From: Zagro <> Subject: [PW!] Pikablue, Hydro Pimp now! Date: Saturday, October 02, 1999 3:13 PM Zagro had decided to take the side route around Mount Moon. He still had a grudge with the mountain, being the place where he'd met Outsider. Unfortunately, this road turned out no better. A small kid, about Shorts Kid's height, had ambushed him, demanding a battle. "HEY!!!! BATTEL ME U FUL!!!!" Zagro winced at the kid's volume. "Why are you screaming? Who are you, anyway?" "IM NO TSCREMNG!!! I JST LIK 2 USE CAP SLOC! I M NEWB E. JONES, AND I NO EFRETHNG ABUT PKMN!!!!!!!!!! DO U NO HOW 2 GT A MIST STONE? IL TELL U HUW 2 GT PIKABLUE IFF U TLL MEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11" Zagro removed his hands from his ears. "No, I, um, don't know how. And Pikablue doesn't exist." "LIYR!!!! YOU LIYR FAG! PIKACBLUE IS REEL, I HAF 1!!!!!! PIKABLUE, GO!" Newb E. threw his pokeball. A Pikachu covered in blue paint appeared. It didn't look happy. "PIKABLUE, HYDRO PIMP NOEW!!!!!" The Pikachu just sat there, unsure of his master's mental health. Zagro, on the other hand, was quite sure of Newb's brain. (or lack there-of) "... how'd you get this Pikablue?" "HAHAHAHA U LOOSER U DUNT NO HUW! U GE TA PIKACHUE AND KICK IT ENTU THE WATR AROUNND SEAFOOM ILANDS. THEN YOU POT IT EN A CANN UF BLUE PIANT!!!! HYUW DO U DUPLEECTE ITMS!!!!!" Zagro thought. "I'll make you a deal. If you give me your Pikablue, I'll tell you how to get both Mew AND Topeggie!" "ITZ A DEEL. U FUL I CAN ALWEEZ GE TNEW PIKABLUESS. HAHAHAHAHAHA! FEIOHAGEWHHL OH SORRRY MY CAT IS STTING ON THU KE YBOARD ULWAHIFH LIHF IHLUIHWAFLIUH!!!!" "Hmm, of course. Anyway, to get Mew you just go to Vermilion docks, where Saint Anne was (before it sunk... twice...) and get in the truck. Use the key from Game Corner and move it. Mew is in a pokeball underneath. Once you get Mew, drive the truck off the pier and into the ocean. If you're still inside when it hits the ground, you'll get Topeggie." "U LIYR I TRYD THT IT DINT WURK! TOGEPI IZ EN GAME CORNR, YOU NED 100000000000000000000000003 COINS TO BUUY HEM!" "No, not Togepi, Topeggie! You think I don't know where Togepi is?" "RELY I GOT 2 TRI THT OOT! HER IS UR PIKABLUE, I HAF ANTHR 1 EN BELL'S P C !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Newb ran off with a cry of "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!". Zagro looked at his new prize, sighed, and went to find some paint remover.