From: Meeko + Caterpie <> Subject: [PW!] Buckwheat and His Return Date: Tuesday, October 12, 1999 5:08 PM Buckwheat and His Return " { YAWN! } Rachel, get up, nice mornin' too!" ( Note: Since Rachel and Buckwheat talk to each other a lot, when she talks it is now translated. ) " But it's too early!" " Oh, com'on!" " Look, a western Pikachu and it's mate, Master Ball, GO!" Buckwheat turned just in time to see the ball, it was too close for a toss of his boomerang, so, he used Mega Punch attack to punch it away. " Dammit! I'm a trainer Pikachu! Now, if ya wanna battle, ya can't catch me, just, a Pokémon battle!" " Ok, you little runt, if you beat me, you'll get this...." the kid brought out a dome skeleton. " Oh goody! A Kabuto!" " Go, Porygon!" " Go, Katbutops!" " Hahahahaha! Master Ball go, I'll get this rare Pokémon!" But he stops laughing, and sees Kabutops use Slash and chop it in half. " Ok, Porygon, use Triattack, followed with Psybeam!" " Kabutops, Hydro Pump!" the prehistoric creature drowned all three Porygons' circuits, they all fell to the ground and formed back into one. " Ok, ok, go, Butterfree!" but, instead, out popped a Psyduck. " Psyieieieieieieieieieieie!" " Use Harden, following up with Hydro Pump!" the Psyduck fainted. " Erg! Go Butterfree!" this time, the right Pokémon came out. " Butterfree, use Psybeam!" but Kabutops's blades reflected it back! " You win!" the boy grins, he reaches for his backpack and tosses all his PokéBalls, Great Balls, Super Balls, and Master Balls at them, " That outta get all ya!" Rachel and Kabutops get sucked into balls, but Buckwheat deflects the rest with various means, then, releases his Pidgey, " Gust now!" the boy merely hit the bird with his arm, but, Pidgey got back up, and glowed, it grew bigger, and looked slimmer, and the head feathers grew out. " Ah, Pigeotto! Peck!" the bird pecked at him, causing him to drop some of his balls with Pokémon, after he ran away, Buckwheat released Rachel and Kabutops, and Rachel hugged him, he released the Pokémon that the kid had left, to find that the Pokémon were a Diglett, Ekans, and Omaystar. He also left the fossil in his hurry, along with most of his empty balls, Buckwheat sticks the fossil in a ball, and puts the new balls in his pack. " Your trainer dumped ya guys, please, join me...." they accepted that their evil trainer had done so, and set off. When they reached the PokéCenter, there was a note for Buckwheat, " Fight between the Ruthless Toothless Ranch has left over five of ours dead and only about two of the Flyin' L's, return home please, we need your help. Signed, you father, Buckweed" " Erg! Those murders!!!" Buckwheat crumbles the paper and tells Rachel the news, he leaves Diglett and Ekans with her. " Take good care of her guys! Rachel, I want you to stay in the forest around the area we met, Ekans and Diglett will make sure no one catches you." " Alright. Good luck!" Rachel kissed him on the head. " Go, Pigeotto! Fly me to the RT Ranch! Near where I foundcha? Near the Flyin' L? Ok, good, at least you're a bit smarter now!" When they reached the Ruthless Toothless, his dad and a few hands who were taking a break met him. ( Buckwheat and his dad, Buckweed, and the only Pikachu ranchers there. ) " Welcome back son!" Buckweed gives him a slap on the shoulder. To Be Continued...... -- Posted via Talkway - Exchange ideas on practically anything (tm).