From: Maria Rocket <mobius101@aol.compactpika> Subject: Re: [PW!] Prepare For Tired Clichés, and Make It Double! Date: Friday, October 22, 1999 5:47 AM >After several hours of travel, Jamie could finally see a lighthouse on the >horizon. "That's Bill's place," she said to her Caterpie, who was looking in >the direction she pointed with confusion. Seeing her Pokémon's questioning >eyes, Jamie smiled. "Don't you worry, there's just something I want to check >up >on." > Moments later, she knocked on the doors, which opened easily. Cautiously, >she walked in. > "Anybody home?" > Instantly, two individuals (a male and a female) in white labcoats and >thick >glasses appeared from around the corner. "May we help you?" > "Uh, yes. Is Bill around?" > The female stepped forward. "Bill had some... important business to attend >to. We are his loyal assistants." > The male nodded. "We're holding the fort until he returns. Is there >anything >we could help you with?" > "Actually, I need someone to perform some tests on one of my Pokémon." She >revealed Caterpie to the assistants. "I received this Caterpie several weeks >ago. Normally, this type of Pokémon evolves in a matter of days, but mine >hasn't even attempted it yet. Could you see what might be going on?" > "We'd be glad to help out." > Hesitantly, Jamie handed them her Caterpie. "Don't worry Caterpie. You'll >be >in good hands." > "We'll contact you when our tests are complete, ma'am." > "Thank you," and she left towards Cerulean City. > Once she left, Jessie and James removed their costumes. > "That little ditz fell for it!" Jessie gleefully yelled. > "I'm just glad I didn't have to be the female this time," said James. > "Pardon me for asking," said Meowth, "but how exactly is this little bug >gonna be of any use to us?" > "Meowth's right, Jessie. Since when has a Caterpie won any battles?" > "Excludin' when that brat's Caterpie annihilated youse two?" > Meowth was then knocked out with a well-deserved paper fan. > "Can't you two figure anything out? When we get this Caterpie to evolve >into >a Butterfree, we'll be the unstoppable Team Rocket!" > "But Jessie, aren't we trying to figure out why it hasn't evolved yet?" > "My expertise would point to shoddy training on Jamie's behalf." > Meowth shrugged his shoulders. "Maybe we could get a second opinion?" > Once again, Jessie smacked the Meowth over the head. "How's that for >another >opinion?" *** "SIAAANN!!!" "Oh, keep your opinions to yourself, Slasher," Aerie giggled as Seth bowed to take her hand. "It was a wonderful flight, Seth." "Anything to please the lady," Seth gave her hand a soft kiss. Aerie giggled further as he continued on to kiss her fingertips, then up her arm... "PURRSIAN!!" Slasher yowled and whipped his tail around. Seth rolled his eyes and stood back up. "You're no fun, Slash." He slipped on his shades and shook his head. "Hey, someone's leaving over there!" He pointed to the otherside of the lighthouse. "Think it's Bill?" "It is if Bill is female..." Aerie snickered. "Well..." Seth shrugged. THWACK! "OW!" "SIANN!" "Sorry you two, I just had to get that out of my system." Aerie tossed away the twin paper fans. She snuck around the side of the lighthouse. "Bill must still be inside." Seth and Slasher followed. Looking around, Aerie paused. Something didn't feel quite right. She turned to face Seth. "Do you...?" "Feel that? Yeah." Seth frowned. "There's something really familiar about it, but I can't say..." "SIIIIIAAAAAAANNN!!!" Slasher bared his fangs and hissed. It was enough to make Seth and Aerie cringe. "Well, Slasher certainly doesn't like it. What does it smell like?" Aerie asked. Slasher just made a low noise in his throat. "What?" "Sounded like....Meowth?" Seth frowned. He shifted his weight to his other foot and looked back at Aerie. "You don't think...?" He blinked. Aerie had disappeared. "Hey, Aerie!" He turned around to see Aerie beckoning from the front of the lighthouse. "C'mon, let's just go inside and see for ourselves!" She took the handles of the two huge doors and leaned back. They swung open wide with an agonizing creak. "Hope Bill doesn't mind intruders," Seth slid in behind her. He took her up in his arms and walked in. "Setthh, lemme down!" Seth set her back down with a grin. "I wanted to try carrying you over the threshold...but I think you'd better let me recover awhile before we try that again." Aerie gave him a good hard playful smack to the arm. "Cry baby." Seth smiled and turned his attention to the inside of the lighthouse. "Whoa, this is one heck've a lighthouse. It looks more like a mansion." He traced a finger down a dusty picture frame. "An old mansion." He shook the dust from his fingers as the words echoed through the great hall. "Appearances can be deceiving." Aerie walked ahead. She stepped carefully so that her footsteps wouldn't be so loud. Slasher had built-in pads, but Seth didn't bother to dampen the noise. He turned his head and emerald eyes towards voices coming from around the corner. "There's people down there." "I know," Aerie whispered. "I can see them." She was peering around the corner. Seth pressed in behind her and looked over her shoulder. "Do you see Bill?" "There's a Meowth, a woman, and a man....but he doesn't look like Bill as far as I know." Aerie allowed her eyes to adjust to the dark lighting. "No, no Bill. They're Rockets." Seth blinked. "Rockets? It's Dad, Aunt Jessie, and Meowth! What are they doing here?" "Looks like a Caterpie to me." "Sian..." Slasher hissed. "No, you can't eat Meowth," Seth sighed. "Maybe they did something with Bill." "HEY! Who's there?" Jessie spotted them in the corner. Seth peeked over the side. "Oh, what the heck.....We're looking for Bill. Have you seen him?" Jessie and James looked at each other suspiciously. Jessie replaced her glasses and labcoat. James covered the 'R' on his uniform with the Caterpie. "Bill isn't here right now. You'll have to come back later." Jessie paused, then narrowed her eyes at Seth. "Say, do I know you?" Seth shrugged. "I get around." Jessie leaned over the small tabletop. "Do you now? We haven't dated before have we?" Aerie raised an eyebrow. Seth chuckled. "No, definitely not." "What, she's not good enough for you?" James glared. Seth sweatdropped. "You've got me wrong.." "No, I'm too good for *him*!" Jessie huffed. "Now leave!" She threw a pokeball at Seth. "Hey!" Seth quickly dodged the pokeball. "Watch where you throw that thing!" Then James threw the Caterpie and smacked Seth right in the face. Seth fell over with a crash. The Caterpie on his face looked around bewildered. "James you idiot, not the Caterpie!" Jessie flattened James with a frying pan. Meowth shook his head in shame. Meanwhile, Aerie removed the Caterpie, which inched its way back towards Team Rocket in confusion. Aerie dragged Seth away by the arm. "We'll just look around this place until we find him." She gave him a kiss to the forehead, then dragged him off down a dark corridor. Slasher followed, hanging his head. "Purr..." TBC? (Hope I didn't mess up anything... ^^;; ) ~Maria R "Psy yie yie..." ----- Webber: ----- "Taking Pokemon straight from your pockets, With the power of the stars, it's Maria Rocket!" -My corny PW! motto ^.^; --- Rocketshipper Forever! --- TEOTWAWKI