From: Simon Locke <atr4llfe@aol.comYuriBabe> Subject: [PW!] Moon Rockets? Baby???? Date: Friday, October 08, 1999 12:07 PM (Sorry guys, you know how it is when you're playing Pokemon and you can't seem to do anything else for a couple days. Sorry, hehe. This is gonna be short, I don't like writing other people's battles so I'll leave that up to ya'll.) <snip everybody> "Laura, are TR operations always this covert?" Simon said sarcastically, watching outsiders pummel the Rockets. Some lighted flint rock hurled by at lethal speed, as 2 parties of people engaged in battle. Simon heard more shouting, and some pokemon cries, but when another large piece of rock came flying by he jumped inside of Coshari's hood. "Phew, that was close." "Simon, I sense ATR nearby, possibly Steak." Laura psychically said. "D'oh, not now…" Simon mumbled, protecting Laura's body from the projectiles outside the Arbok's hood. "CHARRRR BOK!!!!" A large boulder nipped the tip of Coshari's tail, and sent her bellowing in pain. Simon had another eye shot at the fight, it seemed there was a 3rd party at the scene, and both were ganging up on TR with their pokemon. A mild Gyarados circled around above, as a Persian came into view and disappeared again. Lightning and thunder made the cave rumble as chaos ensued. "Simon, I have to leave for a second, I'll be ba-" "Laura? Laura? Dammit…." Simon said to himself, "Ok ok ok… I'm the head honcho here, people will expect me to do something, but what???" Simon couldn't believe what was happening, he was ATR yet he had to think and act like TR. He was in a woman's body, a huge assed Arbok beside him waiting for any command, anything…. "Ok Sy, get a grip, you can handle anything. Quick thinking, quick thinking…." Simon developed a half thought out plan, he would call for back up, capture all the intruders, keep them for questioning, then secretly get them to join ATR and let them go. "Hehe, ok, here we go!!!!" Simon yelled out. "Outta my way." A man wearing a yellow shirt, camo jeans and spikey hair said. He shoved Laura's body to the ground, disregarding her gender, and just walked on. At the sight of that, Coshari lunged at the man, but halted at the sound of his voice. "OH SHIT!" The man yelled, and drew back defensively. "SANDSLASH!" Spike yelled surprised. "Charbok?" Simon got up to see who the aggressor was, ready to kick their ass. But in the shadows, the fading footsteps of a running man, in a familiar body. Simon, Coshari and Spike stared as something sprinted away about 20 yards. It was Simon's body, running. TBC "You ain't gotta like me, you just mad cuz I tell it how it is and you tell it how it might be." ~ Puff Daddy