From: Roberto Perez-Vila <> Subject: Re: [PW!]Maria? Escaping? Date: Tuesday, October 26, 1999 4:32 PM Maria Rocket wrote: > "Yeah, she's human," Raven pulled her up by the back of her shirt. "It's just > new technology is all..." > > "...just?" Maria looked around wide eyed. > > "Looks like the Pokeball might have turned her into a vegetable," Saber > snickered. > > "Easily fixed!" Marvin adjusted his hat with a grin. Marvin pauses in mid-top-hat turn, and tries to deduce why this group of people would put a perfectly cute young woman inside a Pokeball, where none could cherish her beauty. Marvin asks, "What's she in for, anyway?" Gohan explains, "She's a member of Team Rocket. We're Anti-Team Rocket..." "Do the math." Saber finishes the comment, clicking on his pen for emphasis. "Team Rocket?" Marvin furrows his brow, trying to remember where he's heard that name before, "Oh, yeah! Team Rocket once sent this giant robot to kidnap my assistants during the middle of a performance in Cerulean City. I guess that makes them the bad guys, and that makes this girl..." "Maria." The raven-haired Rocket blurts out, used to everyone knowing her name for no real reason at all anyhow. Marvin corrects himself, "...and that makes Maria the bad girl. I don't like bad girls, they need to be spanked." "I don't like where this is going..." Maria finally reorients herself, pushes Raven aside, and tries to run away... Marvin reaches into his coat pocket for a smoke pellet. "For my first trick..." He runs up next to Famifax, the tall blonde haired model in the white dress, and throws the pellet onto the ground. Everyone starts coughing when they get engulfed in a large blue cloud of smoke. Maria and Slasher try to run away during the distraction, but bump into the many ATR members while attempting to escape. When the cloud of smoke disappears, the blonde super model isn't there, and Officer Jenny is present instead. Marvin chuckles, "Who says an Officer is never around when you really need her?" The blue-haired protector of the law raises one gloved hand, "Stop... in tha name of love! Before ya breaks my hart!" Marvin procures some trick handcuffs from within his blue tuxedo's coat pocket and hurls them towards Jenny. Officer Jenny chases after Maria, but when she sees that she's not going to catch up, she stretches out her own arms since she is actually a Ditto, and grabs the Rocket's arms, stopping Maria in her place. Jenny handcuffs Maria's wrists behind her back. Officer Jenny leads the disobedient Rocket back to where the group of ATRs stand, explaining, "Ya haves the right to remix silly, an anythin ya say cannonball be used against ya in a corduroy. Fersure!" Maria relapses into the feeling that she can understand what's being said, but that the words have lost all meaning. Slasher, Maria's Meowth, claws at Officer Jenny's ankles, but Raven grabs him before the kitty can cause further chaos. Marvin hands Raven a small cat muzzle, just in case. Slasher looks ridiculous with the small black restraint on his face. Since Maria and Slasher are both under control, and since the magician has thought up an appropriate illusion, Marvin addresses all the ATRs present, "We're going to hypnotize Maria into thinking that she's an ATR eventually, but we must make sure that she doesn't escape during the process. My suggestion? I shall use one of the eeriest, most gut wrenching devices ever made... the Guillotine! Used to punish villains throughout history, the Guillotine is an appropriate device to use on Maria, especially since Halloween is just around the corner! I'll use the Guillotine to chop Maria's head off - I'd like to see her body try to run away without having a head to see where she's going! Officer Jenny will be the judge, ATR will be the jury, and I will be the executioner!" Marvin pulls his top hat off and covers his face with a mask. Everyone blinks at Marvin. James asks, "Uh, are you sure that's the right mask?" Marvin peels the mask off his face and looks at it. The cute young face of Misty, the Cerulean Gym Leader, stares back up at Marvin. "How's that get in there?! Ehh heh heh heh..." The clumsy magician tosses the Misty mask aside and sweatdrops, reaching into his tuxedo for the appropriate mask for the occasion. When he finally finds the black leather garment used to conceal an executioner's face, he puts it on. The mask doubles as a signal to Bozo the Mr. Mime. A Mr. Mime in a frilly pink dress angrily stomps into the area, pushing a large flat stage. On the stage there is a Guillotine, a large contraption consisting of a wooden bed and two long wooden poles with a large blade resting between them at the top. Next to the Guillotine, there's a basket and a table that's just a flat wooden surface with four legs supporting it. Fox chuckles at the Mr. Mime and points, "Hey, look, it's a Mrs. Mime! Ba dum dum." Gohan growls at Fox, "Hey! That's *my* catch phrase! Besides, it's too ugly to be a *Mrs.