From: NewHaights... Man of Mystery <newhaights@aol.comremoveit> Subject: Re: [PW!] Black-Flamed Phoenix: Fun and Mind Games Date: Saturday, October 30, 1999 10:07 AM Lordlocke wrote: > A short distance away… > > Gads smirked at the scream, then began to spray some of the dye he >found in one of the shorts pockets into his hair, giving it a >bluish-green color. Gads the looked at himself in the mirror. > > Dressed in shorts and a t-shirt, with blue-green hair, he ALMOST >looked like a slightly-older shorts kid, save one thing ‘I can’t go >around with this tail…’ Gads thought to himself. ‘I gotta hide it >somehow…’ Gads grabbed it, and tied it around his waist, cringing in >pain. ‘For the rest of my lower body being paralyzed, this tail sure >feels fine. Just my luck…’ Gads finished, and looked back in the >mirror. Now, he looked like a shorts kid. And with Gnawer and his new >Pidgy, he could FIGHT like a shorts kid, until the time for disguises >was over. Gads gave a fanged smile, then quickly stopped. He couldn’t >be doing THAT while disguised as well. > > ‘Now… all I gotta do is find a way to disguise the fact that I can’t >use my legs…’ Gads floated down to the ground and began to think of a >way to fake being able to walk… > >TBC? "There it is!" Andrew, Mara, Monk-chan and Snicker ran toward the Pewter City Gym. They had to get to Brock before Gads did. Hopefully, he didn't find a way to get there before they did... Andrew threw open the door. "Brock!" he yelled, mainly out of worry. The reply was one that one might expect, if one didn't have one's mind on his safety: "Just take a badge from the bin." A saddened, defeated Brock sat on the other side of the Gym, depressed after his latest loss. "Brock?" Andrew asked. "It's me, Andrew." "Huh?" Brock looked up. "Oh! Sorry. I was just kind of distracted from...from my latest win! Yeah, that's it, win." Andrew pointed to the still-fresh tally mark under the thousands of other "Defeat" marks. "Sure, Brock. Win." Mara was more than a little confused. "You know Brock?" Andrew mini-sweatdropped. "Yeah, I guess you could call us acquaintances." "How so?" "Well, I'm a regular at Brock's Diner in Pewter. Before I left home for my...journey, my parents took me to the Diner for lunch _every_ Saturday afternoon. I guess it's habit now. Anyway, I always seem to be there whenever Brock makes his monthly visits, and I guess we just became good acquaintances." Brock jutted in. "And who is this beautiful young maiden?" Brock asked. "This is Mara. And quit with the flowery language, we came to tell you something important. Something you must know." "" Brock was still admiring Mara. "BROCK!" "Huh?" "Quit it and listen!" "Oh." Andrew explained. "About a month ago, I met Mara and her friend Gads in Cerulean. They had to go off and fight in that big battle that just finished a little while ago. Sometime between then and a few days ago, he found out he's psychic. Unfortunately he's also a member of the Saffron Fighting Dojo." "Oh." Mara continued. "I don't need to tell you what kind of trouble that could put him in with the Dojo. Well, he told me, and being a fellow Dojo member, I reacted a bit..." "A-hem..." "...ok, WAY too harsh. I shunned him, personally and as a part of the dojo. By accident, I paralyzed him with a book, and basically...he snapped." "Now," Andrew continued, "He's planning to destroy the Dojo, member by member, do I put this softly...he says he's coming to Pewter to destroy _you._" Brock was decidedly shocked at this last sentence, but he tried not to show this. "What do you mean, 'he's coming to destroy me?' How?" Before Andrew could say anything, the gym doors opened. A slightly-old Shorts Kid stood at the doorway. His hair was blue-green, and he wore the t-shirt and shorts of a typical Shorts Kid. The Shorts Kid walked -- rather, marched -- up to Brock, as if he was having trouble controlling his legs. "Brock," said the Kid, "I challenge you to a battle." "Hold that thought, Andrew. We'll discuss Gads after the match. I'm sure we can figure something out before he comes to get me." Little did Brock know just how close Gads was... TBC: Toast, Bagel, and Cranberries -- NewHaights: Pokemaniac and Boy from the Dwarf. "Holly, the thought occurs that we haven't actually reached Earth. The further thought occurs that we haven't actually budged a smegging inch." -Rimmer "She can violate my rights if..." -Brock