From: Janna <> Subject: Re: [PW!] [ATTN: Shard, Insanellama] Murasaki meets the Boss Date: Saturday, October 02, 1999 12:48 PM Shimarisu <> wrote in message news:7squqo$gj1$ > > "I see." Murasaki replied. "Well then, how are we getting there?" > > "I dunno," said the guard. "A mecha Gyarados? Some kind of boat? Ask at > Manouevres. Or get back to shore, and steal a car, maybe." > > "I'm not getting back in that water!" protested Sneakers. "And a car, > hell, one of these idiots stole a car! An absolute crate with no > suspension!" > > "Well then," replied the guard. "Your choice. What are you going to do?" > > - TBC? > Kiniro had been listening in the shadows not too far back. He heard Murasaki's knew that he'd likely have to goto shore and procure some kind of vehicle to get them out of there. He stuck close to the wall, and when he was directly beside Sneakers, sidestepped into the light. The guard was startled, and jumped a small distance. Kiniro did a military right turn to face Murasaki directly. "If you want, I can go up and try to get a boat, then you'll only have to be in the water for a few seconds." Sneakers didn't like the idea at all and said "How about you have that little abra teleport us up to that crate you stole up there?" with contempt in his voice. Kiniro flicked out the pokeball that Sly had been resting in. "I'm not going to ask him to do that much work again so soon. If you ask him, and he agrees, then it's ok, but I for one would rather swim than ask him to." Kiniro pressed the button on the pokeball, and sly came out. "The ball's in your court now pal." TBC? -Insanellama