From: silversean <> Subject: [PW!] Part Two of a million. Date: Thursday, October 07, 1999 2:09 PM ~!~Previsouly...~!~ Sean Silverton was late for his chance to get his Pokémon (surprise, surprise...) and raced down the stairs to his garage. There's no more. ~!~Here we go, back to the present....~!~ "YO!" Sean screamed, skidding his bike to a halt. A huge rip in his pants ran up his corduroys, which he got a week ago. "NO! Oh well." Sean shrugged, and pedaled on, to get to the Pokémon Givaway! "And here...we have......." "I'LL TAKE IT!" Sean screamed, before even getting off his bike. "Ah, sir, I haven't....announced...the...thing....yet." The Auctioneer mumbled. "Oh well. Um.... I'll take it. ALL YOU PEOPLE HERE HAHA YOU SUCK I GET A ..." "We have a winner. To that trainer boy-person goes the...." "WHATWHATWHAT HAHAHA I GET THE UH SOMETHING POKéMON HAHAHA!" Sean laughed, insanity getting the best of him. "That trainer-person boy gets the Mewtwo...." "HAHAHAHA ALL OF YOU I GET A MEWTWO ALL OF YOU SUCK HAHAHA!" "...Doll. " Sean's jaw dropped to the ground. "Doll? Did he say doll?" "I said doll." The auctioneer grinned. "Here ya go," he smiled, and handed the small stuffed PokéDoll to Sean. A trail of shadow followed Sean on his way home. He was angry. Very angry. "A Mewtwo doll? Life sucks." "Don't say that," A voice echoed somewhere. "What was that?" Sean looked around. Nobody. "Me." There it was again! "Me?" Sean repeated. "You." It said. "You?" Sean scratched his head. "THE DOLL, YOU EEEEDIOT!" Sean glanced down at his doll. It was talking! "Mewtwo, you're talking!" "Yeah, I'm Mewtwo...." It laughed. A doll laughed! "Really? Cool!" Sean laughed. "Stay angry," The Mewtwo doll grunted. A doll grunted! Wow! "Okay," Sean said, and made an angry face. "Good. Now be really pissed off!" The doll exclaimed. A doll exclaimed! That's AMAZING! "I'm really pissed off...." Sean growled... "Good, it's happening." The doll grinned. Isn't that cool? A doll grinned! "So pissed off...." Sean laughed. Fire burst out of his eyes. "Good." The doll said. The doll said something! This is really cool! "DIE! HAHAHA! I SAID DIE TO A DOLL! DIE! I SAID IT AGAIN! HAHA!" Sean laughed, and the doll burst open, a green energy flying out of it, and fleeing the scene. "I have superpowers. Cool." He kept his stare. And never let it break away from the spoon. "Remember, there is no spoon," Sean seemed to remember, "It is not the spoon that bends, it is you." Sean smiled. The spoon slowly turned over, the steel bending without Sean even touching it. "Cool." Uh.... TBC! -- § i l ver§ e án (silversean) AIM: si1versean eMail me @ Kalakseur at Phreaker dot Net I am Batman. Really. HONEST!