From: GoldenMasterball <> Subject: [PW] Orkars debut! Date: Tuesday, October 05, 1999 12:48 PM [PW!] Orkars debut! (Poketalk are in these. <>) It was dark. Leaves fell in the garden and were blown away in the soft breeze. Orkar was walking home from a Pokemon card tourney with a golden crown on his head. The words 'The Pokemon card master' were engraved on the crown. Orkar had been collecting cards since he was only 5 and he had learnt every strategy, even made up new ones. Tomorrow, he was going to be 10, and he would start his pokemon journey, catching, collecting, trading... He was upset that he had no real parents to go home to, but the excitement of being a real trainer made up for that. Nurse Joy was watching outside for Orkar. "Orkar! How did you do?" Orkar didn't have to answer because Joy saw his crown. "Come on, dinner's ready, you need energy and a good rest. You've got to go to Pallet and get a pokemon. "But I've got Retriever." said Orkar. Retriever came in. "Mmmmmmmm... steak." "Dig in!" said Nurse Joy. Retriever tried to take one of the steaks, but Nurse Joy stopped him. "You've got your own dinner." Retriever took one look at his dinner. Dog food. <Yeuch.> went Retriever. "Okay, I'll get you some Brock-brand food." While she was tipping some of the food from the bag, he cut a hole in the bag so another bowl filled up with food. "Hmm, I could swear there was more." Retriever pushed the second bowl under the table and stuffed his face full of Brock-brand grub. Orkar swallowed his last bite of steak. "I'm going to bed now." "Night. I'll be watching the late late movie. It's Santa vs. Mewtwo." In bed, Orkar slowly drifted off to Dreamland. Orkars Charizard alarm clock let out a huge roar. Orkar checked the time. 6:00 am. He nudged Retriever. <Is it time already? I dreamt that I had a giant Brock-brand food pellet and...> "Do you think of anything but food?" <I think about steaks, no, that's food. Porkchops, food as well. Sneakers, no, food as well.> "C'mon, we've got to get to Pallet Town to get a pokemon. Downstairs, there was bacon, eggs, fries and toast on the table. "Hmm, there's a note. Have fun on your journey, be careful. I made you some breakfast." Orkar poured out some food for Retriever and gave him a rasher of bacon. He grabbed his bike and set off for Pallet Town. The hill was getting steeper, and Orkar was going faster. He was in such a daydream that he didn't realise that he was heading straight for Professor Oaks house. He smashed right into the door and landed in front of his rival, John. "So, it's Dorkar! Trying to make a fancy entrance?" "You two! You can fight after you choose a pokemon! You choose first Orkar." The two stared at each other for a moment, then went over to the pokeballs. "You get 3 choices, Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle." "I think I'll choose Bulbasaur." said Orkar. "Hmm, good choice." "I'll choose Charmander!" "I'd better be off now." "WAIT! I want to battle you! We'll see who the superior one is!" "POKEBALL GO!" To be continued... -- My hopefully soon to be big sig! GoldenMasterball One and a bit pages! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! _____________ / \ / \ | __ | __________________________________ |______/ _\_______| / \ | / \ | | Isn't my ASCII art horrible? ^_^ | |______ \_/_______| \__________________________________/ | \__/ | \ / ________________ \_____________/ | Dun dun DUN! | |______________| -- My name in Japanese is Pauru Kurosusumanu. Thanks to My death day is Thursday, February 9, 2062. I'm gonna be 74! Thanks to "You're not a Mr.Mime?" James "No, but I play one on TV!" Ash -It's Mr.Mimie time!