From: Roberto Perez-Vila <> Subject: Re: [PW!]Maria? Escaping? Date: Saturday, October 23, 1999 9:37 AM Its Dun Dun Dun Raven wrote: > Everybody had forgotten Drew. Drew looked at Slasher and taking a risk threw > the prototype pokeball at the Meowth. > > Maria glanced at the abnormal pokeball with some machinery and knew it was > something bad. Maria dived and covered Slasher hugging him. > > The pokeball hit Maria and made a wierd voice. A blue light surrounded Maria > but nothing happened. Then a bright green light shined at Maria. There was a > scream and an explosion. > > ___ > > The ATRS gathered around and waited till the smoke cleared. Slasher was on the > ground puzzled. Maria was gone. In her place was a pokeball. That's when loud, jazzy music starts blaring in the distance. Drew scratches his head, "Huh? Liucy Lu didn't say anything about the prototype Pokeball doubling as a boom box." "Prepare to be amazed!" A middle-aged somewhat overweight man in a blue tuxedo jumps into the scene! A blonde, large-chested woman in a white dress and crystal slippers hops in after him, "Or at leass thas what he sayz!" A hippie chick in a psychedelic tie-dye kimono follows, a bronze saxophone in her mouth. She continues to play the groovy tunes as she walks into the area, trying to set the mood for an upcoming magic show in Fuschia City. The middle-aged man who wears a top hat on his brown and silver hair shouts out, "My name is Marvin the Magnificent, a magician by trade, and the Warden of the Safari Zone told me that ATR are the only people in town! Know them?" "Know them?" Raven grunts, "We are them. We're kinda busy right now..." Marvin raises his arms up high, "But there's always time for magic! Right, Famifax?" "Yah!!!" The tall blonde woman who looks like a model leans up against Raven, "Ya wouldn't minds if we puts on an itsy bitsy magic show, would ya?" She blinks innocently at Raven, tracing her toe on the ground like a little girl in trouble. Marvin rubs his eyes, "It would be tragic that I come to a city and can't put on a magic show in it! I've put a magic show in every place I've been to: Pewter, Cerulean, Celadon, Vermilion, Maiden's Peak, Saff... Well, not Saffron, but you can guess why. Magic doesn't work too well with psychics who read minds. Please let us perform or we'll have the blues!" Marvin twirls his fingers and a blue rose appears. He holds it next to his face, and a single tear drops out of one eye. The hippie chick starts to play the blues on her saxophone, to emphasize the point being made. Famifax massages Raven's shoulders and pleads, "Pweeeease?! I'd be *vewy* grateful, Mr. ATR man! Fersure!" "Okay, you can perform!" James says so that Famifax will massage him instead. The plan works! Raven glares at James, "Hey! They were asking me, not you! Dun dun dun!" James asks with a grin, since Famifax is running her fingers through his hair, "We're *co*-leaders of ATR, remember?" "Ba dum dum." Gohan adds, smirking at Raven. Marvin smiles and shakes everyone's hands, "Thanks, ATR! Xerox, you can stop playing your manipulative music now." Xerox, the hippie chick, removes the saxophone from her mouth and tosses it aside, "That is quite a relief. I believe that I was releasing more saliva than a Gloom on a bad day. Shall I go prepare the stage for your illusion, master?" Marvin nods to Xerox, "Please do!" Xerox runs away from the scene, towards the magician's caravan in the distance. Saber clicks his pen, addressing Famifax, "Is there anything we can do? My pen is always ready to please a lady!" Marvin sighs when he notices that no one is looking at him. They're all ogling Famifax, instead. That's when Marvin realizes that there aren't any females in the large group, "I like to perform magic on women, but there aren't any here!" James raises an eyebrow at Famifax, and backs away slowly. Marvin chuckles nervously while saying, "Other than Famifax, that is." James inches back towards Famifax and continues to let her rub her hands all over him as gratitude. "You need a girl, huh?" Raven looks down at the prototype Pokeball on the floor. Slasher the Meowth is poking at it, wondering if his trainer, Maria, was actually captured in the device or if she escaped during the smokescreen. Dai strokes his chin, "Hmm... If you need a girl, I could always find my brother Alex! He's... a little weird." There is a long silence and sweatdrops show up on a few ATR's faces. Raven looks at Marvin, "Dun dun dun! Hey, magician, what kind of magic do you do?" Marvin starts to list out his tricks, "I've performed sawing illusions, magical transformations, cup and balls, pulling Nidoran out of hats, card tricks, coin tricks, hypnosis, and there's a real sick one where I stick my..." "Wait. What was that last one?" Raven asks. "Hypnosis?" Marvin smiles and withdraws his yellow wand, the one with the Hypno's pendulum on the end, out of his tuxedo's coat pocket, "I use my special magic wand to hypnotize people so that they do whatever I tell them to do! It's a great gag. You wouldn't believe how funny it is to see people act like Psyducks! Why are you interested in Hypnosis?" Raven pries the Pokeball that might be containing Maria out of Slasher's paws, "We might just have a female for you to hypnotize into thinking she's an ATR, Marvin. I choose you, Maria!" Raven tosses the prototype Pokeball! -Marvin (NS: It's up to Maria whether she wants her character to come out of the Pokeball if she actually got stuck inside, or to have her character come out of the nearby bushes to rescue Slasher from the clutches of ATR!)