From: Adrian Tymes <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Omega Date: Sunday, October 10, 1999 8:05 PM Karnivax wrote: > The second that the Nidoking started to shrink back down to normal > - showing that Vorge had been removed - Slasher carefully closed the > veritable Pandora's Box that was the MissingNo ball. When the Nidoking > returned to normal, closer inspection revealed that even with several > holes having been blasted in its hide, the hardy Nidoking was clinging > to life. Kyle quickly threw an empty Pokéball at the creature...and > caught it effortlessly. "Cool! Free Pokémon!" Kyle exclaimed. "I'm > up to twelve!" Everyone who was not > currently incapacitated let out a collective sigh of relief. Not long thereafter... "Look like battlefield." Doppler looked up from his survey of the dead. [1] "Mimic." "Doppler. Mimic hear something up. 'Replicus' was you, correct?" "Me...and our brother, here." Doppler indicated Silly Putty, who was currently basking in fantasies of telling Famifax about his heroic role in the battle, despite the fact that he had not actually done that much. "Although I issued the challenge myself, and I had intended on taking down our enemy without any bystanders getting hurt." "Doppler actually care for people?!? That first." "This...being was intent on destroying the world, brother. Despite what they say, that is not what I am fighting for. Not the entire world, anyway." "Whatever." Mimic joined Doppler in surveying the dead bodies, almost all of which were wearing grey robes (or had at the start of the battle, though many were too mauled to wear anything at this point). "Don't think is time start healing?" "Mimic, they're *dead*. Even a Softboiled wouldn't do them any good. All I can hope for is that they come back as Gastlys." "Doppler give up far too easily." "..." "Life just self-sustaining combination of chemical processes. Psychic energy, ghosts, souls, et cetera manifestations of excess process energy removed from original system; some still sustain selves, but more difficult without life than with. Channel their energy back into broken process machine - i.e., dead body - and can restart, if machine repaired enough to host process first." Doppler almost understood that on the first pass. He knew that there could be value in Mimic's words, though, so he went back over it and analyzed word by word...until comprehension, then utter shock, set in on his face. "You can...revive my people?" [2] "Not alone. Need help. Doppler friends include many psychics; will need assistance to find and pull back departing souls. Also need help repairing bodies so souls go back in." Doppler nodded to the few followers who had survived the battle. "You heard my brother. Let's do it." What followed, in the eyes of the few news porygons still filming events, filled the air with visible auras of energy. Telescope-like constructs were recognizable in the central mass, while tendrils lashed out to capture packets of energy drifting away that only became visible to the unaided eye as they were tagged. Inside it all, limbs were reattached, bones and vines mended and splinted, wounds bandaged, fires reignited, and in general an aura of peace and well being extended to the watching media servants, and even to some of those watching at home (although scientists would later insist that it was merely a sympathetic reaction, and that all tests showed that psychic power simply could not be transmitted through television). When it was done, legions of the formerly dead rose in their robes, some making various guttural sounds of suprise at their condition, and others screaming for a few seconds as they thought they were still dying. Even some of the reinforcements from the Pokemon Resistance found their lives restored. (Unfortunately, Kyle's crew had kept to themselves, and their one fatality went unnoticed by others, so their heroic Scyther stayed dead.) These sounds soon gave way to happy cheers and shouts rejoicing in new-found life, then mumbles of surpise. Doppler noticed one boil of confusion near him. "What's going on?" "Brother Doppler, come look. My pokedex insists that this Arcanine is a Gastly." "Mine too." "Mine three." Doppler looked at the revived canine. "You're not really a Gastly, are you?" "Arc arc...anine?" (I don't think I?) "Brother Doppler, this is not the only one. All of those who have returned to us are registering as such...unless they were ghost pokemon to begin with." Doppler frowned. "Mimic?" " patterns probably just taking while to readjust, so read as still dead. Mimic think. Mimic...hope." "That would explain why they still look a little pale." "Arc arcanine, arc arca *NINE*!" (Nevermind the pleasantries, I look like a *ZOMBIE*!) And indeed, he did. Patches of fur were missing, and some might have trouble believing that such a bruised body could stand like it did. The same held for most of the formerly deceased. Once that had been settled, and once the few who could not be recovered were buried, Doppler's forces began to disperse, most of them teleporting home to sleep the sleep of the dead. TBC? [1] If you're not named in these types of stories, life can be cheap... [2] ...or not. [3] I hope this post wasn't too omni; anyone involved in the thread, feel free to DV it if it was. I just figured it would be so in character for Doppler to count undead among his followers, and this provided a great excuse to make some.