* Mime, it's a Miss Mime!" Bozo's response comes in the form of raising both of his hands and a particular finger in each hand towards the two mocking ATRs. It was Xerox's idea for him to wear the dress to model the stage, and he isn't particularly happy about doing it. Once the stage is set, Bozo stomps back towards the caravan in the distance, to avoid further humiliation. Officer Jenny giggles when she realizes it's her turn, not loosening her grip on Maria while doing so, "Sooo, kay, I guess I'm tha judge, huh? Well, uh, jury people - do anyone thinks it totally wrong to chop off her pwetty little head?" One of the ATRs opens his mouth to say something, but Jenny cuts him off, "Kay, cool! Chop, chop, I don't got all day, here!" Officer Jenny leads the handcuffed Maria up to the stage, and throws her onto the Guillotine's wooden bed. She traps Maria's head into the stocks below the blade precariously hanging above, and backs away, "Ready, Marvy-man!" Marvin is holding the rope that will lob Maria's head off, but decides to stall to be funny, "Kids, don't try this at home. *This* is the reason why you shouldn't get too close to wild Kingler who knows Guillotine! Maria, you're about to get a *splitting* head-ache! It looks like you'll never be the *head* of Team Rocket! After this, you're going to want to..." Maria gets annoyed with the magician's lame jokes and shouts, "Do it already! Jeez!" The rope is pulled. The ATRs present watch, holding their breath, as the large shimmering blade dislodges from the top and comes crashing downwards, straight for Maria's neck! All the ATRs who don't close their eyes witness when Maria's head gets chopped off, and hear the noise it makes when the raven-haired head hits the basket below the Guillotine. Slasher shrieks and Slashes Raven's face when he sees this! While Raven covers his face in pain, Maria's Meowth yanks off his nuzzle with his claws, leaps up to the stage, and looks into the basket, to see Maria's face stare back at him with a look of horror on it. Slasher is taken aback when Maria's head blinks, but the Meowth is scared out of his wits when he sees Maria's headless body stand up from the Guillotine and stumble around very clumsily, like any animated body lacking four of the five senses would. Slasher just starts trembling on the stage, his paws covering his eyes, hoping this is all a bad catnap. Marvin pulls his executioner's mask off, places his top hat back on, and grabs Maria's head out of the basket, holding her by her hair. Everyone hears her scream and watches Maria's face cringe since her hair is being pulled on. Maria's suffering ends when her head is placed on the small table that is right next to the Guillotine. That is, until she sees that her headless body is walking around. Maria shakes her head as best she can with half a neck and says, "This can't be..." "But it is! Behold the power of magic!" Marvin raises his arms up high, and conjures his yellow Hypno wand from the mysterious realm known as his coat's sleeve. Marvin waves the wand in front of Maria's head, and she is compelled to stare at the Hypno pendulum on the end as it sways back and forth, "You are not a member of Team Rocket..." Maria repeats the phrase. Marvin continues, "You are loyal to Anti-Team Rocket." Maria agrees with this. After firmly establishing that Maria is a member of Anti-Team Rocket, Marvin hides his wand back inside his sleeve, "Done!" While the rest of the ATRs stare in silence, Saber nudges Drew, "I could see the advantages of being with a headless girl... You don't have to listen to them, or take them out to dinner, or..." Drew hits Saber on the back of the head. Marvin raises his arms, but frowns when nothing happens, "Thank you, thank you! Don't all applaud at once, now!" "Can she be put back together, right?" James says, "She's not going to be much help to us with her head off of her body!" Marvin chuckles, "Of course! You'd be surprised how easy it is, too." The magician walks over to the hypnotized head of Maria, grabs it by the ears, and places it between Maria's body's shoulders. While turning her head like a screw, Marvin comments, "Geeze, Maria, you'd lose your head if it wasn't attached to your body. Oh wait, you did!" Once Maria's head is securely back in place, Maria grabs the sides of her head with her hands, still confused as to what is happening. "What's going on?" Maria addresses Slasher, and the he removes one paw from his face, followed by the other one. Seeing that his trainer is back in one piece, he hops onto her shoulders, right next to her newly re-attached head. Maria rubs her eyes and looks down at her uniform, "Why am I wearing a Team Rocket uniform? Am I a spy for ATR?" Marvin laughs and removes Maria's handcuffs, "You are *now*. Go join the rest of ATR offstage!" Once the magic trick is over, Gohan is the first to applaud, followed by Fox, followed by everyone else present, including Officer Jenny! -Marvin