcorn first thing she heard of it!" "Sand. Sand sandshrew sand?" "The Cerulean leaders? But they couldn't possibly be role models, they can't even fight..." "Sandshrew, sand sandshrew shrew." "Good point," Oz bit his lip in thought. He really didn't want to dress up as any of those airheads if he could help it, and there had got to be something better.… "Oh! What about Misty?" "Shrew?" "Yeah, she's perfect! Uhm, lessee... for one thing, she's the only one among them who can actually fight with Pokémon, so she would be better than those other Cerulean girls... after all, if they won a fight, especially against Team Rocket, wouldn't it be sort of suspicious? Plus, since I got my hair changed, it's the right color, not to mention long enough! And I'm also a runt, like Minax said.. sorta like Misty." "Sandshrew..." Sandshrew began, doubtfully. However, Oz was up out of the chair in a split second, causing Kitty-chan to fall off to the floor, yowling. "Don't you see? This is perfect! She's a tom boy! That's hardly any work for me! Easy way into Team Rocket!" Before Sandshrew could say anything, Oz leapt into the vast sea of costume racks. Sandshrew shrugged to himself, and idly started to sing Aerosmith's "Dude Looks Like a Lady" in his native Pokemon language. "Stop that! That's NOT funny!" Oz yelled from somewhere amidst the costume racks. Sandshrew laughed, and obediently stopped singing Aerosmith. Instead, he switched to singing Green Day's "King for a Day" a bit more silently. "Sandshrew shrew sand sandshrew!" <Sugar and spice and everything nice wasn't made for only girls!> Oz found an exact replica of Misty's outfit, with the short shirt and just as short shorts, grabbing them off the hangars. <GI Joe in panty hose is making room for the one and only..> Oz pulled on and laced the red high-tops. <King for a day! Princess by dawn!> Oz brushed his red outlandish anime spikes into a ponytail on the side of his head. <Who put the drag in the drag queen?> Oz ran over the little black hairs on his exposed legs carefully with an electric razor, watching them fall to the floor. <Don't knock it until you tried it!> "You can stop singing now, Sandshrew, I'm done," Oz clipped the suspenders onto his shorts. "Well?" Oz asked, as he did a small runway turn for Sandshrew to judge. "Whaddya think?" Sandshrew thought for a second, "Shrew sand... sandshrew?" "Oh come on, please not those..." "Sand! Sandshrew shrew sand!" "I'm sure Team Rocket wouldn't mind if I'm missing-" "Shrew!" "No!" "Shrew!" "Ecchi!" "SANDSHREW!!" Oz sighed. "Fine, fine... don't know why you're so determined on them... it's not like they went real successful for James that one time, really..." Oz started for the costume rack, but stopped when he noticed that they were gone. "Where is the inflatable uhm... upper.. body suit?" "Sand sandshrew," Sandshrew jerked a claw over his shoulder, pointing behind him. "Kitty-chan? But why does Kitty-chan have..." Oz trailed off, and sweatdropped instantly as he noticed Kitty-chan had gotten hold of the aforementioned... accessory. The Meowth was now playing with the pair of inflatable breasts very much like a couple of connected balls of yarn. "Uhm... Kitty-chan? Could you give those back, please?" Oz reached forward to take them from her, but Kitty-chan hissed threateningly and Oz fell away. The Meowth went back to her play. "Well, I suppose there's more than one way to skin a Meowth," Oz thought out loud. He jumped up, and yelling out a loud battle cry, leapt for the inflatable mammary glands. However, his aim was off by a bit, and instead Oz grabbed the pump thats function was to control the inflating of said glands, causing the inflatable breasts to inflate to enormous proportions in less than a second. Kitty-chan jumped gracefully out of the way as Oz went barreling straight into the gigantic cleavage, causing it to immediately deflate, and clamp onto his head. "AAAGH! HELP ME! HELP! IT'S ON MY HEAD! ITS GOT MY HEAD!!! GETITOFF! GETITOFFOFME!! GETITOOOOFF! AAAAAAHHH!!" Oz yelled, running around the costume room blindly. Meanwhile, in the hallway outside of the costume room, Minax inspected her skinning knife idly. Spinning it slowly, watching it reflect the light from the ceiling lights, sighing at the loud racket coming from inside the room. She was beginning to wonder if it'd be much better not to just do this mission on her own. After Oz calmed down a bit, he managed to get the inflatable body parts off of Oz’s head and into their proper location inside his shirt, all was ready. Sandshrew threw open the door, and provided melodramatic fanfare for Oz as he walked out into the hallway. Oz stepped out of the door, and into the hallway, giving a runway spin for the impatiently waiting Minax. With Oz being just around Misty's height, with the red hair, strangely effeminate legs, he looked almost exactly like the spitting image of Misty herself. "You like?" Oz asked Minax, while tugging nervously at the short Misty shorts. "Hmm..." Minax stroked her chin thoughtfully... Yosh ---------- Note: Beware the rabid Yosh.