From: Zenigame325 <> Subject: [PW!] Eggy, Eggy Broke Date: Monday, October 18, 1999 5:37 PM Narrator: We meet our pokemon trainer, Randy, about to be flown to Pewter City on his brother Matt's Pidgeot, Perry. RoboNarrator 9000: I will take back my place as the narrator of this stotototototFZZT! The narrator pours his coffee down the robot's cooling vents. Narrator: Serves him right. Well, on with the story.... "Thanks for offering to fly me to Pewter City, Matt." said Randy. "No problem, Randy. We had better get going if we want to get to Pewter before dark." The brothers climb on the pidgeot's back. "Wait, Randy!" their father calls. He runs out of the house. "Hm?" "Here's another present. Don't open it until you get to Pewter." He hands Randy an envelope. "Thanks, Daddy!" "Oh, and don't forget this." adds the father. He is holding the meowth kitten by the scruff of his neck. "Oops, I almost forgot." Randy says. "What's the bigbird? Is he dinner?" asks the Meowth. Perry is disturbed by this question. "No, Meowth. He's taking us to Pewter City." says Matt. Perry sighs with relief. "Okay, Randy's brother." Randy holds the kitten, and they take off. A couple of hours later..... "Wake up, Randy. We're here."says Matt. "Took long enough. I'll see you later." He climbs off Perry's back. "You should go to Viridian Forest to csatch something useful before you face the gym leader." says Matt. "Okay." Randy drops the kitten. "OW!" he cries. I'm not carrying you. If you won't get n the pokeball, then you walk." says Randy. "Okay." "Where are you going, Matt?"asks Randy. "To Fuchsia, to get a Soulbadge." "Okay then, bye. Thanks!" Randy and the kitten wave goodbye as Matt flies away. As they walk away, Randy's backpack sarts moving. "What's that?" the kitten asks . Randy opens his backpack, and takes his egg out. it has cracks all over it. "Eggy broke?" asks the kitten. "No, it's hatching." explains Randy. The egg breaks in half. "Fetchyfetchy far!" cries the newly hatched chick. "It's a baby farfetch'd!"Randy exclaims. Narrator: What hardships will the chick impose on Randy? Will the kitten ever get a name? Find out in the next episode! RoboNarrator 9000 (smoking): You'll pay for this, human! Narrator:Gaah! To Be Continued... Next Episode: PikaNinja Stars __________________________________________________________________ You're as stubborn as a mule and twice as stupid!!! - The creative Zenigame