From: Callo123 <> Subject: [PW!] Crash's Crazy Night Part 2 Date: Wednesday, October 20, 1999 6:47 PM Narrator: In Crash's first adventure, he defeated a rival trainer named Jenna in Celadon High School. He then decided to enter the Poke Tour which was on it's way to Celadon that night, which would grant him an automatic trip to the Pokemon League. However, William and Bonnie of Team Rocket have been spotted and all those Pokemon are irresistable... ____________ Crash, with Skitzo standing close, stayed in the backyard and got ready to warm up his Pokemon for tonights event. He threw his belt off, and shouted 'Pokemon, go!'. All of the Pokemon except for Flipper jumped out, and stood attentive. "Now that we've all eaten, we're gonna get warmed up. It's about time we took our place amongst the great masters of the Pokemon League, and you guys are gonna do all the fighting. We've got a smalltime tourney tonight, if we win we get our free trip to the league without having to get all those stupid badges." Crash told them. Shockachu rose his hand, and Crash acknowledged him. "Pika-pika, pika-pi?" Shockachu squeaked, pointing to a tree. "No, I'm giving a speech. You can wait till after the speech to take a piss." Crash said. "Now, like I was saying, today we beat one of Erika's friends, who wasn't that bad of a trainer. Tonight, with luck, we'll beat Erika herself tonight. Anyone who doesn't want to fight their way to glory, the Pokemon Hall of Fame, and lots and lots of money, get back in their Pokeball now." Rockhard belched loud, but that was about it. "Whew...I just smelled what the Rock was cookin' a little too much there, RH." Crash told Rockhard. "Ok, let's train out a bit. Shock, why don't you and RH go at it? I know two want to." Both Shockachu and Rockhard squeaked/growled acceptance. These two LOVED to fight each other, even though Shockachu was at a super disadvantage. Shockachu loved a good fight with impossible odds, so Rockhard fit the bill fine. Not only that, Shockachu won some of time. "Alright, everyone back up. Shock, RH, go for it! I won't command you guys this time." Shockachu and RH were already going at it. The Rock raised his fists high, and slammed them down on the ground for his Earthquake move, but Shockachu already leaped in the air to Thunderbolt RH's head while it was out of his boulder shell. RH turned his head, but the electric shock did almost nothing. That wasn't the point of it, though. Shockachu squeaked, then followed in with his perfected Mega Punch, and cracked the Golem hard across the face was it was out of it's boulder. "Great, Shock!" Crash congratulated. RH catapulted himself into the air, then smashed back down inside the ground deep. Shockachu got ready to use his Agility, but it wasn't enough as Rockhard came up directly under Shockachu, spinning, using his Dig attack. "Pikaaaaaaa!!" Shockachu squeaked. Shockachu hit the ground hard when he came down, but wasn't out cold yet. Shockachu wearily got back up, and dashed at RH with his Quick Attack, but RH went back into his boulder just as Shock came at him. Shockachu then put his tail inside of the hole in RH's boulder shell, and tried another shock attack so he could get at the Golem while inside it's shell. It didn't do anything still, but after doing it for 10 seconds, the heat inside RH's shell became too much, and it had to pop out. Shockachu was weary, out of electricity, but it wasn't totally out yet. The spunky Pikachu still had it's Agility, and used his Mega Punch on RH's head while he was out of his boulder once, then twice, then pulled back and got him a third time, except with everything the Pikachu had. RH reeled back, stunned, then Shockachu jumped in for a Quick Attack and weakened the Golem more. He used his tail quickly, got down to RH's legs, and legsweeped him with his tail. It looked like Shockachu was winning! But in Shock's own wily move, he defeated himself. Rockhard catapulted himself into the air once again, except headed straight down for Shockachu with his Rock Throw. Shockachu dodged the attack, but Rockhard didn't stop moving after he landed, he kept rolling in Shockachu's direction until he crashed right into the small Pikachu, and Shockachu flew over to Crash's feet, wasted. Rockhard growled, and rose it's arm in victory, but had to rub the bruises the strong Pikachu left on it's face. "You did good, Shock. A few more hits, and Rocky would've went down. Good work to you, Rock. Alright now..." Crash turned to Skitzo and Crosseye, his first two Pokemon and strange brothers. Skitzo was a Psyduck and Crosseye was a Farfetch'd, but they were found in the same nest. "Go for it, you two." "Psy?" Skitzo quacked looking up to Crash. "Far!" quacked Crosseye. Then Skitzo looked at Crosseye. "Psy!" "Far!" "Psy!" "Far!" Crash looked back and forth as they did this for a minute. "Fight already!" Crash shouted. Skitzo and Crash moved to where Shockachu and Rockhard were, and got in fighting stance. There wasn't really rivalry between the two "brothers", they weren't like Shock and RH who fought for the rush. They fought out of loyalty, mainly. "Go for it!" Skitzo just stood there, holding his head. Crosseye fluttered 5 feet in the air, and made a quick dash at Skitzo trying to cut him, but Skitzo dived to the ground and ducked quick. Skitzo got back up and started running around in a panic, Crosseye just kept flying around trying to swipe Skitzo. Crash put his hand to his forehead, stressed out. "Uh, Skitz? Wanna attack sooner or later?" Skitzo turned and looked cluelessy at Crash. "Psy?" "Farrrrrrrrrr!" Crosseye quacked, flying past Skitzo at high speed, making him spin around and around really fast. After a few seconds of that, Skitzo fell to the ground, exhausted already. "You know, Skitz, you should've used your Skull Bash so you could get a headache then use your Confusion move. That would've been the smart thing." Crash said, picking Skitzo up into his arms. "But then again, you aren't a rocket scientist. You're still cool, though." "Psy-yi-yi!" Skitzo agreed. ______________________________ Three hours later, Crash was getting dressed. It was a special event tonight, so he thought he would wear something good, one of his best. He put on a black t-shirt that had Mewtwo on it giving everyone the middle finger, some black jean shorts and some dirty black hiking boots. Real special clothes for Crash. Crash put a t-shirt on Skitzo, too. It had was black, and had "Road Crew" in white on the front. Crash said goodbye, and got ready to leave for the Poke Tour at the Celadon Stadium. Walking the streets to get there, he looked up at a electric billboard with a message flashing across. It has the pictures of two 17 year olds, one a guy with medium lengthed black hair, one a girl with short blonde hair, very pretty. It read: Wanted: William and Bonnie of Team Rocket Crimes: Pokemon Thieves Considered Armed and Moderatley Dangerous Crash scoffed. "Armed? What do they have, sharpened sticks?" Crash said to himself. He laughed again, and continued on his way. However, from behind him, in the shadows, came two people, one in a black leather trench coat, the other in a black leather jacket, their faces were hidden by the shadows. "Arrogant bastard." said the male. "We'll beat him too, just stick to the plan." "We have to win the tourney and get that trip to League, Bonnie. A whole lot of good a trip on the St. Anne will do us. The boss wants a represenative of Team Rocket for the Leauge, this is our chance to prove ourselves. "Yes...but leave that skank Erika to me." "I sense vindictiveness in you, gorgeous." The teen girl grinned evily. "That evident? Let's go cause trouble." The pair walked on, following Crash to the Celadon Stadium. The longest night of Jack "Crash" Cutter's life had just begun. Next: The new generation of Team Rocket causes trouble Rocket-style... and Skitzo wins a match?