From: Mushboom <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Little Costume Shop of Horrors Date: Saturday, October 30, 1999 11:38 PM otaku wrote in message <>... > > >Zephyr wrote: > >> Roberto Perez-Vila <> wrote in message >> >The two were locked in a death grip. Zeus's eyes glowed a fierce red as he >slammed the pale Marowaks hand down. Frankie the Gengar looked stunned. >Purgatory laughed, and grabbed a microphone off the counter to inform his >friends of the good news. > >TBC > Just then, a sea sick Keith Frost stumbled into the shop, a high-pitched wail and maniacal laughter brought a ghostly Gengar to the entrance of his terror-rific shop once again. "Why hello there! Come for the great Halloween costumes, have you?" In fear of the ghoul, Jolt quickly hid behind Merc who summoned all of his Pikachu courage to protect the frightened mouse. Keith and 8-Ball snickered in unison and turned to the shopkeeper. "Sure have!" Keith glanced at the other customers, "What do you suggest in the way of spooky disguises?" The Gengar grinned and summoned his recently-defeated assistant, "Igor! Show this young man our," suddenly, ominous music began to play throughout the store, "COSTUME OF COMPLETE AND UTTER SCARINESS!" Keith smiled broadly and followed the deformed Marowak into the back. "8-Ball, you take Jolt and Merc to find some costumes for yourselves." 8-Ball nodded and led the two Pikachus through the plentiful costume racks. <A little later...> 8-Ball, dressed as a devil, and the two Pikachus, both sporting skeleton costumes, stood in front of the dressing room. Keith emerged from the dressing room wearing a butchers uniform splattered generously with blood, he clutched a blood-stained cleaver in one hand and a severed human head in the other. "MWAHAHAHAHAHAH," Keith had an insane look on his face. "This is sooooooo cool!" Robert wandered to the dressing rooms, eager to try on a Jigglypuff costume. He stopped admiring the cute, pink costume and looked up for a moment. There stood a crazed, human head-clutching, cleaver-wielding butcher flanked by two Pikachu skeletons and a black Sandshrew devil. His screams were heard all over the store. -Mushboom