From: Karnivax <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Full Circle Date: Saturday, October 02, 1999 5:21 AM > [cue hero music] > > ...only to be deflected right back at him by one paw of a pokemon who > had not been there one second ago. > > When Doppler failed to die, he looked up, and gaped. "You..." > > His savior saluted with his free paw. "I knew you would find our enemy. > I had hoped you could take him, but if he will not fall to your power, > he *will* fall to mine." > > Doppler nodded, then turned to what was left of his followers. "Give > him some room. This could get messy." > > At about that time, Gads managed to stagger back into view, as Mara got > back up. They recognized the newcomer on sight...but how could they > not? His profile, distinctly unnatural and yet natural at the same > time, with a purple stomach offsetting white fur, and the perpetual look > of evil in his eyes were known to all, thanks to warnings from the > Pokemon League's current champions, as someone not to get near. They > gasped in unison, "MEWTWO?" > > A psychic struggle of titans commenced. Neither Mewtwo nor Vorge seemed > to be gaining much ground. Vorge had a slight edge in sheer power, but > Mewtwo's edge in skill seemed to more than balance this. Psychedelic > lights spilled out where their attacks collided, carving holes in the > trees and the ground nearby. > > Protopticon was dazed by the pyrotechnic display until he felt a tap on > his shoulder. Turning around, he saw Monk-chan crack his knuckles just > before delivering a Karate Chop to the ruby. Thus reminded that he > still had a fight to finish, he reared up... > > ...only to be blown back ten feet by another volley from Doppler's army. > > Replicus, having taken the chance to fuse and morph into a cavalry > officer, drew a sword and pointed it at the super-saur. "CHAAARGE!" > Protopticon seemed to be catatonic after taking the blow from Monk- chan. Panopticon's mind was rather curious why it seemed that Proteus had given up the fight. _Proteusss...we are not defeated yet._ _Dit to dit dit to dit!_ If a mental sweatdrop were possible, Panopticon would have had one right then. _It would appear that the attack from that missserable primate hasss damaged the nanite ruby. Proteusss ssseemsss to have lossst hisss mind..._ Panopticon contemplated this briefly. _Yet his powersss are ssstill at my disssposssal. I do not know whether to consssider the lossss of Proteusss a curssse or a boon!_ He mentally smirked at that. Not that Proteus's powers did him any good at that point. Protopticon was held down by the collective psychic powers of Doppler's forces, who apparently were bent on dismantling Protopticon this time. Protopticon received no help from Vorge this time, as he was occupied battling a certain nigh-indestructable feline. Protopticon was forced to consider self-destruction, knowing the explosion would easily vaporize what remained of Doppler's men and would probably dispose of Gads and his help. As Mewtwo hovered about, he effortlessly flew out of the way of several attempts by Vorge to squash him like a fly, and struck when it looked like Vorge was fatiguing ever so slightly. WHACK! Mewtwo landed a mighty backhand on Vorge's saurian muzzle, knocking him over for the first time in the whole battle. Mewtwo hovered over top of Vorge's fallen form, then stomped on his squamate chest, taking the wind out of him. Vorge made a blindingly quick attempt to crush Mewtwo with a clap from his giant hands, but Mewtwo telepathically heard it coming milliseconds in advance. He teleported just out of the way. He proceeded to telekinetically lift the massive Vorge into the air and then slam him a couple times. The earth rumbled for miles around. When Vorge managed to teleport away from further Mewtwo attacks, he reached a realization. _I still have my ultimate weapon..._ Quickly Vorge raised one glowing fist skyward. Mewtwo hovered a few feet above the ground, arms crossed in anticipation, ready to take on the so-called "ultimate weapon." From Vorge's fist came a blinding violet flash...then suddenly, Mewtwo fell to the ground, unable to hover any longer. "Behold my psionic dampening field," Vorge boomed. "A weapon that I am sure you are familiar with, Mewtwo, seeing as how it rendered you helpless once before." Mewtwo went for a psi-blast while Vorge was bragging, but the psi-blast fizzled. No longer restrained, Protopticon stood up and went about merrily decapitating the perplexed members of Doppler's mob with his wrist-blades. Protopticon and Vorge had been overwhelmed psychically...but hardly physically. Of course, the dampening field was only going to last for about five minutes. But Vorge saw that as more than enough time to bend Mewtwo and Doppler to his will. This is as far as I'm going with this particular thread...I have a separate story to do which takes place right about now. I hope to have it done by tomorrow. Then I guess I'll start a new thread. --K * A * R * N * I * V * A * X-- "Only two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity. And I'm not sure about the former." --Albert Einstein Sent via Before you buy.