From: NinjaMecha <> Subject: Re: [PW!]As the sun rises, there shall come a new life..... Date: Saturday, October 02, 1999 7:51 PM > >Meanwhile, back in the kitchen, Sarah Jane found herself trying to calm >Cuddles and >Spunky, who were still growling at Purgatory, despite his departure. > >"Shhhh..... He didn't mean for the Pinsir to attack.... he had just caught >it, and >it was probably hungry," she rationalized. > >"You think?" asked Jon. > >"I didn't have a chance to... connect.... with the Pinsir," repilied Sarah >Jane. >"But it seems like the most likely explanation." Unconvinced, the two >Nidorans >positioned themselves at the door to guard against Purgatory's return. Their >adoptive mother had dubbed the little Pokemon on her lap their sister, so >there was >no way they would let anything hurt a member of their family. Shields looked >back >and forth between the Aerodactyl and the Nidorans. Then the Mr. Mime just >shook his >head. > >"AWWK!" squawked the baby Aerodactyl. > >"What are you going to call it?" asked Julia. > >"I think Pteryx would be a good name," replied Sarah Jane. Purgatory stepped out of the room, and apologized to Sara Jane for his Pinsirs actions. Gaunlet was right behind him, wearing an aplogetic face, if such a face could be made by a Pinsir. "It you said. Gauntlet was mearly hungry. It won't happen again." Sara Jane smiled. "It's ok, not your fault." The twin Nidorans at her feet seemed to relax somewhat, but didn't trust Purgatory just yet. Purgatory bowed, and started walking back outside. "Hey, where are you going?" Julia inquired. "To train Gauntlet. She has to be ready to face Blaines pokemon." Everyone's faces seemed to have the same shocked look. "But Blaine uses fire pokemon!" Jon shouted. "Your Pinsir will be fried!" Purgatory simply shrugged. "I like a challange." With that, he headed out the door, Gauntlet right behind him. Once outside, Purgatory released Hades. "Ok you two, this will be a sparring match. Gauntlet, give it your best shot." He took a seat on a nearby rock. "Pinsir." She nodded, and took a fighting position. Hades took a step back, and prepared its firespin attack. For the next few minutes, everyone in the house could hear the sounds of the two pokemon sparring. "Tough training, a Pinsir against a Rapidash." Damian mutterd. Everyone nodded in agreement. TBC -NinjaMecha "I'm, giving Tenchi a new look. Millatry t-shirt, black Gi with Dojo symbol on front and character for "fighting demon" on back. Now he needs some pants. ^_^;" -me, AGNP chat TF4EVR \>;</ the mask of justice is watching!