From: Jon Ference <jonf911@aol.comSPAMu2> Subject: [PW!] Going the wrong way?! Date: Friday, October 15, 1999 3:43 AM Last time, Kevin, our expelled Tech student, fleed from the Pokemon Center after the Director of Operations, who was after him. --- Kevin quickly ducked into a large crowd. Which way to go? He needed more badges... Luckily, he came upon a sign. "Mt. Moon to Pewter City. Left. Rock Tunnel/Power Plant. Right." "Pewter City. Brock's gym. Not too far from Palmdale. I ought to go there, then." Kevin took off at a fast pace back that way, coming within view of Mt. Moon in minutes. However, a hedge separated him from the entrance. Kevin glanced over his shoulder. The director was just a minute away.. With full force, he flung himself over and above the bush, landing hard on the other side. He was within the depths of the Mountain in seconds. TBC.. -------- Sig v.1.7A Deathclock says I die June 23, 2059. AGNP welcome person ICQ: 32262691 Azure! 'zine 773+ Posts to AGNP! Quote du jour: Sailor Moon says, "LEGGO MY FUUKU!"