From: Peas4Lunch <> Subject: [PW!] Dark Age (Part 2) or Story 2 Date: Monday, October 25, 1999 3:25 PM **Last we left off Dark Age had just made it to Lavender town** **Dark Age is headed for the poke center and he enters he walks up to the desk a nurse** Nurse:Hello and welcome to The Lavender town poke center. DarkAge: ................ **Dark Age just keeps walking he leaves the poke center and goes in a poke mart he walks up to the desk the employee is there** Employee:hi would you like to buy or sell any thing? Dark Age: Yes. (He speaks for the first time.) i would like 3 pokeballs. Employee: o.k here ya are. Dark Age:....... **Dark Age Leaves the poke mart and he now comes to the lavender town Tower**