From: Adrian Tymes <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Full Circle Date: Saturday, October 02, 1999 4:29 PM Karnivax wrote: > "Behold my psionic dampening field," Vorge boomed. "A weapon that > I am sure you are familiar with, Mewtwo, seeing as how it rendered you > helpless once before." Mewtwo went for a psi-blast while Vorge was > bragging, but the psi-blast fizzled. No longer restrained, Protopticon > stood up and went about merrily decapitating the perplexed members of > Doppler's mob with his wrist-blades. Protopticon and Vorge had been > overwhelmed psychically...but hardly physically. Of course, the > dampening field was only going to last for about five minutes. But > Vorge saw that as more than enough time to bend Mewtwo and Doppler to > his will. While the dampening field was directed specifically at Mewtwo, it had a far more devastating effect on Doppler's forces. The grey robed ones relied on telepathy to coordinate their attacks...and a field strong enough to counter Mewtwo's powers utterly extinguished the psychic communication network. Thus thrown into confusion, grey robe after grey robe fell to the rampaging Protopticon...and more than a few to their own paniced efforts to counter him. [1] Until an airstrike threw the super-saur off balance. Hedgehogey wrote: > In flight over the clearing the chopper got into formation with an aerodactyl, > gyrados, fearow and pidgeot all with passengers, each one bearing the pokeball > in a circle slash symbol of the pokemon resistance. The chopper settled down > near replicuses cavalry. > "Who’re you?" Replicus yelled at cinder through the din of battle and > helicopter blades. > > "We’re the relief force, you might say!" Cinder replied. "Whoever you are, if you're on our side, we're relieved to see you," Replicus replied as he erected Barrier after Barrier to shield his troops, before Vorge grabbed him. Mewtwo struggled to his feet. How long had it been since he had not used his psychic power for even such mundane tasks as standing? Too long; he had become addicted to it. It had not mattered: the power was an inseperable part of himself, and to become 'addicted' to it was like for a human to become 'addicted' to having blood in his or her veins: perfectly normal, and in fact the absence would have been cause for alarm. As it was now. Vorge turned one eye on the now-weakened pokemon, then placed both forepaws on Replicus and ripped him in two. He looked at the two resulting dittos, but alas, the psychic disruption that enfeebled Mewtwo worked both ways, leaving Vorge with no means of distinguishing the pair from one another. "I am only interested, right now, in the one called Doppler. Identify yourself, and I shall concentrate on just you and Mewtwo; I shall not attack anyone else who does not attack me...for now." Doppler looked to where his forces were falling, at a slightly slower pace thanks to the reinforcements, and sighed. "I am Doppler." "No, *I'M* Doppler!" Silly Putty looked at Doppler, wondering what he was planning. "Nice try. But I know Doppler cares more for his own than you care for his." Vorge hurtled Silly Putty away...ironically, hitting Mara directly between her breasts, a place the ditto might not have minded being in under other circumstances. "Protopticon, finish these fools." "What?" SP yelled. "But you promised..." "I promised that *I* would not attack them, for now. I said nothing about anyone else." Doppler sighed. Protopticon, his followers might deal with, but Vorge was another story. The choice had been to sacrifice himself or to sacrifice everyone including himself. It was a disturbingly easy choice to make. He closed his eyes, trying to think of a way to take out Vorge even if it meant sacrificing himself...but at least his dead minions were walking again. He blinked. And looked. And reminded himself that dealing with Vorge took priority over figuring out just what the poke was going on. In a quiet corner of the battlefield, a Chansey rolled by double-quick, tossing eggs precisely into the severed necks of grey clad figures. The eggs, products of its Softboiled attack, fused into whatever type of flesh they happened to impact - human, plant, insect, or whatever - restoring functionality. Fortunately, the bodies had not been dead long enough for their brains to stop trying to tell their hearts to beat. Eventually, with most of the bodies restored, the Chansey came to a stop with a tear in its eye. Its last pass had been totally ineffective; those who were still dead would now remain that way, their bodies too far gone even for trauma treatment. Seth kneeled, spraying his partner with a Hyper Potion to restore the vitality she had just put out. "Aerie, we shouldn't *be* here." "Seth...I might disagree with them, I might even want to do away with their leader..." Aerie-Chansey turned to face Seth, fire in her eyes. "...but these are my *FRIENDS*, Goddish damn it! I grew up with these people...or will. I can't just sit around and do nothing while they're slaughtered!" She delivered one energetic slap to Seth's cheek. "And THAT'S for trying to keep me out of this with your reading. You KNEW what would happen once I saw this!" Seth sighed, and gently hugged his mate. "Look, Aerie, people are DYING here. I don't want to lose you!" Aerie squirmed out of it. "Then let me do what I must...or, even if you've got my body, *I'M* going to die. Even if you put that *program* back, it wouldn't be me." Seth winced at the mention; he thought he had gotten over that incident, but her words still hurt. As she sped off to help some fresh victims, Seth pondered what to do. One idea came to him, but looking around the battlefield, he noticed a distinct lack of poke balls. Not that it came as any suprise: Doppler's forces wouldn't use them unless they had to, and was that an anti-poke-ball logo on that helicopter over there? Then his eyes spied a trainer amongst the whole lot. "ScusemeIgottaborrowthisfindmeandI'llpayyoubacklaterifwesurvive..." Gads blinked, trying to decipher the verbal barrage, wondering who had just rushed past him. He had felt a tug as the stranger passed, so he patted himself down...and came up one poke ball short. Fortunately, it had been an empty one. Seth stood behind a tree, trying desperately not to be seen, as he examined the poke ball. After opening it to confirm it was empty, he started working on its circuits, trying to recall a musical chant that was common amongst the juvenille troublemakers of his future. This was a desperate move, but then, this was a desperate situation, and time was of the essence. "Tagger's not connected to the battery, Battery's not connected to the stabilizer, Stabilizer's not connected 'cause it's smashed up... And that's how you make a MissingNo." But that was merely the first verse. He fumbled for the next, not bothering in his panic to count how many there were. TBC? Karnivax wrote: > This is as far as I'm going with this particular thread...I have a > separate story to do which takes place right about now. I hope to have > it done by tomorrow. Then I guess I'll start a new thread. But we can keep the fight going, ne? [1] From Murphy's Laws of Combat: Friendly fire isn't.