From: <> Subject: [PW!] Into the forest Date: Friday, October 01, 1999 7:03 PM When we last left our hero, Lewis, he was travelling from the PODA (Pokémon Detective Agengy) to Viridian Forest, where he hoped to find Icy, the once Pikachu-turned human who owned the unofficial bug gym. He hoped he could find him and have him assist in an attempt to have his Weedle fire a psybeam, even though everyone said it was impossible. Lewis flew on his Pidgeot. He passed right over Viridian City, seeing the gym, and remembering that it was closed when he got the Earth Badge. He earned a few of his badges, but otherwise they were given to him or he found it. He had found an Earth bagde just outside of the gym when he was last in Viridian. Lewis didn't really want to challenge the Elite 4 yet... Not that he wasn't saying his Pokémon weren't strong! They just weren't ready to fight the kind of types in the Elite. He flew down just at the edge of the forest. He got off Pidgeot and recalled Pidgeot into his Pokéball. He walks into the forest, noticing the large number of Caterpies in the forest... Lewis walked on. It was a VERY large forest, not like he had heard. The mazes leaded to dead end or even more passages. Still, he walked on. Suddenly, a strange sound came about... He turned around, and saw 20 Kakunas hanging! Lewis slowly walked back, hoping they wouldn't evolve... Only to walk right into Beedrill. He turned around and saw the enraged Beedrill. He pointed in another direction and shouted, "Look over there!" The Beedrill turned to look, and Lewis randomly teleported. Randomly teleported and landed right next to a Poke-Egg (NOT a Togepi egg), and a large structure. "This must be the gym!" Lewis says as he walks in... TBC(Hoping Frosterpie will continue it from here.) Sent via Before you buy.