From: Shard Fields or Megasomething <goola2u@aol.compostheap> Subject: [PW!] Double or Nothing Date: Monday, October 04, 1999 3:17 PM "So boss," Shard laughed to the transmission, "what brings you to the caverns of Seafoam?" "Cut the wisecracks, Shard," scowled the Boss. Some evil masterminds had no sense of humor. "You have been recalled to Celadon. You have a new partner, Jennifer." "What if I don’t WANT her? The last one ya tried to stick me with was a real Jynx, and I…" "You don’t have a choice," interrupted Giovanni. "You might say it’s double or nothing." At that, Giovanni laughed hysterically, as did his obnoxious Persian, which Giovanni seemed to care more about than he did his own agents. Shard, however, just stared at Giovanni in doubt of his sanity. *** "Dark Jenny, Shard Fields. Shard Fields, Dark Jenny." Shard still couldn’t believe it, even as Giovanni introduced them. Officer Jenny in a Rocket outfit? Something QUITE bizzarre was going on here. "Pleasure to meet you, office..." Shard was interrupted mid-sentence by a battery-powered (no pun intended) fan upside the head. "I’m not a mindless follower like the rest of my family. For all 16-plus years of my life, even after I turned to Team Rocket, I’ve been expected to be just like every other member of my family, and I’m sick of it! Get it?" "Do I have a right to remain silent?" Shard groaned in pain. Jenny’s response came in the form of a few kicks in the teeth. This always seemed to happen to Shard when his mouth was at the same level as someone’s foot. "You two will get along splendidly," laughed Giovanni. *** "Beware of trouble!" said Jenny. "You ain’t seein’ double!" grinned Shard wickedly. "To direct the world towards devastation!" "To spite all people of our nation!" "To renounce the evils of truth and love!" "To extend our grasp to the stars above!" "Jenny!" "Shard!" "Team Rocket possesses cosmic might!" "Surrender now, there’s fight but no flight." "All right!" said Shard and Jenny, high-fiving each other. "I dunno," shrugged Shard, "needs some work." "Yeah, ‘fight but no flight is BEYOND corny," frowned Jenny, who was wearing a white Rocket uniform, and, as Shard could see due to the length (or lack thereof) of her skirt, black underwear. "The ‘cosmic might’ bit was pretty bad itself," shot back Shard, now in a variation of the white Rocket uniform, with shorter legs and sleeves, despite the fact that the temperature was dropping on a daily basis. "And for Eternalplume’s sake," he added, "if you’re gonna wear that short a skirt, why wear it at all? I can see your panties, for…" "WHY WERE YOU LOOKING?!?!?" shouted D. J., as she proceeded to beat Shard into submission with the Battery-Powered Fan of Doom. "You seemed intent on showing them off," Shard whimpered. "Pervert," mumbled Jenny as she put the fan back in her pocket. TBC? .sig not included. Shard Fields on AGNP Megasomething on ATT