From: <> Subject: [PW!] Halloween in Laveneder Town(Anyone may join!) Date: Sunday, October 31, 1999 3:56 PM Last time, Mike won the Cascade Badge in a short battle with Misty. Mysteriousely though, after walking out of town, he found himself somehow in Lavender Town, where they begin their great festival because of Halloween. The ghost Pokemon hold a big Halloween party in the Pokemon Tower, and have invited every trainer to come! Mike walks into the Tower and sees everyone already dressed up. Mike, dressed as a ghost, sees a mini-battle place. "Hmmm, win battles and get a ghost Pokemon!" Mike reads. Mike studies the competition. Two trainers were already battling. "Nidoking! Horn attack!" one said. "Cloyster! Withdraw!" the defending trainer says. The Cloyster withdrew into it's shell while the Nidoking used it's horn against the shell, constantly hammering it. The trainer merely smiled as all of a sudden, Cloyster's shell cracked! The trainer recalled the Cloyster, and Mike got in line for the next challenger. I know, kind of short but anyone may join! TBC(By anyone) Sent via Before you buy.