From: Cat-Gonk <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Moon Rockets Baby! Yea!!!! Date: Thursday, October 07, 1999 10:56 PM Meeh! Meeh meeh Tue, 05 Oct 1999 18:14:39 -0500, caheeh meeh meeh Chuck Einhorn <> meeh caheeh! > Splash, Luke, and Dernam pack up from the latest endevour, wary >of any >approaching Onix. Gratefully, none come. 6 is ecspecially on edge. >However, all is not right here. Splash thinks he hears stuff coming >from the forest below Mt. Moon. Dernam and Luke concentrate on the >voices that seem to eminate from ahead. The Eord brothers shush Splash, >and force him to listen to the sounds ahead. Dernam nearly falls >through a hole, apparently made by the rumbling of the Onix. Close >call. Anywho..... > > The impending voices seemed hostile, and orders seemed to fly. >The >rag-tag trio, stealthily slinked along towards the further end, all >being quite. Dernam handed his survival boot knife to Luke, and himself >drew his new 9 mm(thank you, 6, thank YOU!), and Splash....felt left >out. Dernam made him feel better by handing him a sai. Sure, he >wouldn't know how to use it properly, but what the hell? > > A sudden turn of the corner revealed several Rockets (Derman >thought >these Rocket guys were getting REALLY annoying) surrounding an even >raggeder looking bunch, including a guy that looked unconsious. All >made ready their weapons, although Dernam doubted they would need them, >and got Pokéballs ready. Luke with Trooper, Splash with Mr. Mime, and >Dernam had Scyther. Apparently the Rockets were oblivious >to them, although one of the surrounded, a girl, had eyes as wide as >saucers. > > "It's go-time......" he said to himself. (From M.W.F's post) >White Blade lifted his katana to a ready position. Samuraichu did the >same. Draconi got into a fighting stance, ready to leap into action. > >Keri sniffed at it. "Typical male urges." Blizzard nodded in agreement. > >White Blade took a step forward ready to charge. A sudden crack under >his foot told him there was a sudden change of plans. An earthquake from >a previous fight left some ground weakened. Draconi leapt to grab him as >the ground gave way. But he missed. White Blade fell with a shout of >"CLEFAIRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy........" The shout got the >attention of the Rockets and the others. > >Blizzard bristled. "Looks like we have no choice now but to fight!" Samuraichu hung from his halberd, which, lucky for him, was large enough to span the fissure. He hadn't heard White Blade hit the ground yet. "Rai....chu..." Vaulting to his feet, he took up position beside Draconi. Blizzard and Keri leapt the gap with ease, but Orion's human physique made crossing the distance a fair way harder. "Over there!" Another group was preparing to attack in the darkness around them, with a hand signal, Draconi alerted the group to their prescence. It was too dark for the Rockets to see either of the groups, though the minor quake and scream of "CLEFAIRY!!!!!" had alerted them to their prescence. While keeping their eyes on the surrounded ATR members, they glanced around hoping to catch their seemingly invisible foe. "Now, who'll strike first?" Samuraichu's paws tightened around his halberd and another lay tensed near his Pokebelt. TBC.....hope that didn't feck with continuity. -- Cat-Gonk. ---------------------------- Do you believe in Goddish? AIM: CatGonk The Kitty Litter Box: The AGNP WebRing.;index Azure Heights Pokemon Laboratory: Yoda Communications: The AGNP Pokezine: Spaceman's Pokecentre MEEHCAHEEHROWRYMUNT. Over 3500 posts to, and counting. -=|[Unknown AGNPer]|=-