From: Karnivax <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Back to Basics Date: Friday, October 01, 1999 8:06 PM > "OW! DAMNIT! THAT DID HURT!" Gads shot up. He woke up just in time > to see half of Doppler's army be wiped out by the giant Psy-blade. > > "ACK! What do I do about THIS?" > > 'You don't have to speak out loud. Think what you want to say from > now on.' > > 'ACK! WHAT DO I DO ABOUT THIS?' > > 'Well, I thought I was the smart-ass. Think about your martial-arts > training. How do you counter attacks?' > > 'Well... I wait for them to attack, then I interfere with it, pushing > it aside or forcing it past me...' > > 'Why don't you just block?' > > '... becuase it'd hurt a lot more, and acheive me a lot less. Takes > more energy, too.' > > 'Bingo. Focus on your hands.' > > Gads did so. After a moment, they began to glow blue. > > 'Woah!' > > 'Now, they're surrounded with Psychic energy. Now, you can use them > just like you'd normally use them, except now you can interfere with > other psychic attacks and abilities now. Just remember, when you make > contact with anything, especially Psychic attacks, it'll take a little > more out of you. Use too much, and you'll have to stop using Psychic > abilities for a while. I'm not sure what kind of effect it'll have on > me. Probably something similar to fatigue.' > > 'Now what.' > > 'Deflect that psy-blade like you would any other weapon.' > > 'WHAT! Are you MAD!?!' > > 'Trust me. While a HELL of a lot more energy is in that blade then in > your hands, it takes only a little to move it slightly, making a direct > hit turn into a miss. It'd take a lot more to try and stop it > completely.' > > 'That's right... the weak can counter the strong if the weak simply > deflect the strong's attacks, rather then trying to stop it! So, if I > act to MOVE it slightly, like, force it up a couple of feet so it'll > miss, it won't hurt me, unlike if I tried to stop it.' > > 'Correct. Looks like that Martial-Arts training is good for > something. Now get ready. It looks like he's about to swing again.' > Indeed, Vorge has his blade back in the ready stance, preparing to wipe > out the remaining half of the good guys, including Doppler, Silly Putty, > Mara, and Monk-chan. > > 'Right!' Gads then saw where Protopticon was, and knew exactly WHERE > he was going to deflect it towards... 'This had better work...' > Vorge then lowered his sword spontaneously. Gads suddenly heard the booming telepathic voice of Vorge echoing in his head: _Admirable plotting on your part, human, but even the best-laid plans are wasted on a telepath._ Gads had forgotten about that little detail. _Oh...crap._ Vorge had heard all of his thoughts. _I grow weary of these enemy becomes ever more tempting for me to make use of my ultimate weapon,_ Vorge mentally grunted, blocking his own thoughts from other telepaths with a sort of mental firewall. Be patient, Lordlocke...the REAL hero of this battle, according to what Adrian and I discussed, has yet to show up. Same goes for Phoo the Cockroach and a few others who just HAVE to be there. And once they do, you can do whatever you want to Protop, so long as you don't make Protop get his ass handed to him by Monk-chan. ^_^;; --K * A * R * N * I * V * A * X-- "Only two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity. And I'm not sure about the former." --Albert Einstein Sent via Before you buy.