From: Anonymous <> Subject: [PW!] On The Road To Lavender Town! Date: Tuesday, October 19, 1999 12:13 AM > "I think she's gone," Mac said to Forest through the darkness. > > Forest looked around. It was almost dusk now, and they hadn't seen >Officer >Jenny since she walked passed the tree they were in earlier that morning, >looking for them. Porygon was still out cold, but was showing signs that he >would wake up soon. > > "Lets go," Mac said, as he jumped down from the tree. "If we start now, >we >should arrive in Lavender in about a week." > > "Great!" Forest cried, as he also jumped out of the tree, than reached >back up and pulled Porygon down. "Let's go!" > > With that, the two young boys started carrying the Porygon, heading >towards Lavender Town in the East. As Mac and Forest left the city limits, Mac turned toward his friend. "So what exactly is your business in Lavender?" "Well, I've just had this image in my head, and this pressing need to go there..." "Hey, at least it gives us some sense of direction!" <<Yeeha!! Travel the world, see the sights!!!>> Mac lowered his head. "I see you're feeling better, Porygon." <<You betcha. And boy am I glad to get out of that hole! Off to Lavender Town!>> Forest raised his eyebrow at the Pokémon's statement. "Earlier you said that Lavender Town was a hole." <<Yeah, but that was before. Now, I'm all for it!>> "Something just occured to me," noted Mac. "If you're conscious, why are we still carrying you?" At that, both Mac and Forest threw the Porygon to the ground. He landed with a loud thud. <<Would you carry me again if I said I was still sore?>> Looking back and forth, Porygon saw that Mac and Forest had started to run from it. <<You won't ditch me that easily! Get back here, you good-for-nothing humans!>> As they ran from the pursuing Pokémon, Forest faced Mac: "This is gonna be a long trip, isn't it?" ------------ TBC (ignore the earlier post under the same title, I accidentally sent it before I finished typing) -Anonymous (you know, the guy who wrote all the poems) -=-=-=-=-