From: NewHaights... Man of Mystery <newhaights@aol.comremoveit> Subject: Re: [PW!] Black-Flamed Phoenix: The Problem With Prejudice Date: Saturday, October 23, 1999 12:27 PM Lordlocke wrote: > A little while later... > > Back down the passage, Andrew woke up. He began to rest, but >remembering the recent series of events, he realized he didn't have the >time to. > > 'This is worse then Mara thought. Gads isn't a bezerker... he's a >madman! If she runs into Gads... I gotta catch up to her!' And with >that, Andrew began to charge back down tunnel, back to the main fork. >He had to find Mara before Mara found Gads... > > >TBC? (OOC: Sorry for the switches between straight and translated Pokespeech. For reference, most of this story's Pokespeech will be in Growlithe.) "Lithe?" Andrew stopped. He turned around. There was Blaze, "torch" in hand. Luckily, he had safely removed himself from the fracas beforehand. "Blaze!" He hugged Blaze, partly because he was glad to see him (alive), partly because he was scared. "We have to get out of here. Gads is going crazy and we have to find Mara and Monk-chan!" "Lithe?" <<Who?>> "Mara was the woman with Gads, and Monk-chan was the Mankey you were playing soccer with when we met?" "Growwwwl." <<Ohhhhhh.>> So they ran off in search of Mara. *************** "GROWWWWLITHE! GROWWWL --" "Shhhhh! Not so loud, Blaze!" Andrew whispered. "Do you want him to hear us?" <<Sorry. But I found Mara!>> Andrew walked over to Mara and took her pulse. "She's still alive, just unconscious. I should wake her up." *5 minutes later* Blaze had found and carried Monk-chan over to where Mara and Andrew were. He wasn't having any luck reviving either of them. "I...uh...guess we'll have to carry them." He picked her up. 'Jeez, why did she have to be so tall? If you can hear me, Mara, no offense, but that extra height doesn't make you any lighter.' Blaze eventually got Monk-chan on his back and they made their way out. **Outside Mt. Moon** "Damn it, Mara, wake up!" Andrew had been shaking Mara for a while now, with no response. Finally... "Mmmph...wh...where am I?" Andrew smiled and thanked Goddish. "You're gonna be ok. I found you unconscious in Mt. Moon. At least you weren't thrown around as hard as Gads had thrown me." "Gads? Oh my..." "What's wrong?" "He told me...he's going to destroy the Fighting Dojo. We've got to stop them." "Oh my..." "I know. It's terrible." "Actually, I was thinking of what he told me. He said he's going to destroy Brock. Then he threw me against a wall.That's all I remember." During all this, Monk-chan was coming to. He saw Mara, and not surprisingly, he was happy to see her alive, not...well, let's just say he was glad Mara was the kind of person who kept a good head squarely on her shoulders. "Mankey!" He jumped up and hugged her. Unfortunately, his hug was too strong for his own good. After Monk-chan calmed down, and they rested and regrouped, Mankey came back over to Mara and Andrew. "Man, mankey key key mankey mankey key man! Mankey man! Man! Mankey..." Andrew looked over at Mara. "Do you know what he's saying?" "I'm afraid not." "Maybe Snicker will know...sometimes, at least, I can understand him..." Andrew called out Snicker. "Pika?" "Snicker, talk to Monk-chan, find out what he's saying, and tell us." "Kachu!" *Five minutes later, when Snicker understood what Monk-chan said* Snicker pointed to Mara, and then to Monk-chan. Then he pointed to where Monk-chan would be, if he were a few feet taller. "You mean you saw me and Gads before you went out cold?" "Man!" Monk-chan nodded. "But I don't think Monk-chan wasn't there with me and Gads." "Well...let him say what he saw. Maybe it'll help us understand what's going on." Monk-chan started. "Man, mankey man key key..." "...Pika, pipi pi chu..." "...Man, key key key key! Man! Key key mankey..." "...Pikapi pi chu pikachu..." This continued for a couple of minutes, after which Andrew ventured a guess. "So what you're saying is Monk-chan heard Mara screaming..." "Pi!" Snicker nodded. "...saw Gads...doing *it* to Mara..." "Man!" Monk-chan nodded." "...and suddenly Gads decapitated Mara..." "Pi!" "Man!" "...and then you went out cold?" "Man!" "But that couldn't have happened. I would have remembered Gads doing...what Monk-chan said he did to me, and I certainly would have remembered him taking my head off ... but for some reason I believe Monk-chan. Obviously that never happened, but strangely I believe that he saw it." "Well," Andrew said, "the important thing is that we're ok. Let's rest here, so that maybe we can be better prepared for Gads...than we were in there." Andrew sat, and thought. 'What happened to Gads? Why is he so...evil? This is not the Gads I remember from a few weeks ago. What did he mean about "destroying Brock?" And what "point" does he have to prove?' ************** TBC: Try Balancing Crates! ^_^ (OOC: Lordlocke...your turn...) -- NewHaights: Pokemaniac and Boy from the Dwarf. "Holly, the thought occurs that we haven't actually reached Earth. The further thought occurs that we haven't actually budged a smegging inch." -Rimmer "She can violate my rights if..." -Brock