From: Cat-Gonk <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Moonlight Sonata Date: Friday, October 01, 1999 5:45 PM Meeh! Meeh meeh Thu, 30 Sep 1999 06:51:57 -0400, caheeh meeh meeh M.W.F. <> meeh caheeh! (All Pokespeech has been translated, BTW.) >> Blizzard was busily brushing down her fur, trying her best to appear >> nonchalant. >> "Purr..." she mumbled, "I suppose I'll chase it around, until it pops...." >> "Lofty goals..." The Clefairy sighed. >> >> Blizzard eyed her companion carefully. "Speaking of goals... what's this about >> you wanting a Moon Stone?" > >"Well... I know most pokemon are sometimes against forced evolution, but >it's my choice. I want to find one. It'll increase my own strength. >But I don't know what'll happen to me. A lot of pokemon change when they >evolve. Not just appearance and what not, but sometimes mentality. When >Chamanders evolve, they tend to go from their cute, obidient way to >somewhat unruly. And when THEY evolve into Charizards, they can get even >worse. It takes a firm hand and a lot of patience to keep them obeying >you." Samuraichu, being an evolved Pokemon, felt somewhat miffed. >----- >The group started along a sind winding path that lead towards the >northern slopes of Mount Moon. "This path is extremely long, but it has >a few caves that we can camp in for a night. There's also a pokemon >center at the half way point. They built it in case someone takes the >long route." > >Orion shivered. "It's cold here..." > >"It's is. The Seafoam Caves is one of the common homes for the legendary >Articuno. Up here, this is another. Some people who happen to take this >have said they've seen it. Heck, I've seen it once before here." If >fact, he had almost captured it before... >----- >"Use your Fire Spin!" RK's Hot Head definitely had it's work cut out for >it. The Articuno's power had already knocked out most of his pokemon. >He had 2 left, and was was almost finished. > >The tornado of flames missed the Ice Bird, who released the full fury of >the Blizzard upon RK and Hot Head. It hurt, but it also helped the >Charizard to get VERY mad. It unleashed a giant fire storm at the >Articuno. RK could hear the bird almost roaring in pain. He pulled out >an Ultra Ball and threw it into the Fire Spin. He saw the ball drop and >shake... only to be ripped apart! The Articuno flew off. He looked back >to his Charizard, who looked weak. He summoned him back and tossed out a >pokeball. "Beakman! Get us to a center! Fast!" A Fearow burst out, >grabbed RK by the shoulders, and flew off towards Pewter City. > >RK looked at his Pokepedia and flipped through it. "Hmm... Well, it >matches what few reports there are about it. Tht was definitely the >legendary Articuno. And I was THAT close!" >----- >RK snapped out of his flashback. One second had passed in reality >though, so noone noticed. "Anyway, if it gets extremely cold, that means >he's around." > >Blizzard just smirked. "Hmph. Some bird isn't about to get us." > >White Blade shook his head. "You don't understand. Articuno is >extremely strong. Very few people have ever gotten away alive. Of >course, those people usually try to capture it." > >Samuraichu laughed! "HAH!! But we're pokemon! And noone can just take >down the Pokemon Pack like that!" > >"Pokemon Pack?" > >"Well... we're a pack of Pokemon, aren't we?" > >White Blade chuckled. Seems he was part of a gang. MEEH. MEEH MEEH MEEH. MEEEEEEEEEEEH. A strange word sounded through Samuraichu's mind, before he felt that he was in full control of his actions. He moved his hand infront of his face just to be sure "That name does not fit," siad Blizzard, "there is a Human in our little party." Orion backed away slightly, though he couldn't fully understand her language Blizzard wasn't looking too happy now that the Jigglypuff had escaped. "What was that about an Alakazam?" asked Samuraichu. "He had badges, or something like that." <insert RK flashback here> "And don't worry about any bird," boasted Samuraichu, "I'll flatten it! Birds are weak to electricity!" Keri the Eevee looked up at him. "But won't they be immune? If you don't touch the ground, an electric shock can't harm you as it will have no-where to earth itself." The former human's knowledge of science was a bit too much for Samuraichu, who took to screaming "I WILL MUNT IT!" in Raichu and waving his arms wildly to convey the size of the munt. "Well," sighed White Blade, "if you're going to try to capture it, I don't suppose I can stop you." "I can catch it," said an arrogant Samuraichu, "easy." A warning klaxon sounded somewhere far, far away.... TBC. -- Cat-Gonk. ---------------------------- Do you believe in Goddish? AIM: CatGonk The Kitty Litter Box: The AGNP WebRing. Azure Heights Pokemon Laboratory: Yoda Communications: The AGNP Pokezine: Spaceman's Pokecentre MEEHCAHEEHROWRYMUNT. Over 3500 posts to, and counting. -=|[Unknown AGNPer]|=- Proud Owner of a Pikachu named "Munty".