From: The great cybraptor <raptordx1@aol.comspamnot> Subject: [PW!]pokeball science Date: Tuesday, October 19, 1999 5:49 PM " I had no idea this world was so inhospitable to outsiders.", said Repticus as he was walking along the streets, looking for a place to sleep.He had tried all the buildings he had seen, but either noone was home, or they slammed the door in his face. Suddenly, Repticus had an Idea. He would reconfigure the pokeball to make himself go inside." A few reprogrammings here, a few reconfigurations there, and were done." One of his pokeballs was ready, to pull him in. Repticus went into a dark alley, pointed the recieveing end of the pokeball in his direction, presed the button, and it sucked him anall that he was carrying in. When Repticus opened his eyes again, he was inside the pokeball, and it felt great. Bieng in pure energy form, he could literally make his thoughts into reality, within the confines of the pokeball of course.He knew from his expierince with Mewtwo`s computer, that pokeballs were made of a special de-atomizing cyrstal, that can either be made syntheically or mined from Mt. moon or rock tunnel.When the beam is calibrated to any pokemon`s DNA, it can fire a concentrated beam which will convert the pokemon which it is fired at into pure energy, and suck it back inside.There, eight mirrors are in a normal pokeball,to keep the energy within it. sixteen for a greatball and a whopping thirty-two for an ultraball.The fabled Masterball project by the world renowned company silphco, is supposedly making a pokeball that will capture a pokemon no matter what condition it is in.The reason for this was to be that a mirror was to cover every nook and cranny of the inside, so thrre would be no chance of escape.Repticus liked being inside the pokeball, and was surprised to see that it was morning already, becuase of the watch he found on the ground. When he came oute felt very invigarated, and deconfigured the pokeball back to capture pokemon." That was very invigarating.", said Repticus." I should be on my way to viridian city now. Its time to leave the inhospitable place and get back to the forest." Then , Repticus left pallet, and went into the small forest that seperated it from viridian. TBC...... ( I hope this explains a lot about how pokeballs work, Man I hope someone didn`t do a post like this before) ,The Great Cybraptor who wonders when G/S come out , how many people will nickname their Marril Pikablu "we are yeerks! not used car salesmen! we do not negotiate!" viser 3, from the animorphs TV show.