From: Callo123 <> Subject: [PW!] Crash's Crazy Night Prt 3 Date: Friday, October 22, 1999 9:11 AM Crash finally arrived at the front gate of Celadon Stadium, a great sign was at the entrance that said "Poke Tour Tonight!" It was a clear, fine night. The stars hadn't even come out yet, the sky was cloudless. It was a perfect night for going for a walk, jogging, or playing a sport, but those weren't things Crash Cutter had come to do. He came for a fight, and he already knew that's exactly what would be on his hands tonight. The line to the great Celadon Stadium was really long, but entrance was free tonight. Galaxy Co., the company that sponsored the Poke Tour, obviously wanted the stadium to be packed, and cheers and screaming could already be heard from the outside where Crash was. It was a stadium without a dome, football teams played there, any sport you could think of. Although Crash always tried to stay cool, he could barely contain his excitement, knowing he would be joining the ranks of people who would fight in front of thousands and thousands of people tonight. "Psy-yi-yi..." Skitzo quacked, standing next to Crash. He was obviously getting tired of waiting in line, his webbed feet were getting sore. Crash sighed, and put the fat Psyduck up on his shoulders, and Skitzo quacked appreciation. Finally, the pair got up to the front gate where an admissions woman was ready to meet them. She was pretty, and had green hair. "Hi there, are you a spectator or a competitor?" the woman asked. "Competitor." Crash responded. She looked at the Psyduck sitting on Crash's shoulders. "What a cute little Psyduck! Is going to compete with you?" "Yeah, I've trained him with a technique that'll hurt his opponet and give him a headache at the same time! We can't lose, lady!" "If you say so. Follow the path to the left when you get inside." Crash went inside, and it was actually clean all over the place. It was crowded with trainers and spectators alike, trying to get forward in more. Crash followed the path to the left that read "Sections 1-3", and walked on. __________ The crowd settled in, then some sharp rock music started up. The crowd started cheering and the place got totally pumped. Then former announcer and President/Sponsor of the Poke Tour came up to the middle of the arena, and stood on a pedastal. He was very well dressed, in a tux, and he was good looking to the ladies. Vinny Tarlucci, one of the richest men in the world. "Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the spectacular, the awesome, the brand new Poke Tour!" Tarlucci said into the mic. The crowd cheered. "We have a great show for you tonight, we've got many a great trainer, and quite a few great prizes on the line! So without further ado, let's get this show on the road!" Dancers came out, fireworks started up, and a performance was under way. "For the first battle of the night, we've got the hometown fav, Erika, Celadon Gym Leader, vs. Torian, a fellow trainer! Let's get started! Erika came out to a full chorus of cheers from the packed stadium, Torian, an unknown, came out to lukewarm appreciation. It was a quick fight. Erika used a Victreebel on Torian's rock Pokemon, and the fight was over when she beat all 6 of them. "And Erika moves on to the second round!" Tarlucci exclaimed. "Our next fight, hometown trainer Jack Cutter vs. a Mr. Mark Hanlon!" Crash came out with Skitzo still on his shoulders, to both cheers and boos, the boos from people who knew him, then more boos generated when they saw the way he dressed and overall looked. Crash gave them all the finger, and boos were all over the place. Crash borrowed the mic from Tarlucci. "The name is CRASH Cutter, and know it today because it'll be all over the news tomorrow." The crowd booed even more, calling him a "no talent". "Begin!" Tarlucci exclaimed. "Go, Skitzo!" Crash shouted. The crowd uproared in laughter. A Psyduck? Fighting? That was truly hilarious. Why not use a Magikarp? "Go, Eevee!" his opponet shouted. "Skitzo, Skull Bash!" "Eevee, Tackle!" his opponet ordered. Skitzo and the Eevee collided, Skitz's head to the Eevee's body, and both reeled from the blow. Only one benefitted, though. "Psy...yi-yi..." Psyduck moaned. "Does it hurt, Skitz?" Crash asked. "Psy." "Good! Use your Confusion attack!" Skitzo got the headache he needed from that Skull Bash, and held his head, and the Eevee started to spin around really fast, was lifted clear off the ground, and slammed back down with enough force to knock it out. "Eevee, return. Hypno! Go!" The other trainer had Eevee come back, but a Hypno leaped out." "Hypno, Headbutt!" The Hypno ran up to Skitzo and headbutted him hard to the ground, which was exactly the thing NOT to do. "Psy...yi-yi-yi!" Skitzo complained. "Use your Disable attack!" Crash ordered. Skitzo held his head again, and as the Hypno went for it's sleep attack, it suddenly forgot how to do it." Crash knew Confusion was no good being used on another Psychic Pokemon. But there was another move that was. "Skitz, get back to my side. Go, FrEaK!" Skitzo jumped back to Crash's side, and Crash threw out FrEaK, and Alakazam. "FrEaK, get him with your Take Down!" FrEaK rushed over to the Hypno, and legsweeped it fast. "FrEaK, Body Slam!" FrEaK jumped up into the air, and slammed himself down on the Hypno as it was down. It went back up again, and slammed himself back down. The crowd was starting to appreciate Crash more and more. Some were starting to cheer. "Hypno, Psybeam!" "FrEaK, Psybeam!" The Psybeams met, and pushed back and forth, but FrEaK had just too much psychic power. The psybeam pushed forward to the Hypno, and blew it back hard, knocked out. "Crash Cutter is the WINNER!" Tarlucci yelled. More of the crowd cheered for Crash, but more still booed him. The fights went on, and after awhile it was time for the second round. The brackets looked like this when Crash looked at them from the big screen: Round 2: Crash Cutter vs. Tony Malone Erika vs. Ms. B Mr. W vs. "Scout" Michaels Jenna Morris vs. Angelo That wasn't the end of the list of 2nd round fights, but Crash was shocked by a few of the picks. Who was Mr. W and Ms. B? Scout was competing? Scout said he wasn't. Just then, his best friend showed up from behind him. "I changed my mind about competing." Scout told Crash. Scout was dressed badly, much like Crash. His Persian, Moneymaker, was right next to him. "Hey MM." Crash said, petting the Persian on the head. "You never trained Persian to fight, how did you win?" Crash asked. "He knows Pay Day, and the guy we fought was a fruit. I'm made serious money off of the last fight." "Well, me and the guys have to get prepped, we'll see you in a bit then." Crash said. "Later." Scout said. Just as Crash and Scout left to get ready once more, Tarlucci walked by them into the shower area of the locker room. Two people were already there. A guy and a girl, one in a black leather trench coat, black shades and a black cap, the other with long blonde hair, black shades and a black leather jacket on. The guy was leaning on the shower wall, the girl was standing up straight. "Everything ready, you two?" Tarlucci asked. "Everything. I haven't had the right chance to test out Furnace, it's about time I got it tonight. Those first round picks you gave us were much too easy." the guy said. "I finally have a piece of Erika...with me and my new Pokemon, she won't beat me this time." the girl said. "She'd better not. I have some high expectations of you two, you had better succeed. One of you steals every Pokemon in this building, the other gets into the Pokemon Leauge by winning. Perfect." "Yes, mr. Tarlucci." both of them said. Tarlucci turned around, and left the shower room, followed by the two teens. All of them brushed by Crash as he was walking for some food, and didn't even excuse themselves. "They sure do look suspicious, Skitz. Somethin' ain't right." Crash told Skitzo. "Psy." Skitzo quacked. Something wasn't right, indeed. ___________ KJ Whoo.