From: Maria Rocket <mobius101@aol.compactpika> Subject: Re: [PW!] Inside the Pokeball Date: Tuesday, October 19, 1999 4:31 AM >She heard whispering. Then James spoke up. "You're now prisoner of ATR. >That's all you need know for now. That, and that you'll be getting what's >coming to you." > >"" Maria clenched her fists and teeth. "You're a damned >turncoat!!!" She began kicking the inside of the pokeball violently. "Let >me >out! Let me out!!!" She could hear Slasher screeching somewhere. "And let >Slasher out too!" > >"Yeah, right. We have you now, my pretty....and your little cat too!" James >chuckled darkly. > >Maria continued to struggle as she felt the pokeball begin to move again. >ATR....the traitors who couldn't even come up with an original name..... >ARGH! > "I'm going to get out of here, and Goddish help you all when I do!!" Hours passed. And the ball just kept rolling along. Maria tried stretching her aching muscles inside the cramped space. She was beginning to understand why some pokemon didn't like pokeballs... Meanwhile in the pokeball next to her, Slasher had managed to tap into the inner seal of his pokeball with his claws. With a loud POP! the pokeball fell open. He fell into the sunlight and was nearly blinded from all that time spent in darkness. Although he was also dizzy from all the rolling, Slasher managed to scramble to his feet. "MEOWTH!" James made a grab for him. "Hey, get back in there!" Maria perked up at the noise. "Slasher, run! Run away!" "OWTH!" Slasher gave James a good slash to the face before speeding out of sight. James clutched his face. "DAMMIT!" His Abra didn't seem very affected. After Slasher had gone out of range he shrugged. #Easy come, easy go.# "No matter, we still have the Rocket. Her little kitty won't do her any good." James kicked Maria's pokeball down a hill. "Now let's speed up a bit!" Maria rolled out of control, screaming the whole way down. TBC? (Rolling along, rolling aloonng... ^^; ) ~Maria R "Psy yie yie..." ----- Webber: ----- "Taking Pokemon straight from your pockets, With the power of the stars, it's Maria Rocket!" -My corny PW! motto ^.^; --- Rocketshipper Forever! --- TEOTWAWKI