From: Tech Weaver <> Subject: Re: [PW] It's Time to Get Extreme! Date: Wednesday, October 20, 1999 4:54 PM "The course is mostly a straight shot, but there's a trio of forks," explained Aerie. "Take thr right branch all three times; the left will either be longer or dead end sharply. Make sure you're going fast when it straightens out: that's the final jump, and you'll need speed to make it to the gym." Smasher balanced Cliff Diver on one hand. "Got it. So, when do we sta-" "NOW!" Aerie was almost to the curve before Smasher could blink. As the other three began their runs, Seth sighed. "That's Aerie for you." Smasher was doing a decent job of keeping up, but he was going to have to lighten his load if he wanted to win. While traveling as fast as he could, Smasher reached under the shirt he wore around his waist and pulled out the Pokéball containing Zubat. He released the poisonous flyer and told it to take Cliff Diver. As the Zubat and Clefairy took wing, Smasher shed his backpack. Now much lighter, Smasher was now moving at near top speed, passing Seth and Shuriken and gaining on Aerie. Weaving down the natural path, he began to enter the zone, a state of natural euphoria caused by chemicals the human body produces during periods of high adrenaline rush. Everything seemed to slow down, even though they were still going the same speeds as before. Now he was neck and neck with Aerie. A glance behind him told him that Seth and Shuriken were close behind. Looking up ahead, Smasher relized that Aerie had neglected to mention, or didn't know, that the track was now strewn with rubbish. Large rubbish. Shopping carts, trash cans, auto parts and other assorted junk literally littered the path before them. The four for them had only seconds to spare before taking on this junkyard obstacle course. Smasher only needs a few seconds. Hopefully. To be continued.... Chet "Tech" Weaver ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A copy of Adam "Smasher" Samson's WG can be found at: "Look, Agent Minor! I'm a crab!" -- Robocop, from animated series "Boys, there's gonna be a lot of things we won't tell Mrs. Clinton about." --"Bill Clinton," Saturday Night Live "It's exactly ten seconds before I grab your underwear and pull it over your head." -- Jim Carry, "The Mask"