From: Time Lady <> Subject: Re: [PW!]From a Super Nova to a Nebula: A Star is Born Date: Tuesday, October 12, 1999 7:18 PM Jon Ference wrote: > >Cat-Gonk wrote: > > > >>>Julia called out Tidal she had not have seen her in some time and she > >>>decided to check on her. "Star.." sighed Tidal as a low light pulsed > >>>from its crystal. > >>> > >>>"What's wrong Tidal?" asked Julia as she touched Tidal's crystal. > >>>"Star..", sighed Tidal again as it pulsating light grew lower. "I have > >to > >>>take you to the Center", said Julia as she started to recall Tidal. > >>> > >>>"Star!" said Tidal as it dodged before collapsing. "Tidal why won't > >>>come with me if you don't you might die", said Julia as she felt the > >>>tears building up. > >>> > >>>"Star!" Tidal screamed as a small crack appeared on its crystal. > >>>"Someone help me!" Julia screamed. > >> > >>Alerted by the scream, Kirsty ran into the room. She had been outside > >>on the porch, admiring the distant Safari Zone and the green fields of > >>the Ranch. > >> > >>"What's wrong with your Starmie?" she asked, sharing Julia's panic. > >>"We'd better tell the others!" > > > >Neither had to actually leave the room. Everybody who had been in the > >kitchen came through the doorway without actually getting caught while > >coming through. > > > >"What's going on?" asked Runt. > > > >Julia's panicked response was "I don't know. Something's really wrong > >with Tidal." She pointed to the crack on the Starmie's crystal to > >illustrate her point. "I need to get her to the Pokemon Center, but she > >won't go into her pokeball!" > > > >Sarah Jane spoke up "She's afraid. She's trying to protect something > >and thinks going in the pokeball could hurt what she's protecting." > > > >"What about having a pokemon teleport Tidal to the Center?" Damian > >tossed out to the group. > > > >Sarah Jane shook her head. "I don't think she would cooperate. She's > >just too scared." > > > >Jon put in "Tidal doesn't have to cooperate. With my Kadabra, I know > >we have at least three pokemon that can teleport. They can surround her > >until they can grab her and get her to the Center." > > > >Jon grabs one of his pokeballs and releases his Kadabra while Sarah > >Jane does the same for her Kadabra, Sigfried. Damian moves in closer > >to them and completes a closed circle, making it seem like a huddle > >before an important play. > > > >"How about thisÖJonís Kadabra approaches from the left, Sigfried > >from the right, and Bulletproof will take the middle." Damian pointed > >first to each of the Kadabras, then to his Magnemite in turn as he laid > >out the plan. > > > >Sarah Jane looked uncertain but said "It sounds like it could work." > > > >Jon looked at the three pokemon and asked them "Do you guys > >understand what youíre supposed to do?" The Kadabras nodded and > >the Magnemite tilted forward indicating a positive response. "Okay, > >letís do it!" > > > >The three trainers moved aside and the pokemon got into position. > >Tidal hadnít moved in this time and the light that pulsed from its crystal > >had grown a little dimmer. The Starmie didnít seem to react as the three > >pokemon slowly closed in on her. > > > >Everything seemed to be going perfectly until the teleporting pokemon > >got to within a foot of the prone starfish pokemon. At that moment > >Tidal came to attention with a "Star!" and flew up into the air spinning. > >She then shot around the room causing everybody to duck to keep from > >getting hit. > > > >As the Starmie flew around the it came within an inch of a vase on a > >dresser, causing it to wobble. Lara dove for it as it fell towards the > >floor. She caught it just before it hit the ground. > > > >Felix leaped up, shot both arms into the air and put in an inappropriate > >"And itís good! Touchdown!" This was followed quickly by a shout of > >"Whoah!" as he ducked down again to avoid another pass by Tidal. > > > >Everybody sweatdropped and Christy put in a sarcastic "Maybe things > >would go better if I started cheering." > > > >Lara yelled out "Ahím gonnaí state the obvious here, but itís not > >workiní. Could yaíll try something else, before my house is > >destroyed?" > > > >Tidal landed again, resuming the prone position that she had been in > >before. Jon, Damian, and Sarah Jane huddled up with their pokemon > >again. Sarah Jane laid out the plan this time "Letís try having Jonís > >Kadabra approach it directly, Bulletproof can come in from above and > >Iíll direct Sigfried where to teleport." > > > >Damian, Jon, and the three pokemon nodded and the group broke up > >again as the pokemon moved into position. Now two teleporting > >pokemon approached the Starmie. When they got close enough, the > >starfish pokemon once again took flight, turning just in time to not get > >caught in the air by Bulletproof. > > > >"Sigfried, teleport!" Sarah Jane shouted. The Kadabra appeared in the > >path of the Starmie and managed to grab it before the it could turn. > >There was a flash and both disappeared. > > > >The first one to break the brief silence was Julia. "Iíve got to get to > >the > >Pokemon Center! I need to find out whatís wrong with Tidal." > > > >Damian looked at his Magnemite, which had resumed its position above > >his right shoulder. "Why donít you teleport her to the Pokemon Center. > >You can help make sure Tidal doesnít go shooting around again. Weíll > >catch up in a couple of hours." > > > >The Magnemite tilted forward again "Mite." and floated over to Julia. > >She had gathered up her possessions and disappeared in a flash of light > >when Bulletproof touched her. > > > >Over the next half-hour everybody made sure to clean up and say > >goodbye to Lara in preparation to leave the ranch. After this was > >completed the group set out to head back to the Pokemon Center in > >Fuchsia. > > As the group now consisting of: Sarah Jane, Damian, Jon, Runt, Christy, Felix > (Kirsty?), Dustin and Purgatory, pulled away from the Ranch, Lara and her > Growlithe waved goodbye. > > The large group retraced their steps through the Ranch towards the Pokemon > Center. They were absorbed in many tasks as they did so. > > Sarah Jane was busy tending to her Aerodactyl, keeping up with feeding it, and > learning about its habits. > > Christy was reciting a cheer over and over. > > Purgatory was dealing with Zeus. Cuddles and Spunky were eyeing Drake's tail, plotting on trying to "capture" it again. > > > The other guys were discussing battle tactics. > "Hey, Sarah Jane, why didn't you do that thing you do with talking to Pokemon to find out what was wrong with Tidal?" asked Jon. "It wasn't really talking," she replied. "Couldn't you read it's mind?" asked Runt. "I only seem to be able to do that with my own Pokemon... or Pokemon that I develop a rapport with," replied Sarah Jane. > As they traveled over the final hill toward Fuschia, the conversation turned > more toward badges. > > Felix laughed, as he bragged again. "I've already been to Cinnabar...and THIS > is my volcano badge!" > > He was rewarded with 7 facefaults and a tackle from the Vulpix on Jon's head. > > "Seriously...if Blaine uses fire..." Damian started. > > "..then water is good to beat him." Sarah Jane said. > > "Which reminds me of Julia's Starmie." Purgatory entered the conversation. "I > hope it's ok..." > > All the talk about water Pokemon made Jon's mind click. > > Lapras. The gunshot. The canyon. The necklace. > > "Well...maybe a dragon could come back against them..." > > Jon walked on in a daze, and would have continued right into a Pokemon Center > wall had Vulpix not licked him awake. Jon turned back to the others, smiling. > > As the group entered the Center, they looked around for Julia. > > TBC.. sorry I didn't write more, but I'm kind of preoccupied. -- (o)_(o) || Time Lady, _(^*^)_ ||, (__ __) || Visit the Mystic Manor Homepage /_/\_\ ||