From: TR Xusami <> Subject: [PW!] Deja vu all over again Date: Friday, October 08, 1999 6:17 AM _____ ___ __ ___ | | \ \ \ \ / | ___| \ \_\ \ / |__| \_______/ THE FIRST NOVEL Part 1- Prolough through Chapter 2 Prolouge "Finally, Shikaku, you've come back to us. I'm just sorry that you couldn't persuade Kyoushu to join with you." "Don't mention it.. I'm not exactly what you'd call class-act material.. you wanted those plans I got from Bushi, right?" "Yes.. I expect more from you than others. You were the only one who actually suceeded, unlike those 2 flunkys, Jessie and James.." "Hey! He's talking about us!" said a voice from the darkness. Geovanni aimed a gun into the darkness. "Er... We're, sorry.." said Jessie as they ran out of the room. "I have a job for you. Find Kyoushu. I need you to get him back to Team Rocket. By the way, here's some pokemon..." Geovanni threw 2 pokeballs as they landed at Shikaku's feet. Out came a Charizard and a Dragonite. "I thought these were rare pokemon, boss." "They are. Ever wonder why I demand rare pokemon? I give them to my top agents. Feel free to take whatever you want, but make everything look like an accident. I don't want the other agents thinking that I'm pampering you." "Whatever." Shikaku turned around, his cape flying through the air. He threw out the hover board he stole from Bushi and hopped on, creating a flying effect. He flew through the giant air ducts and into the supply/weapons room. "Oh, hey Shikak--" said a Rocket as he was slashed across the chest. "Uhh... I mean S...Sir.." he corrected himself. "I'm going to need a motherload of weapons. I'm going to persuade... an old friend to re-join Team Rocket." "Ri..right, Sir. I'm on it." the Rocket ran into the back room and was fiddling through the closet and came back after a minute or two. "We have 3 shotguns and a dozen pistols... about 4,000 clips of extra ammo for each weapon." he handed then to Shikaku who shot him in the back as he was walking off. He entered the closet and took all the weapons and put them in a bag. He took a weapon and removed a bullet. He placed a gun in the man's hand and made it look like suicide. Shikaku rode off and entered the Pokémon stables. "Oh, Hi Sir. Would you like to check on your Beedrill?" asked the attendant. "Er.. no, Boss wanted you to go to the supply room and get some more Ultra Balls for the pokemon here." "Oh, thanks." said the attendant as she ran to the supply room. Shikaku heard a scream as he started calling pokemon to their new balls. He put the pokemon in his bag and ran out of the room. He went towards the roof and jumped off. His journey started in Pallet Town. Fushia City- In search of ATR HQ Shikaku walked into a building in Fuschia. Not much was there, it looked like a blank room. He started pressing the walls, looking for a switch. He couldn't find anything, and turned around for the exit. He saw a flash of Black and Red before he was knocked out from behind. Shikaku woke up in a dark facility with a bright light in his face. "What are you doing here?" asked a voice from the darkness. "Do you think I'm going to tell you??" Shikaku said with a pounding headache. He already started to pick the locks around the chains which held his hands together. "If you want to live, yes. I suggest that you tell me what you're doing here, Rocket." said the voice. "I know who you are... Oh yeah, I know you..." said Shikaku with an angry face. "I know who you are too..." said the voice. "Shut up you traitor! I'm going to kill you, just like I always kill traitors, Saber..." said Shikaku. "So, you found out who I am. Good job. Ready to die?" asked Saber. "Far from it. You're going to die." Shikaku was done picking the lock as he took the chair he was placed in and threw it at Saber. Saber fell down and Shikaku ran for the door. He knocked out the guards who were standing in front of the door's outside entrance and took a hall to the right. He kicked opened a large, locked door only to find more agents. He ran to his left and ran out of the building. He looked back and stopped himself as he reached the edge of the giant skybase. "What the--- They have a sky base, the bastards." Shikaku looked down as the sound of footsteps began in the background. "You know that you're not getting away. You're going to stay here forever," said Saber. "Try me." Shikaku jumped off of the base, falling, falling... TO BE CONTINUED What will happen to Shikaku when he's falling from the sky? Will he die, or will he be saved my some miracle?? 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