From: SMarsh5932 <smarsh5932@aol.comedy> Subject: [PW!] Let's Get Ready To Rumble!!! Date: Sunday, October 10, 1999 6:03 PM [Writer's Note: Mushboom, I've been waiting for almost a week for you to reply but I haven't seen a single response from you. I decided to omit the previous adventure with Keith by marking it [NC] so I can continue with my character and his adventure. I will start the day he landed on Seafoam. To the person who runs the Archive, I'd like you to take out the last two post made by me from my character's history. ] We join our hero coming out of his motel room at the first sign of daylight to head for this Underwater Gym he read about in Pokemon Times. It was said that it was run by a trainer who trained under many elite trainers. CJ decided that since he was on vacation, he might as well mix a little training in to it also so after unpacking he went took short walk to it's location and instructed a blue haired boy around his age that he to knock where he can find the head trainer. "You're looking at him,"responded the boy as he drew a badge from his pocket."My name is Drake, this gym has been opened for 3 months and I've handed out only 9 of these Tsunami Badges. I hope you've come prepared for a challenge." "Let's do it,"replied CJ looking around the building,"where's the underwater arena I've heard about." Drake walked over to a computer console and pressed a few buttons. As the floor began to slowly descend. TBC???