From: maureen bleiman <> Subject: [PW!] Ewan awakens Date: Saturday, October 09, 1999 11:07 AM Ewan opened his eyes. From what he could tell it was a black van, and around him were other hostages. So it wasnt a dream. He really had been kidnapped by team rocket. He looked at the others, most of them were unconsious or asleep. Then, a face caught his eye. It was Daniel. Ewan rushed towards him and shook him. "Wake up, Wake up!" he whispered so as not to arouse suspicion. Daniel peered at him. "Ewan" he said. "Be quiet, we've been taken hostage by team rocket" Ewan said."What!"daniel replied. "Where are our Pokéballs?"he said. Ewan looked at his belt and realised they had been stolen. "Look, we can worry about that later, for now we've got to get out of here" he said calmly. The van came to a holt. The shake nearly brought Ewan off his feet and others woke up. A man in the usual TR uniform(White top and trousers with letter R) opened the door. He had a gun. "Get out of the van" he said. "What are you doing with us?" a foolish hostage said. " You will find out about that when you meet the boss" the man replied. They stepped out of the van and entered a large White building. When they came inside, they noticed it was significantly more humid than usual. There was also a funny smell. Then Ewan realised where he had been taken.