From: Meeko + Caterpie <> Subject: [PW!] Love At First Pika! Date: Monday, October 11, 1999 9:40 AM Love At First Pika! " Agh! Stupid human! Ya wanna see some stars? THUNDER SHOCK!! Haha! You forgot I was a Pikachu, if you don't release me, I'll destroy every camera, and electrocute anyone who's holding onto the metal bars!" the man runs over to hit the alarm button, when Buckwheat Thunder Shocked him, he's keys didn't fall off or anything though. " Goddish! How am I going to get out now? Huh? Pidgey's PokéBall!" he released Pidgey through the bars and had him fetch the keys. " Good bird, mmm-mmm, finally, I can eat those cakes that Chansey kept sending, I outta write her a note how good this stuff is!" he says with his mouth full. " Bum, dum dum dun dun dum doo dee....." Buckwheat walked down the aisles, now dressed in his Western gear, " Awwwww, com'on little Pika, just gimme the keys and I'll give you an apple...." "......please, I'm beggin' ya, let me free......" "....awww, com'on......" then, something caught his eye, a PokéBall in a cell, but nothing else was in there, not even a criminal, Buckwheat unlocked the door, and walked over to the PokéBall, picked it up, and stuck it in his backpack. " Yes! I'm free!" he hears the sirens, " Ut-oh, uh, Pidgey, GO! Fly us outta here!" he got off the ground just as they started shooting at him. Later, they landed in Viridian Forest. " Hmmm, let's see who this Pokémon is...." Buckwheat was just about to release it when, he sees a beautiful female Pikachu smelling some flowers. " Whoa! Sweet stuff!" the Pikachu, not even noticing Buckwheat, runs off. " Wait! Aw shucks! Oh well, whoevera ya are come on out...." Buckwheat was still unhappy, it was love at first sight for him with the other Pikachu. " KABUTOPS!" the Pokémon said. " What? You think I'm not worthy to be your trainer? Because I'm a Pikachu? Wanna fight?" Buckwheat spits out his tobacco, the lunges at the prehistoric Pokémon, but it tosses him aside with it's blades, Buckwheat lands into the ground, HARD. " You, think, that's, going, to, stop, me?" he says weakly, the Kabutops prepares to chop him up, he walks closer, closer, when, Buckwheat suddenly leaps back onto his feet and wraps his lasso around it's neck, he then runs underneath it's legs and makes it fall into the ground head first. " Ha!" Buckwheat gloats, but it gets back up, taking the lasso out of his hands, the female Pikachu comes out of the bushes, right between the battle, the Kabutops, knowing a Pikachu's reaction, nabs the Pikachu and holds her hostage. " DON'T YOU DARE HURT HER! TAKE THIS!" Buckwheat takes out his pistol and shots it in the head, he knows it'll do no damage, but it'll detract it for a while, < HA! Dumb Pikachu, you think that'll work guess again! > the Kabutops laughs, to find a boomerang in his mouth, dropping the Pikachu, she runs into some bushes behind Buckwheat, the Kabutops spits out the boomerang, Buckwheat grabs it, and jumps at it's neck, grabbing the lasso, he then forces it down and returns it. " Yeah! I've got Kabutops! Oh wait, where's that Pikachu?" she comes out of the bushes, < You were very brave > Buckwheat blushes ( everyone, take pictures, the tough Pika blushed! ) " Yea, uh, my name's Buckwheat, what's yours?" < Rachel. > " What a beautiful name!" < hehe > Rachel blushes. " Uh, um, hey, I'm headed to Icy's Pokémon gym to get the Forest Badge, you wanna come?" Buckwheat digs his foot in the ground. < Uh, ok, but, just so you know, you need to take a bath, you smell weird.> Buckwheat and Rachel hold hands as they walk, but with his other hand, Buckwheat dumps out all his chewing tobacco, knowing this was the smell. To Be Continued...... -- Posted via Talkway - Exchange ideas on practically anything (tm).