From: J.Howard Kuehn <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Off to Saffron Date: Saturday, October 02, 1999 9:12 PM Maria Rocket wrote in message <>... >>Outside, James turned on his ATR portable computer. He left a message for >>Scarlet to give to Ravenl, telling him of his battle with Maria, and asked >>him to send a jet to pick up him, and two giant pokéballs! >> > >Some time later, Maria awoke to find herself in the dark. Deciding she was >dead, she just sat there listening to what sounded like the music of the dead. > >Meanwhile in the Pokeball beside her, Slasher played a harmonica, yowling >piteously now and again. > >And so it was. > >TBC? > <<Are we there yet?>> James and Psycho had been rolling the two giant pokéballs , containing Maria and Slasher, down the road for hours now. Sweat was flooding off of James's body. Even Psycho seemed to be getting tired ,although he was using his mind to push Slasher's pokéball. "We should getting to Fushia in a few hours" He told Psycho. <<A few hours!>> "Yes, and I hope they are all filled with pain for you" <<You might not even get there if i have anything to do with it..>> ------------------------------------------------------ Many hours later, James finally arrived at his destination. This was where he first meat Simon, and had an epic encounter with Dreadite, as well as his captive. << I just noticed something, can they breath in there?>> asked Psycho "Yeah, there are little air holes. It gives them some air, but it makes breathing very uncomfterable. I know from experience" James knocked on the side of the pokéball "Right Pal?" <<Hrmm, you have a long history with her. But enough of her, what about Raven?>> "We're gonna find him now dumbass, why do you think we're here" Psycho snapped some quarky comment, but James wasn't paying attention. He just couldn't wait until Maria could see what she had goten herself into this time.... TBC! -James