From: Meeko + Caterpie <> Subject: [PW!] Buckwheat and the RT Ranch Attack Date: Tuesday, October 19, 1999 2:54 PM Buckwheat and the RT Ranch Attack " We'll invade their space, this time, they won't have time to stop us, we'll set the border of our ranch farther into their's." Buckweed explained. " Alright!" the men shouted ( Buckwheat and Buckweed are the only Pikachus ) They set up on their Ponyta's or Rapidash and set off, once they reached the other ranch's border, they tied ‘em up and went on by foot. " Hurry, round up their Touros!" " There's no way your gettin' our Touros!" a bunch of Flyin' L ranchers got up and started firing, others of both sides where still in hiding. Buckwheat snuck up onto a man. " Hold it right there partner." Buckwheat clicked his pistol. " And you hold on yourself." ChaoticLlama held a gun to Buckwheat, " That there's my brother, and I'd hate to lose him." Chaotic grins, Insane gets up. " Alright, what do you want? You've got me...." Buckwheat asks, he drops his pistol. " Well, who are you is a nice question." " I'm Buckwheat the toughest Pika there is, I'm of the RT Ranch." " Oh, them, great, not again." both sides stop and pull back. " Well, looks like or ranch's are pullin' back, and we're taking you with us!" Chaotic starts to pick him up, but the ground underneath starts shaking. " What in the?!?!?!?!" they all yell, as the ground opens up beneath them, they fall into a seemingly never ending darkness, to land right into a pool of water. " I can't see a thing!" " Me either!" " Always, be, ready, for, the, worst!" Buckwheat says over gulps of air, he hits the button on the flashlight, " Turn on dammit!" the gives it a few wacks and it blinks to life. " It's an underwater pool!" Insane yells. " Very useful, if my side had won we would've gotten this...." Buckwheat mutters, but shines his light around, and finds some weird things out. " Look! There are tunnels the water travels through to different parts!" " Let's take this one!" Insane points. " Then if your takin' that one, I'll take this one!" Buckwheat starts to swim away, but Insane stops him. " As much as I despise your ranch, we need each other to get out of this!" Insane points out. " Oh, all right." They travel for a very long time, about nothing is alive, it is an empty cavern. " Look, bones of fossil Pokémon!" Buckwheat shines his light around showing everyone. " How do you know they're PokéBones?" " I like them the most besides Pikachus, I should know, wait! This can help, I'll release some of my Pokémon to help us swim!" Buckwheat release his Kaubtops, Omastar and Pigeotto, Insane gets on the Omastar, Chaotic on the Kabutops, and Buckwheat on Pigeotto. An even longer time passed before they reached the chamber. " Wow! Look!" the walls were frozen, inside the ice was fossils, and intact prehistoric Pokémon! Buckwheat right away starts on chipping the ice, there was so many Pokémon there, that, he decided he'd let his enemies have some. After a long time of blasting the ice away with Buckwheat's Kabutop's Hydro Pump, Buckwheat got at the Pokémon. Buckwheat quickly captured an Omanyte, Omastar, Kabuto, Kabutops, and an Aerodactyl. " Don'tcha guys want any?" " No thanks." " Ooooh, the biggest Aerodactyl is still in the ice, I'm gonna get it!" Buckwheat started to chip it, but Insane stopped him. " Don't, we spent WAAAAAAAAAY too much time as it is, we need to get outta here!" " Oh, alright, I've got all the Pokémon I'll need in a lifetime!" AWK! AERO! The biggest Aerodactyl that was intact burst out of the ice, releasing the other prehistoric Pokémon they hadn't caught! To Be Continued...... -- Posted via Talkway - Exchange ideas on practically anything (tm).