From: Dima Safonov <> Subject: [PW] [Childhood] Manta Date: Saturday, October 02, 1999 4:36 PM Manta has a very bad childhood, that made her turn to the life of crime. A normal day, when Manta was 9. Dad: HEY MANTAAAAAAA! GET DOWN HERE, GIRL! Manta: Yes, dad? Dad: YOU MADE A LONG DISTANCE CALL AGAIN. YOU OWE ME $30 NOW! FIND A WAY TO MAKE THAT MONEY - FAST! Manta: *sniff* Yes, daddy! Mom: You snotty little bitch.Wasting our money to talk with someone. Haha. Manta: *runs outside and cries* Manta walks to her friends house. She once showed her a secret entrace through the basement windows. Manta walks in, and find the fathers wallet beside his computer. Inside, she finds $40, Manta takes the cash, runs home and gives it to her dad. Dad: YOU BITCHY GIRL! YOU FOUND $40?! GET MORE! *dad kicks Manta in the butt, and kicks her outside* Manta: *sniff* She returns with $100, and the same things repeats. She brings the empty wallet to her dad. Who whacks her on her head, and sends her to her room. Dad to mom: Darned bitchy girl. Mom to dad: She is the worst daughter we ever had. Dad to mom: Hun, she's the ONLY daughter we ever had. While this is going on, Manta snuck out of her room. She ran away, met up with a Pokemon who said "Eevee". It followed her around, acting like a pet. Until she found a Slowpoke, who decided to attack the Eevee. The Eevee died, since it was on a VERY low level,compared to Slowpoke. Manta cried for a long time. She ate berries, and stayed in the Pokemon Center until she was old enough. When she turned 11, she went to the Pokemon Center and asked where she could start training Pokemon. They told her there was a new lab in Saffron City. She got the Pokedex, Pokeballs, and a starting Pokemon of Wigglytuff she named "Zelda", because at the time, being a kid, she loved the video games series. She joined Team Rocket when she was 15.... ~ Well, thats all. -- - Dima Safonov ATTENTION MARCUS AND EVERYONE ELSE! LOOK AT THIS!!!! ZMan No Miko: Seriously though, I am very popular with the ladies... ROFL!!!!!!!! A quote to last. LOL!!! "If one can annoy Dima, one is good at being annoying." - (Made by Kid Vid2 for no useful reason) "Work, play, work, play, life is useless. It adds up to nothing" -Dima Safonov "I say Pokéballs... No reaction.. I say Great Balls.. No reaction... Ultra Balls.... No reaction..But when I get to "Master Balls"... I hear snickers. " - G i s e l l e MrFugues: :::growls at Dima :::: Zagro2: Enemy Dima's attack fell! "This being is slightly less intelligent than a rock" - Ultima Online Evaluating Intelligence Skill AIM: DOS v001 ICQ: 4678513 My PokeFan code: A+++/-M++/---P+/--T++++Je----Ja----Me++/-Oj++++Nj+++/-Po----G---- Go++++"Mariru"++++/-"Duplica"+++/-Er++++"Pokemon, I choose you!"+++/- "Goodbye Buterfree"----"Pikachu's Goodbye Song" Sm 10/Ont W+++ AGNP++++